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The hottest,steamiest,Sex scenes that will get you all worked up in a movie,and leave you begging for more...

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Color of Night 1994,  R)
Showgirls 1995,  NC-17)
Basic Instinct 1992,  R)
Monster's Ball 2001,  R)
Monster's Ball
This is such a great movie it's sad,Passionate,intense its got it all.If you have not seen this you need to.
Unfaithful 2002,  R)
Eyes Wide Shut 1999,  R)
Crash 2004,  R)
Fatal Attraction 1987,  R)
Indecent Proposal 1993,  R)
Boogie Nights 1997,  R)
9 1/2 Weeks 1986,  R)
9 1/2 Weeks
Two Moon Junction 1988,  R)
Two Moon Junction
Whooooooo Smokin!
Risky Business 1983,  R)
Body of Evidence 1992,  R)
The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999,  R)
The Departed 2006,  R)
The Departed
This was EXCELLENT!If you like mafia it's a do not miss! Leonardo DiCaprio was Outstanding in this film!!!
Jerry Maguire 1996,  R)
Dirty Dancing 1987,  PG-13)
Cruel Intentions 1999,  R)
How Stella Got Her Groove Back 1998,  R)
Original Sin 2001,  R)
Original Sin
American Psycho 2000,  R)
American Psycho
Christian Bale,Ahhh so great in this one!Awesome cast,completely twisted and sick storyline that kept me glued till the end.I will never look at business cards the same way again.
Dangerous Liaisons 1988,  R)
Dangerous Liaisons
U Turn 1997,  R)
U Turn
The Doors 1991,  R)
The Doors
The Number 23 2007,  R)
The Number 23
I really loved this movie.First I want to say I do prefer to see Jim in the comedy roles much better,however it was a nice change to see him in a TOTALLY different role,he is amazing.He has a really dark side in this movie and honestly its kinda HOT! I dunno I'm weird, I liked the dark side of John Malkovich in Mary Reilly too though WHEW!Anyway really cool story here, some twists you dont expect and some sex scences that will rawk your world!!!
Wild Things 1998,  R)
Jason's Lyric 1994,  R)
Species 1995,  R)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2005,  PG-13)
Henry & June 1990,  NC-17)
Henry & June
Not Interested
Poison Ivy - The New Seduction 1997,  R)
Poison Ivy - The New Seduction
Cat People 1982,  R)
Cat People
Single White Female 1992,  R)
2 Days in the Valley 1996,  R)
2 Days in the Valley
Boxing Helena 1993,  R)
Bolero (1984) 1984,  R)
Bolero (1984)
Top Gun 1986,  PG)
Bound 1996,  R)
Breathless 1983,  R)
A History of Violence 2005,  R)
Don't Look Now 1973,  R)
Sliver 1993,  R)
Titanic 1997,  PG-13)
Wild Orchid 1990,  R)
Wild Orchid
Smoking hot! Considering this was an early 90's movie.Some passionate hot,steamy sex scenes,God there is just something about young Mickey Rourke that just uhhhh...Anyway This was really good,Innocent girl meets rich ,older experienced guy and so it begins.Mickey is very mysterious in this one too,I think that's another thing I liked about it.Really Good overall.=)
Angel Heart 1987,  R)
Angel Heart
Secretary 2002,  R)
Being John Malkovich 1999,  R)
Network 1976,  R)
Get Carter 1971,  R)
Get Carter
Not Interested
Body Heat 1981,  R)
Body Heat
The Unbearable Lightness of Being 1988,  R)
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Sex and Lucia (Lucía y el sexo) 2002,  R)
Brokeback Mountain 2005,  R)
Tian bian yi duo yun (The Wayward Cloud) 2005,  Unrated)
Tian bian yi duo yun (The Wayward Cloud)
Not Interested
Female Trouble 1974,  NC-17)
9 songs 2005,  Unrated)
9 songs
Out of Sight 1998,  R)
Boys Don't Cry 1999,  R)
Storytelling 2002,  R)
The End of the Affair 1999,  R)
The End of the Affair
Last Seduction 1994,  R)
Last Seduction
The Piano 1993,  R)
The Piano
The Lover (L'amant) 1992,  R)
The Lover (L'amant)
Átame! (Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!) 1990,  NC-17)
Átame! (Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!)
High Fidelity 2000,  R)
High Fidelity
Great Flick,I wish I had not waited so long to see it for 2 reasons, 1 I didnt know that John was starring with his sieter in this movie as he has in a few others also ummm Jack Black is in this.Cool movie about love,music and heartache.See it! =)
High Art 1998,  R)
High Art
Breaking the Waves 1996,  R)
Breaking the Waves
Ken Park 2002,  Unrated)
Laurel Canyon 2003,  R)
Laurel Canyon
Sex,Drugs and Rock and roll.Oh I forgot the Icing on the cake the best part lol,Christian Bale.A pretty good Movie,I had been wanting to see this one for a while now.
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus 2006,  R)
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus
The Dreamers 2004,  NC-17)
The Dreamers
sex, lies, and videotape 1989,  R)
sex, lies, and videotape
Shortbus 2006,  Unrated)
Alrighty then!!! eh Hem.Next time I will do a lil more research before I just pop down and watch the next friendly Flix recomendation.Ok so no this isn't porn,but its right up there,and a lot of people I know would have not made it past the first 5 minutes.But because I am open minded I wanted to give it a chance.Not all scenes were for me,saying that there actually is a great story that goes along with this film.About real people,with real problems,and real sexual issues that are just trying to get their lives sorted out.If you can be open minded and know there will be guy on guy scenes you will be fine.If not don't bother,You will just get mad at me for not warning you.Have fun =)
Mulholland Drive 2001,  R)
Mulholland Drive
Holy Crap Naomi Watts is a complete wack job in this movie.I liked it however it was very slow and kind of confusing at times.Anyway I watched it finally to see what all the hype was about.Still trying to unravel that one I guess.
Donkey Punch 2008,  R)
Donkey Punch
Pretty cool flick,Could have been better,but like all typical knda teen slasher type flicks cant expect much really Right?Anyway the trailer got me wanting to see it.I dont want to ruin anything for anyone,Its not horrible just not Amazing.Worth a watch,there we go =)
Black Swan 2010,  R)
Black Swan
A kind of sad film about a girl that wants to please others so much she tends to forget herself.Her mother is very wishy washy whenever she is around Nina.All in all it is a dark thriller with some scenes that you just aren't going to get.However Portman did an AMAZING job with this film.I love that she chooses her films very carefully it sure pays off for her.Beautiful dancing,ballet and the dark sides to what it takes to make it to the top.I loved it and would see it again.See it Soon!

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  1. annacelesteagustin
    annacelesteagustin posted 6 years ago

    great pick!

  2. danielb29
    danielb29 posted 6 years ago

    you need to check this movie "A history of violence"

  3. SilentWarProductions2009
    SilentWarProductions2009 posted 6 years ago

    Ahhh yes, Original Sin and Monster's Ball

  4. Jelinze84
    Jelinze84 posted 6 years ago

    hey, u need to check this movie too 'lust, caution'

  5. AshSuicide
    AshSuicide posted 6 years ago

    hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!1 the number 23 is the best!

  6. rob2cn
    rob2cn posted 6 years ago

    cool pick, but there are a lot more..

  7. alexanand82
    alexanand82 posted 6 years ago


  8. spideyluke
    spideyluke posted 6 years ago

    great choices !

  9. mhmh20052000
    mhmh20052000 posted 6 years ago

    lov sex

  10. johanna862001
    johanna862001 posted 6 years ago

    You also have to watch Loaded. There you can also find it all! :)

  11. zero2infinity
    zero2infinity posted 6 years ago

    i wanna see them all

  12. scboy819
    scboy819 posted 6 years ago

    notebook and click also welcome home roscoe jenkins

  13. macsdaughter7
    macsdaughter7 posted 6 years ago

    good movies

  14. Kasa4o8
    Kasa4o8 posted 6 years ago

    was it my eyes, original sin isn't number one lol

  15. ceecee714
    ceecee714 posted 6 years ago

    For quite graphic, see "Lust Caution"

  16. Stinger839
    Stinger839 posted 6 years ago

    no homosexual content I notice (well except Top Gun haha)...also omitting some obvious ones like Shortbus

  17. TheFirstLadyLisa
    TheFirstLadyLisa posted 6 years ago

    Yeah I liked this list.....reminded I need to watch some more sex scenes ahahahaha x;o)

  18. monkeybobbob
    monkeybobbob posted 6 years ago

    Good sex choices!There's a few on here i'll have to check out!

  19. SexiVixxEN
    SexiVixxEN posted 6 years ago

    Note:I just found that this feature was even added to Flix,I had no clue all these comments were even here.A couple things,One I don't have the lists in any particular order because of my heavy involvment with the site so don't take the order too seriously.Two,I see alot of you said well what about this and this movie,I have not yet seen all movies,lol.I am slowly getting through them,but I will watch the recommened ones.Thanks for the great comments everyone =)

  20. movieguru12
    movieguru12 posted 6 years ago

    You need to see the movie Cocktail,a great pick to add!!!

  21. Luthiensangel
    Luthiensangel posted 6 years ago

    :)...enough said.

  22. thetrickalltheboysknew
    thetrickalltheboysknew posted 6 years ago

    haha love it, but you should DEFINITELY put in the movie "Three Way" with Dominic Purcell, I swear that movie had the hottest sex scenes ever, better then half of these :)

  23. steven495
    steven495 posted 6 years ago

    I don't know all these films, there are some I haven't seen, but otherwise definitely an interesting list. Will have to check some of them out eventually when I have more time, and may re-post comment(s) accordingly later.
    Not even sure how I found this list but definitaly interesting.

  24. jasondaniels255
    jasondaniels255 posted 6 years ago

    VERY NICE!!!!!!

  25. bluerocky007
    bluerocky007 posted 6 years ago


  26. tedricol
    tedricol posted 6 years ago

    You need to add Trois

  27. mikeylovesgregg
    mikeylovesgregg posted 6 years ago

    What about The Pillow Book? Ewan McGregor's completely nude. Teriffic!

  28. mikeylovesgregg
    mikeylovesgregg posted 6 years ago

    How can you call the sex scene in MONSTER'S BALL hot? I thought it was so awkward & uncomfortable. I was looking for a nearby window to jump out!

  29. Maic0
    Maic0 posted 6 years ago

    ^^I agree with this guy. The sex scene in Monster's Ball was horrible and i hated that it was shot so it looked like you were watching it like you weren't meant to be watching it.

  30. leafsman15
    leafsman15 posted 6 years ago

    Probably coulda added taking lives and gia with angelina jolie

  31. thenewgeorge
    thenewgeorge posted 6 years ago

    A lot of great movies with some real steamy content. Sweating just remembering some of this stuff!!

  32. error404
    error404 posted 6 years ago

    you should add Gia, with Angelina Jolie.

  33. aweeeeesome
    aweeeeesome posted 6 years ago

    great picks!nice list!

  34. nycknight
    nycknight posted 6 years ago

    Lust Caution has the best sex scene...Lie With Me is my second choice!

  35. millotpue
    millotpue posted 5 years ago

    I should also include "Femme fatale" from De Palma (2-3 great scenes) and also "The postman always calls twice", with Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange. They say the sex scene was so intense that it was not a movie scene any more but became a real sex act.

  36. hannah8211
    hannah8211 posted 5 years ago

    some of these dont even really have sex scenes, much less super steamy ones. have you even seen the departed, the talented mr ripley, and titanic.? dont remember much sex in any of those.

  37. penny1983
    penny1983 posted 5 years ago

    love the selections hottttttttttttt

  38. steven495
    steven495 posted 5 years ago

    I just thought of another one (well not just, some time ago) Christian Slater screwing the maiden while Connery investigates whats going on - and gets rewarded with an ox's heart - in "The Name Of The Rose" very sexy scene

  39. nmwilliams82
    nmwilliams82 posted 5 years ago

    A lot of these I didn't even realize had sex scenes in them. Some I will have to check out and some I will have to check out again :P
    A few more like some said already, Trois, Taking Lives, those were pretty hot. Also Poison Ivy 2, with Alyssa Milano and Devil in the Flesh with Rose Mcgowan (not her in the sex scene though). Just a few to think about!!!

  40. cnutty1169
    cnutty1169 posted 5 years ago

    you need to check out love jones

  41. Gorehound2008
    Gorehound2008 posted 5 years ago

    good set of movies, shame about that hunk of shit they call Titanic Though :(

  42. tsa2008
    tsa2008 posted 5 years ago

    i want see hime all

  43. lovenothingwithoutyo
    lovenothingwithoutyo posted 5 years ago

    cool pick

  44. bettentina
    bettentina posted 5 years ago

    nice collection love 2 see them

  45. tweetykh
    tweetykh posted 5 years ago

    it s amazing
    but I want to see most of the films

  46. apiscipot
    apiscipot posted 5 years ago

    i like it. . .he he

  47. justtokill
    justtokill posted 5 years ago

    great picks and good movies

  48. sweetjovenile2006
    sweetjovenile2006 posted 5 years ago

    actually not done watching this movie but i think it is nice

  49. lildarlinshine
    lildarlinshine posted 5 years ago

    good list of movies to rate , thanks , some I had not seen and will ...

  50. MzCuptodaCAKE
    MzCuptodaCAKE posted 5 years ago

    I haven't seen or heard of half of these movies My Bad... Lol! ;) But you should add "Belly" 2 da list cause DMX & Nas beating up some Cup Cake!!!! ;) Check it out! ~ C

  51. kanokaan
    kanokaan posted 5 years ago

    yea people!she is right about color of night.wow!what was that?!

  52. harrymichalik
    harrymichalik posted 5 years ago


  53. gionidodo
    gionidodo posted 5 years ago

    nice films

  54. saraduck0
    saraduck0 posted 5 years ago

    I love "GIA", "I-see-you", "American pie", and don't see that in this list
    send me torrent add of the best and pure sexy scenes

  55. calicia24
    calicia24 posted 5 years ago

    nice pick

  56. SirPastyFace
    SirPastyFace posted 5 years ago

    Nice! I know what to look for now. Mulholland Drive too. That one was rude.

  57. zairahwolf07
    zairahwolf07 posted 5 years ago

    AWESOME ^_^

  58. reactor32
    reactor32 posted 5 years ago


  59. priapostmodern
    priapostmodern posted 5 years ago


  60. Shah83
    Shah83 posted 5 years ago

    not bad la, it's ok...

  61. ahmedyehya81
    ahmedyehya81 posted 5 years ago


  62. merlosa
    merlosa posted 5 years ago

    happy memories, time to watch over. thanks for posting.

  63. sweetsha
    sweetsha posted 5 years ago


  64. reinsmith
    reinsmith posted 5 years ago


  65. rnicholas57
    rnicholas57 posted 5 years ago

    great list

  66. sevee1266
    sevee1266 posted 5 years ago

    Want to watch again...

  67. sashaniseryan
    sashaniseryan posted 5 years ago

    nice pic love it

  68. caaricha
    caaricha posted 5 years ago

    I have seen nearly all the movies you have listed here, but wanted to add that the scene in 'Cold Mountain' with Nicole and Jude was really something! lol You can't list them all, of course, but it could certainly be counted on there, I think.

  69. msyrone
    msyrone posted 5 years ago

    that's cool

  70. stonph
    stonph posted 5 years ago


  71. PrettyCreppy
    PrettyCreppy posted 5 years ago

    Great movie ever................

  72. xobabygreekox
    xobabygreekox posted 5 years ago

    Gud List(;

  73. willowhaven70
    willowhaven70 posted 5 years ago


  74. sameer28
    sameer28 posted 5 years ago

    Lover is good romantic movie u must see this, it got all scenes of sex and emotions and everything which make u sit on ur seat and make keep whole movie enjoy

  75. lucychizzy
    lucychizzy posted 5 years ago

    Original sin is da bomb and basic instint 1$2
    highly recommended.

  76. skardicat
    skardicat posted 5 years ago

    nice picked but more more....uhhh unfaithful...

  77. radueremencu
    radueremencu posted 5 years ago

    before rating see first !!!!

  78. MizasterJ
    MizasterJ posted 5 years ago

    Woof Woof.

  79. mines2871
    mines2871 posted 5 years ago

    wow...what can i say!!!!

  80. creamymae1886
    creamymae1886 posted 5 years ago

    wow!boys don't cry,now that's nice..............

  81. creamymae1886
    creamymae1886 posted 5 years ago

    wow!boys don't cry,now that's nice..............

  82. tawfiegosman
    tawfiegosman posted 5 years ago

    Highly recommended to see most of them

  83. thanhliem8686
    thanhliem8686 posted 5 years ago

    crash! my oh my.

  84. Goalstopper28
    Goalstopper28 posted 5 years ago

    Fast times at Ridgemont High

  85. malikjedda
    malikjedda posted 5 years ago

    so lovely movies---

  86. testaeljun
    testaeljun posted 5 years ago

    very2 nice.....

  87. rhebzp25
    rhebzp25 posted 5 years ago

    nice pick

  88. louiezramirez
    louiezramirez posted 5 years ago

    Great selection. But there's still lot that's not included like closer? malena!!? irreversible? cold mountain? have you watch any of that already? by the way, ken park? will you please remove it. it really sucks...

  89. lekwado
    lekwado posted 5 years ago

    some movies are disgusting and can drive u nuts. luv rated movies, but hate gay sites.

  90. rdmpaguia
    rdmpaguia posted 5 years ago

    wow, i onely have watched some of the movies in the list

  91. rdmpaguia
    rdmpaguia posted 5 years ago

    wow, i only have watched some of the movies in the list

  92. movieguru12
    movieguru12 posted 4 years ago

    U need The Specialist on ur list. :)

  93. lintikboy
    lintikboy posted 4 years ago

    that's so nice

  94. LadyAleena
    LadyAleena posted 4 years ago

    Just have a question, what is the sexual orientation of this list? The creator and I may have differing opinions on what is HOT!

  95. udinupin
    udinupin posted 4 years ago

    not bad dam!

  96. arnielsalas
    arnielsalas posted 4 years ago

    its so nice...
    add me n ym arnielsalas@yahoo.com

  97. MrSargeant
    MrSargeant posted 4 years ago

    Good choice..

  98. bigband2009
    bigband2009 posted 4 years ago

    All r so sexy and charming.I like the sex scenes.

  99. apizdarius
    apizdarius posted 4 years ago

    what a great list...tq..

  100. arrahibassa
    arrahibassa posted 4 years ago


  101. maniemagbanuajr
    maniemagbanuajr posted 4 years ago

    check The Postman Always Rings Twice starring Jack Nicholson & Jessica Lange

  102. babylinkatan
    babylinkatan posted 4 years ago

    all a good pictures they well better than all porn movies still the best for the name of love keep doing more HOLLYWOOD....

  103. babylinkatan
    babylinkatan posted 4 years ago


  104. Khuloos
    Khuloos posted 4 years ago

    great selection.

  105. aljunesalinog
    aljunesalinog posted 4 years ago

    i like this movie!!! hving a nice sex!!!!!

  106. cbmilne33
    cbmilne33 posted 4 years ago

    This is hot.

  107. sportfan
    sportfan posted 4 years ago

    Number 23,titanic and brokeback mountain was good will need to see the others.

  108. niketjain99
    niketjain99 posted 4 years ago

    should putup some more nice movies

  109. ellizabell25
    ellizabell25 posted 4 years ago


  110. agelesself29
    agelesself29 posted 4 years ago

    ohhhhh yeah

  111. trky20002
    trky20002 posted 4 years ago

    Veary naice feilm

  112. Deweybuds420
    Deweybuds420 posted 4 years ago

    oh definitely Brokeback Mountain, definitely...definitely!

  113. shola4reela
    shola4reela posted 4 years ago

    Wat d hell

  114. mirabella1996
    mirabella1996 posted 4 years ago

    I think that the love scene in Mary Lambert's SIESTA (1987) is the most erotic that I have ever seen.
    It becomes even more powerfully charged when one learns that actors Gabriel Byrne & Ellen Barkin met on the set, fell in love & were eventually married.
    Gives it that extra bit of realism that is usually missing.

  115. austinmh
    austinmh posted 4 years ago

    Great List. What about The Hunger?

  116. sarizonana
    sarizonana posted 4 years ago

    good list
    all favorites are here

  117. sarizonana
    sarizonana posted 4 years ago

    basic instinct 1and 2 are the sexiest movies
    hsraon stone and michael douglas had an amazing chemestry.
    teh opening scene in BI risk adiction si hot
    well sharon stone si hotttt

  118. nikeeguy
    nikeeguy posted 4 years ago

    original sin

  119. marianndelatorre
    marianndelatorre posted 4 years ago

    nice movie's

  120. ryanfacebook91
    ryanfacebook91 posted 4 years ago

    brokeback mountain ???

  121. m4h4lmo4kod4hilm4h4l
    m4h4lmo4kod4hilm4h4l posted 4 years ago

    wowww itz amazing movies,,,,,,

  122. nsobi4me
    nsobi4me posted 4 years ago

    Yes the list is ok but pls include Killing me softly to the list....

  123. darlenemae17nuete
    darlenemae17nuete posted 3 years ago

    ..wow!!what a nice pose,,,

  124. 1xxlwork3
    1xxlwork3 posted 3 years ago

    WoW :) I just found Rose Mcgowan NUDE Video 2010 FREE > > > Rose Mcgowan Nude. > > > Rose Mcgowan Topless. > > > Rose Mcgowan Naked. good quality...

  125. liferehab
    liferehab posted 3 years ago

    Check "Conversations with other women" too. It's pretty awesome and has an amazing sex scene (btw, I should mention that the screen is split in 2 and we see it from both perspectives...).

  126. DreamyLove786
    DreamyLove786 posted 3 years ago

    Nice pic(k) of movies.

  127. DreamyLove
    DreamyLove posted 3 years ago

    gr8 choice lol

  128. DreamyLove
    DreamyLove posted 3 years ago

    Thanks lot for the hot pic dear

  129. domenicvergara25
    domenicvergara25 posted 3 years ago

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  130. georgeralph38
    georgeralph38 posted 3 years ago

    Diffinately some Great Movies to see.

  131. echen222
    echen222 posted 3 years ago

    need more

  132. sfdd33
    sfdd33 posted 3 years ago

    nice looking

  133. ardepollallorjay
    ardepollallorjay posted 3 years ago


  134. ardepollallorjay
    ardepollallorjay posted 3 years ago


  135. chinedur2000
    chinedur2000 posted 3 years ago

    is good to know your sex status than to make mistake in life

  136. zachthegreat15
    zachthegreat15 posted 3 years ago

    I Know Who Killed Me and Sin City.

  137. Here4ever
    Here4ever posted 3 years ago

    Great collection!

  138. jlc2324
    jlc2324 posted 3 years ago

    Missing one that alot of people have missed out on: "Never Talk To Strangers". And a classic left of this list: "White Men Can't Jump".

  139. nny5
    nny5 posted 3 years ago

  140. PinkMinkPrincess
    PinkMinkPrincess posted 3 years ago

    Let me Recommend a few more: Dangerous Beauty(Sexy True Story of Unrequited Courtesan Love), The Hunger (Lesbian Vampires Susan Sarandon & Catherine Denuve) ,Against All Odds(I think my Favorite Love Scene of all: Love in a Hot Sweat Cave), Romeo is Bleeding, & there is more but I can't think of em right now

  141. panmac
    panmac posted 3 years ago

    I guess because sexual tastes (not preference) is better learn t from experiences with other people. Your list here will help that movie experience for me, lol how does it feel to be THE .:SexivixxEN.

  142. BenRogers84
    BenRogers84 posted 3 years ago

    The 1998 independent film "Thursday" with Thomas Jane and Aaron Eckhart in one of their first movies,has a really hot scene with Thomas Jane getting ridden against his will by the gorgeous model/actress Paulina Porizkova. She pretty much has him tied to a chair and straddles him. He says he will never get it up for her...because he loves his wife. She forces him to get hard for her and it feels so wrong yet so right. Its one of the hottest sex scenes ever I think.

  143. mareviclapid
    mareviclapid posted 3 years ago


  144. faymae90
    faymae90 posted 2 years ago

  145. AngieG916
    AngieG916 posted 2 years ago

    I never even heard of some of these movies....

  146. soapboxrmt
    soapboxrmt posted 2 years ago

    What about Captives? Julia Ormond and Tim Roth do it the toilet cubicle of a cafe as he is a prisoner on day-release and she is the prison dentist making their relationship verboten!

  147. kylebf73
    kylebf73 posted 22 months ago

    Monster's Ball...oh yeah.