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Girl's Movie Night

  1. jakkijelene
  2. Jakki

The best modern chick flicks, plus some guilty pleasures...don't forget the Ben & Jerry's!

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Return to Me 2000,  PG)
Return to Me
One of my favorite romantic comedies. I love the innocence and naivety of the characters. Sad, but so sweet and even hilarious at times. A must watch!
When Harry Met Sally 1989,  R)
The Notebook 2004,  PG-13)
Bridget Jones's Diary 2001,  R)
Bridget Jones's Diary
Seing this movie the second time made me appreciate it more. Renee Zellweger is charming in both Bridget Jones movies, if not a bit flighty at times. Still, you sympathize with the character and hope for the best in the end for her.
Peggy Sue Got Married 1986,  PG-13)
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind 2004,  R)
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
This is the kind of movie that really makes you think. Our technology is not so far off that memory erasing could be a reality in our lifetime. Would it really be worth forgetting portions of your life just to avoid working through the pain?
Fireproof 2008,  PG)
One word: WOW! This film was so striking that I don't feel I could explain all my thoughts without giving too much of the plot away. Perhaps less is more, and in this case I will simply say that every married couple should see this movie. It's real and will inspire you no matter where you're at in your relationship. I also have to give Kirk Cameron major props for his compelling performance. I hope more Christian films of this quality get released in the future.
Sleepless in Seattle 1993,  PG)
Sleepless in Seattle
Coming Soon!
Dirty Dancing 1987,  PG-13)
500 Days of Summer 2009,  PG-13)
500 Days of Summer
Rarely do I ever go see a movie that I enjoy to this degree. So many films lack the great dialogue and heart found here. Throughout the film you can't help but to sympathize with the ups and downs of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character, and he does an excellent job with portraying these emotions. Most people have fallen in love with someone at first sight and built them up in your mind to be perfect , when in fact you eventually came to realize that things weren't all they were cracked up to be.
Say Anything... 1989,  PG-13)
Buffalo '66 1998,  R)
Buffalo '66
This is truly a touching, brilliant film! It's still very indie, so not for everyone, but it touches me in a deep way. Vincent Gallo does a superb job of creating a character who has lived a life without love, even from his parents. Through unusual circumstances he finds someone who truly cares about him for who he is. My biggest complaint is that the climax has some graphic imagery, but it's completely pivotal to the plot, so can not be forwarded past. I feel that ruined an otherwise perfect film.
Midnight in Paris 2011,  PG-13)
Midnight in Paris
I'm not the biggest Woody Allen fan, but this film was quite exceptional. As a person who loves to dwell on what it must have been like to live in different eras, I can relate to the main character's attraction to the past. How exciting the prospect of actually going to that time and place you yearn for, and experience what it was like firsthand! But things are not always as perfect as they seem, and there are lessons to be learned. Lessons that also serve as a good reminder for myself!
The Story of Us 1999,  R)
The Story of Us
I don't believe this movie is for everyone but it deeply impacted my life the first time I saw it. It's a very realistic look at the ups and downs of marriage. If you're married and you've ever been through a rough patch with your spouse then you would probably relate on some level. It all comes down to appreciating the things that matter most.
Clueless 1995,  PG-13)
You've Got Mail 1998,  PG)
As Good As It Gets 1997,  PG-13)
While You Were Sleeping 1995,  PG)
Never Been Kissed 1999,  PG-13)
Silver Linings Playbook 2012,  R)
Jerry Maguire 1996,  R)
Sweet Home Alabama 2002,  PG-13)
Garden State 2004,  R)
The Holiday 2006,  PG-13)
The Holiday
This was a real unexpected gem! Especially loved Kate Winslet's character but the whole cast was surprisingly good in their respective roles. Sweet and even funny at times, not to mention the Christmas theme had real appeal for me as well. A must-have for my DVD collection!
The Wedding Singer 1998,  PG-13)
Amélie 2001,  R)
Just Friends 2005,  PG-13)
Just Friends
I saw this for a 2nd time so I thought I should rewrite my review. The first time I saw this film I expected something different than what I got so it was harder to digest. Upon seeing it again I found a new appreciation for the humor and direction of the movie. This time I got it! It's kind of like when your friend offer you a sip of their beverage and you expect Coke but get Lemonade. It tastes nasty! But when you take another sip knowing that it's lemonade it can actually taste good. This time you got what you were expecting! Hope you liked my cheesy analogy. Hey, it works!
Groundhog Day 1993,  PG)
Groundhog Day
This film continues to be among my favorite starring Bill Murray. Sure it can be redundant at times, but the writing keeps you hanging on til the end. Very creative and a sweet romantic tale to boot!
French Kiss 1995,  PG-13)
What Women Want 2001,  PG-13)
What Women Want
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this one! Although the premise is a bit over the top it wasn't executed as such. Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt had great chemistry together and the film kept me engaged the entire 2 hours.
Moonstruck 1987,  PG)
Duplex (Our House) 2003,  PG-13)
City of Angels 1998,  PG-13)
Serendipity 2001,  PG-13)
Dan in Real Life 2007,  PG-13)
Dan in Real Life
Went to see this movie not expecting much but really enjoyed this film! First of all, you can't help but sympathize with Steve Carell's character. A widower trying to raise 3 daughters and getting pressure to start dating again. I also enjoyed the family dynamic. Having come from a large family myself, I could relate to a lot of communication between the siblings. The plot may be a bit predictable, but I don't feel it takes away from the overall setting. I also appreciated the fact that it stayed generally clean and wholesome, considering that it tackles so many adult situations. My only complaint was that they should have swapped the personalities and problems of the two oldest daughters. I just think it would have made their plights a little more sympathetic and believable.
Inventing the Abbotts 1997,  R)
It's Complicated 2009,  R)
It's Complicated
Pure, simple fun! Sure, this movie has its share of flaws, but it was gut busting funny at times and touching at others. The plot was indeed, complicated, and made a person question the seemingly moral gray area of hooking up with your ex. I could even relate to the effect it might have on the now-grown children. My biggest complaints revolve around the Streep's cliche girlfriend soiree's and the advice from the silly shrink who obviously lacked true wisdom.
The First Wives Club 1996,  PG)
Housesitter 1992,  PG)
Overboard 1987,  PG)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2002,  PG)
Grosse Pointe Blank 1997,  R)
A League of Their Own 1992,  PG)
Something's Gotta Give 2003,  PG-13)
The Sure Thing 1985,  PG-13)
Meet the Parents 2000,  PG-13)
Girl, Interrupted 1999,  R)
Fried Green Tomatoes 1991,  PG-13)
Steel Magnolias 1989,  PG)
The Illusionist 2006,  PG-13)
Father of the Bride 1991,  PG)
New In Town 2009,  PG)
New In Town
Surprisingly cute and sweet. Sure, it was low budget but I enjoyed Harry Connick Jr. and Renee Zellweger. At first I was afraid the movie might take the typical hollywood attitude against people from small towns, but they surprisingly showed them in a good light and how they often work together. Very wholesome and although not top notch, still worth watching on a rainy day.
Circle of Friends 1994,  PG-13)
She's Having a Baby 1988,  PG-13)
Legally Blonde 2001,  PG-13)
Roxanne 1987,  PG)
It Could Happen to You 1994,  PG)
It Could Happen to You
Despite being a little unrealistic, this movie is surprisingly good. You gotta love Nicholas Cage's character. He's so sympathetic and good hearted.
13 Going on 30 2004,  PG-13)
Hope Floats 1998,  PG-13)
Hope Floats
This movie is a real look at divorce and the pain it causes to a family. It also shows that people can learn and grow from difficult experiences. Possibly Sandra Bullock's best and Harry Connick Jr. was great as always!
50 First Dates 2004,  PG-13)
L.A. Story 1991,  PG-13)
Julie & Julia 2009,  PG-13)
Sibling Rivalry 1990,  PG-13)
Sibling Rivalry
This isn't the greatest movie of all time, but it's a pretty funny, original, screwball comedy. It also holds some nostalgic charm for me, as it was one of the few movies I had on VHS when my husband and I first got married. I picked it up randomly at a thrift store and watched it more times than I can count. That's what happens when you don't have cable! Then a movie becomes like an old friend, one you look forward to revisiting now and then. The story is a little over the top, but everyone plays their part well. I especially love Jamie Gertz as Kirstie Alley's free-spirited sister, and Bill Pullman is just straight up bizarre! If you're looking for an Academy Award winning film that will change your life, this isn't it, but if you want to kick back to a light-hearted movie with a few laughs, you might enjoy watching it at least once.
Sex and the City 2008,  R)
Sex and the City
After watching the show on TBS I couldn't resist renting this movie and giving it a shot. It definitely met the challenge of making a worthy film companion to the series, even though it was filmed 5 years after the show ended. So often these attempts are a dud, which could have easily been the case here as well. It was interesting to find out what all the characters had been up to these past few years and find out what their new dilemmas were after appearing to ride off into the sunset. I felt all the chemistry was still in tact as well. My biggest complaint is some of the unnecessary nudity. I know I shouldn't have expected less, since it's "Sex And The City" were talking about here, but again, I watched most of the series edited on TBS and had hoped they would consider their audience who had also become fans likewise and tone it down a bit. While these scenes usually didn't last for more than 30 seconds, I found myself blushing and having to turn away more than once. Other than that, the fashion the show is known for was even more zany and down right hideous most of the time!
Knocked Up 2007,  R)
Knocked Up
Very cute, funny movie about two people who make a mistake and do all they can to make the best of it. Can two people who are complete opposites make it work? That is the big question. Aside from being funny, the writing and acting make it believable. I would have liked to given it 4 stars but could have done without some of the unnecessary crudeness (think of 80s movies). If the plot seems familiar, it may bring to mind movies such as She's Having A Baby, Nine Months and For Keeps.
The Marrying Man 1991,  R)
There's Something About Mary 1998,  R)
Love Actually 2003,  R)
Bridesmaids 2011,  R)
Enjoyed this comedy quite a bit. Weddings can certainly bring out the worst in people, especially when the best friend of a single, 30-something is getting married, while their own life is falling apart. Is there any type that is more unstable? It's difficult to hold out hope for a meaningful relationship when you are emotionally spent after years of dating losers. Chaos will ensue and friendships will start to crumble!
Shag 1989,  PG)
Cute movie about a last hurrah in Myrtle Beach with 4 friends in the 60's. The romance with Pudge (the not so fat, fat friend) was sweet and the beach atmosphere and dancing is fun. Nice light entertainment for a Saturday night.
The Cutting Edge 1992,  PG)
Father of the Bride Part II 1995,  PG)
One Fine Day 1996,  PG)
Home Fries 1998,  PG-13)
Fools Rush In 1997,  PG-13)
Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason 2004,  R)
Miss Congeniality 2000,  PG-13)
Made of Honor 2008,  PG-13)
Made of Honor
Coming Soon!
The Good Girl 2002,  R)
Mystic Pizza 1988,  R)
Addicted to Love 1997,  R)
Just Like Heaven 2005,  PG-13)
My Best Friend's Wedding 1997,  PG-13)
Forget Paris 1995,  PG-13)
Forget Paris
A cute romantic comedy, directed by Billy Crystal, in Rob Reiner form. A group of friends are meeting for dinner and one brings along his new fiance. They begin to tell her the story of how the leads met, fell in love and their struggles that followed. Due to the nature in which this couple connected, I think the troubles brought about were realistic. Perhaps too realistic to root for them at times. Billy Crystal is his usual quirky and charming self but I found Debra Winger to be replaceable. May not have been as good of a movie as When Harry Met Sally, but it kept me engaged the entire time and I would most likely watch it again in the future.
Along Came Polly 2004,  PG-13)
The Truth About Cats & Dogs 1996,  PG-13)
Dear John 2010,  PG-13)
Ghost 1990,  R)
10 Things I Hate About You 1999,  PG-13)
Where the Heart Is 2000,  PG-13)
Notting Hill 1999,  PG-13)
The Family Man 2000,  PG-13)
Definitely, Maybe 2008,  PG-13)
Definitely, Maybe
This was a pretty cute and engaging story about how an inquisitive girl's Dad met her Mother, who are not going through a divorce. The movie lacks comedy but makes for a good, and mostly believable drama. I just don't completely agree with the direction it goes but admit that the couple who ends up together share pretty good chemistry.
Waiting to Exhale 1995,  R)
The Vow 2012,  PG-13)
The Vow
A very sweet, pleasant movie based on a true love story. Definitely meant to pull at the heart strings of women everywhere, or at least that was my thoughts from the first time I saw the trailer. I have to say though, it was less of a tearjerker than expected, but though provoking at times nonetheless. Rachel McAdams was a complete cutie throughout, but Channing Tatum is too much of a meat head to really fall in love with or believe he has an ounce of artistry in his veins, as his character portrays (he is a music producer and guitar player). You still can't help but sympathize with the circumstances and hope that love wins out in the end.
The Wedding Planner 2001,  PG-13)
The Devil Wears Prada 2006,  PG-13)
Stepmom 1998,  PG-13)
Just Married 2003,  PG-13)
Nine Months 1995,  PG-13)
Pretty Woman 1990,  R)
Music and Lyrics 2007,  PG-13)
Music and Lyrics
This was a fairly cute movie. As a song writer myself, I was naturally interested in the plot. I thought they did a good job coming up with songs that were believable for the genres they portrayed, I just didn't find the characters or their relationship that believable. I thought it was pretty lame how right off they try to establish that Drew Barrymore is quirky by having her just do something weird. Very generic and contrived, like in Along Came Polly. I also didn't like that her character was so self righteous after co-writing just one song, that was a commissioned piece of all things. Not to mention it shouldn't have taken 2 people 3 days to come up with lyrics to some generic pop song. Still, there were a couple chuckle worthy scenes and was worth a viewing or two.
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 2003,  PG-13)
The Proposal 2009,  PG-13)
Meet The Fockers 2004,  PG-13)
A Prelude to a Kiss 1992,  PG-13)
Failure to Launch 2006,  PG-13)
Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights 2004,  PG-13)
Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights
Better than expected, but not as good as the first one. The leads definitely had chemistry with some intense moments. The Havana setting was the perfect set up for a sequel and the dancing was pretty good. I just felt there should have been a little more conflict and resolution. The political back story didn't add enough to the story to justify the ending. Also, it didn't really have a 60s feeling at all. The Swayze cameo was fun though!
Runaway Bride 1999,  PG)
Forces of Nature 1999,  PG-13)
Fever Pitch (The Perfect Catch) 2005,  PG-13)
Down with Love 2003,  PG-13)
Down with Love
This was an overly flashy tribute to the Doris Day/ Rock Hudson films. Starts out cute and stylistic but quickly becomes a little too tongue and cheek. Renee was decently cast but Ewan McGregor could not have been a worse choice for a Hudson-esque leading man! Not only did I not find him the least attractive, but he's doesn't come close to fitting the bill as a tall, cool ladies man. He reminded me more of Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell, some mischievous, high school man on campus with bad skin and teeth. However, David Hyde Pierce was PERFECT as the Tony Randall type best friend, and there was even a Tony Randall cameo to boot! One of the biggest mistakes of the film was making Renee's character interested in loose sex. Anyone who has ever seen the Day-Hudson movies knows that Doris Day is always as pure as the wind driven snow. I would have liked to seen them keep with that theme rather than creating some twisted diabolical stalker out of her. Overall it was fun to keep an eye out for obvious tributes, but some things just didn't fit and I wasn't exactly sure what the reference was. OK at best...I'd rather watch the originals.
Only You 1994,  PG)
Legally Blonde 2 - Red, White & Blonde 2003,  PG-13)
27 Dresses 2008,  PG-13)
27 Dresses
This movie was cute, but pretty run of the mill as far as romantic comedies go. Worth a watch but not memorable enough to add to my collection. I have liked Katharine Heigl and James Marsden in most of what I've seen and had somewhat high expectations for it so perhaps it just couldn't live up to them. It was a decent date night film though.
Beautiful 2000,  PG-13)
Miss Congeniality 2 - Armed and Fabulous 2005,  PG-13)
Anywhere But Here 2000,  PG-13)
Maid in Manhattan 2002,  PG-13)
Two Weeks Notice 2002,  PG-13)
Shallow Hal 2001,  PG-13)
Did You Hear About the Morgans? 2009,  PG-13)
Letters to Juliet 2010,  PG)
I Love Trouble 1994,  PG)

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