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FILMS - Vampires

  1. SirPant
  2. Anthony

Vampire Movies (Please let me know if I've missed any)

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Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror (Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens) (Nosferatu the Vampire) 1922,  Unrated)
Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror (Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens) (Nosferatu the Vampire)
Max Schreck's portrayal of Nosferatu is still terrifying today nearly 90 years later. Warner Herzog's remake is definitely worth watching if you liked this, although, as much as I love Klaus Kinski, you can't beat Max Schreck! The epitome of creepy!
Vampyr - Der Traum des Allan Grey 1932,  Unrated)
Dracula 1931,  Unrated)
Mark of the Vampire 1935,  G)
Son of Dracula 1943,  Unrated)
House of Dracula 1945,  Unrated)
Isle of the Dead 1945,  Unrated)
Isle of the Dead
Not Robson, Lewton or even Karloff?s best but a fine film all the same. As always, the title is a little misleading but the story was truly original for its time!
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein 1948,  PG)
The Vampire 1957,  PG)
Blood of Dracula 1957,  Unrated)
Dracula 1958,  Unrated)
Horror of Dracula 1958,  Unrated)
Horror of Dracula
When you visualise the story of Dracula, this is the version that comes to most peoples minds and it still stands up today. Fans have varied reasons why this is a better film to those that came before and those that have come after but I to me it is obvious. There are two reasons why it is superior, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. I also like the way that the film skips over the bit everyone knows and concentrates on the good bits. It's also got the horror element right with a bit of impressive gore to finish off with. Ace.
The Return of Dracula (The Curse of Dracula) (The Fantastic Disappearing Man) 1958,  PG)
The Brides of Dracula 1960,  G)
Et mourir de plaisir (Blood and Roses)(To Die with Pleasure) 1960,  Unrated)
La Maschera del demonio (Black Sunday) (House of Fright) (Mask of the Demon) 1960,  R)
L' Ultima Preda del Vampiro (The Playgirls and the Vampire) (Curse of the Vampire) 1963,  Unrated)
The Last Man on Earth 1964,  Unrated)
Dracula - Prince of Darkness 1966,  Unrated)
Billy the Kid versus Dracula 1966,  Unrated)
Blood of Dracula's Castle, (Castle of Dracula) 1969,  Unrated)
The Fearless Vampire Killers 1967,  Unrated)
El Santo en el Tesoro De Dracula 1969,  Unrated)
Le Viol du vampire (The Rape of the Vampire) 1968,  Unrated)
Yabu no naka no kuroneko (Black Cat from the Grove) 1968,  Unrated)
Nachts, wenn Dracula erwacht (Count Dracula) 1970,  PG)
Dracula Has Risen from the Grave 1969,  G)
The Vampire Lovers 1970,  R)
Taste the Blood of Dracula 1970,  R)
Scars of Dracula 1970,  R)
Vampyros Lesbos (Lesbian Vampires: The Heiress of Dracula) 1970,  Unrated)
Valerie and Her Week of Wonders 1970,  Unrated)
Count Yorga, Vampire 1970,  PG-13)
Dracula vs. Frankenstein 1971,  PG)
Daughters of Darkness 1971,  R)
Vierges et vampires (Requiem for a Vampire) 1971,  R)
Santo y Blue Demon vs Drácula y el Hombre Lobo (Santo & Blue Demon vs. Dracula & the Wolfman) 1973,  Unrated)
Vampire Circus 1972,  PG)
Lust for a Vampire 1971,  R)
Twins of Evil 1971,  R)
Dracula A.D. 1972 1972,  PG)
Countess Dracula 1971,  PG)
The Night Stalker 1971,  PG)
Blacula 1972,  PG)
Scream, Blacula, Scream! 1973,  PG)
La Saga de los Drácula (The Dracula Saga) (Dracula: The Bloodline Continues) (Saga of the Draculas) 1975,  R)
Dracula 1973,  R)
Blood for Dracula 1974,  R)
Ganja & Hess (Black Vampire) 1973,  R)
The Satanic Rites of Dracula 1974,  R)
The Nude Vampire (Vampire nue, La) 1974,  Unrated)
Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter 1974,  R)
Vampyres 1974,  R)
Vampira (Old Dracula) 1974,  PG)
Dracula and Sons 1976,  PG)
Count Dracula 1977,  Unrated)
Rabid 1979,  R)
Quite good Zombie film but not as good as Cronenberg's previous effort, Shivers. Worth watching for the late great Joe Silver alone!
Martin 1977,  R)
Zoltan, Hound of Dracula (Dracula's Dog) 1981,  R)
Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (Nosferatu the Vampyre) 1979,  PG)
Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (Nosferatu the Vampyre)
Another great collaboration between Kinski & Herzog and a loving remake/retelling of a story loved by both men. Hard to watch if you don't like rats though!
Love at First Bite 1979,  PG)
Dracula 1979,  R)
Salem's Lot 1979,  PG)
The Living Dead Girl (La Morte vivante) 1982,  Unrated)
Fright Night 1985,  R)
Fright Night
The first two thirds of this film are riddled with every clichés in the book and it just seems like a typical bad 80's horror film. Then it gets really good! The werewolf scene and the melting on the stairs are classic moments in horror! It was all a little too late though, 15 really good minutes out of 106 makes this more Shite Night than Fright Night!
Lifeforce 1985,  R)
Absolutely fantastic! Sci-fi vampires, zombies, murderous (and naked) woman destroying human kind in this, very British fantasy extravaganza! Great effects, great (Bad) acting, this is the last great B-movie! Sure its borrowed some ideas but just watch it and see how many films have ripped it off. I love it!
The Halloween That Almost Wasn't (The Night Dracula Saved the World) 1979,  Unrated)
Vamp 1986,  R)
Nosferatu a Venezia (Nosferatu in Venice) (Vampire in Venice) 1988,  R)
Mr. Vampire 1985,  PG-13)
Mr. Vampire 2 1986,  Unrated)
New Mr. Vampire 1986,  Unrated)
The Lost Boys 1987,  R)
The Lost Boys
People get too sentimental, re-watching this the other day I realised how awful it really is, although I?d convinced myself it was brilliant!
The Monster Squad 1987,  PG-13)
Near Dark 1987,  R)
Near Dark
Near Dark's influence is quite vast when you think about it, bizarre though too as it is so overlooked and very underrated. It's unfair that it has lived in the shadows of The Lost Boys for so long as it is a much better film. Alas, it is always going to be hovering in 'Cult' status, but then again Cult isn't such a bad word these days. A great Vampire film, if you haven't already seen it, be sure to see it soon!
Mr. Vampire 3 1987,  Unrated)
A Return to Salem's Lot 1987,  R)
My Best Friend Is a Vampire 1988,  PG)
Fright Night 2 1989,  R)
Vampire vs. Vampire 1989,  Unrated)
Vampire's Kiss 1989,  R)
Vampire's Kiss
I can see why this has become a cult classic, although there are about three dreadful scenes for every good one. It's not really about Vampires though, it's about mail paranoia. It's obvious no? It's much in the vein of other great 'Mail paranoia' films like Eraserhead and How to get ahead in advertising. The conclusion is pretty satisfying though, our protagonist buying fake vampire teeth instead of actually becoming a vampire is a work of black comedy genius. Nicolas Cage's performance is also pretty great, I think he went for half Christopher Lee, and two quarters Bela Lugosi and Max Schreck but it's the wide eyed Max Schreck look that is most memorable. He should of course take all credit for the manic end result. It's not a great film but it is hugely enjoyable.
Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat 1990,  R)
Subspecies 1991,  R)
Bram Stoker's Dracula 1992,  R)
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Another film on my long list of 'Have seen but not for a while so won't write a review until I've watched again' movies. Unlike most, I actually like it more than I did back then from what I can remember. Sure it's a bit camp, some of the acting is questionable and it looks a little dated, (not necessarily a bad thing, no CGI is a welcome relief these days) the street scene in 1897s London infuriated me in-fact with it's total architectural inaccuracies but I digress. Bram Stoker's/Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula is brilliant fun and great entertainment.
Innocent Blood 1992,  R)
Xin jiang shi xian sheng (Chinese Vampire Story) (Mr. Vampire 1992) (Mr. Vampire 5) 1992,  PG)
Xin jiang shi xian sheng (Chinese Vampire Story) (Mr. Vampire 1992) (Mr. Vampire 5)
Easily one of the most bizarre films I've ever seen. It's classed as a Kung Fu film but there isn't that much action. It's more an odd comedy horror really, although it's not very funny and isn't scary. I can only imagine it's a case of being something that the Chinese like but it doesn't really translate well. I'd imagine that the Chinese probably wouldn't get the English Carry On films either, for want of another comparison. I did enjoy it though, even though I have no idea what the hell it was all about. The stretchy Penis scene was a bit too much for me though. You really need to see it to believe it.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1992,  PG-13)
Tale Of A Vampire 1992,  R)
Cronos 1994,  R)
In my opinion, this is the best and certainly the most original Vampire film ever. The acting and direction are both faultless. A real underrated classic and Guillermo del Toro at his best.
Dracula Rising 1993,  R)
Darkness (Darkness: The Vampire Version) 1993,  Unrated)
Subspecies 2: Bloodstone 1993,  R)
Subspecies 3: Bloodlust 1994,  Unrated)
Interview with the Vampire 1994,  R)
Interview with the Vampire
Ok but I never really got into the film or the series of books.
Embrace of the Vampire 2013,  R)
Nadja 1995,  R)
Blood and Donuts 1995,  R)
Dracula - Dead and Loving It 1995,  PG-13)
Dracula - Dead and Loving It
I love Mel Brooks and I love Leslie Nielsen but this spoof of Bram Stocker's Dracula, which obviously came out due to the popularity of he 1992 film that came 3 years earlier, feels rushed and yet a little too late. There are a couple of scenes that really made me laugh, the bug eating one in particular, but nothing much worth commenting on, especially given the comedy talent of the two big names - plus the very capable comedy of Peter MacNicol.
Vampire in Brooklyn 1995,  R)
BioHunter 1995,  Unrated)
The Addiction 1995,  Unrated)
From Dusk Till Dawn 1996,  R)
From Dusk Till Dawn
Great film. Two films in one really and the first time I saw it, I didn't have a clue it was a vampire movie. The script is a bit annoying at times though.
Tales from the Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood 1996,  R)
Vampire Journals 1997,  R)
From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money 1999,  R)
From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money
You know, the direction in this film is one of the best I've ever seen. No really, some of the camera work is truly original, what other film can say its taken a shot down the coil of a phone line? Anyway, I like silly sequels to horror films, they are fun and this is certainly one of the better ones!
Vampires 1998,  R)
A decent story but it's shows only a fraction of Carpenter's talents and so is a wasted opportunity!
The Night Flier 1998,  R)
Subspecies 4: Bloodstorm 1998,  R)
Die Hard Dracula 2002,  Unrated)
Ultraviolet 1998,  Unrated)
Ultraviolet was an excellent contemporary Vampire TV series. It was a crime when they axed it as it was probably the best thing on TV back in 1998.
Blade 1998,  R)
The disco scene at the beginning was ace but I wasn?t too bothered about the rest of the film.
From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter 2000,  R)
From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter
Not as good as 1 & 2 but its still a lot of fun! Park's steals the show somewhat and Jones's brief part is also very entertaining.
La fiancée de Dracula (Dracula's Fiancee) 2002,  Unrated)
Dracula 2000 2000,  R)
Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust 2001,  R)
Shadow of the Vampire 2000,  R)
Shadow of the Vampire
Shadow of the Vampire is one of cinemas greatest little quirks. Urban legend has it that actor Max Schreck was in fact a real vampire when he played his role of Count Orlock (Dracula - but they didn't have the rights to call him that as Bram Stockers estate would not allow it). It was said that Schreck and director F.W. Murnau had a secret agreement, Murnau would reward Schreck with a human sacrifice and keep his Vampirism a secret if he would star in what would be the greatest and most realistic vampire movie ever made. As urban legend goes, it's one of the best in the history of cinema. To make it into a film was an act of risky genius. It was well received with critics but not many people went to see it. It made just over £200,000 which in movieland is a disaster. Personally I've not heard many people say nice things about it but now I've seen it I have to disagree. I love the idea and being a fan of the original (and the Herzog remake) I have to say I found it to be a great new chapter in the ongoing development of the original idea. I'm a sucker for films about films but not so much of mixing fantasy and reality. When doing so it is important to do so tastefully, with respect and creatively. Shadow of the Vampire does all that and more and is well worth a watch. Maybe give the original a watch first though for full effect.
Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula (Dracula - The Dark Prince) 2000,  R)
The Little Vampire 2000,  PG)
Immortality (The Wisdom of Crocodiles) 2000,  R)
Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire 2000,  Unrated)
Type O Negative - Nosferatu 2001,  Unrated)
Blood - The Last Vampire 2001,  Unrated)
Trouble Every Day (Gargoyle) 2001,  Unrated)
Trouble Every Day (Gargoyle)
Not Vincent Gallo at his best but Claire Denis?s direction is. It?s a bit slow (or atmospheric) to get started and It?s a bit disturbing but stick with it, you?ll be glad you did!
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter 2001,  R)
The Forsaken 2001,  R)
Queen of the Damned 2002,  R)
Dracula: Pages From a Virgin's Diary 2003,  Unrated)
Killer Barbys vs. Dracula 2002,  Unrated)
Vampire Clan 2002,  R)
Blade II 2002,  R)
Blade II
A great sequel, all the better for having Guillermo del Toro at the helm. If he'd directed the whole series it could have been something special!
Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters (The Era of Vampires) 2002,  R)
Vampire Effect (Chin gei bin) (The Twins Effect) 2003,  R)
Dracula II: Ascension 2003,  R)
Underworld 2003,  R)
I've been looking forward to watching Underworld for a while now. I'm not too disappointed. It's a Gothic-Matrix really, flash visuals, lots of fighting, lots of shooting. Still, I can't help but think Vampires vs. Werewolves could have been a bit cooler than this. I anticipate the sequels. It does bother me though that Vampires are always so wanky in films and why do assassins always wear tight-leather jump-suits or long leather coats, it's not very inconspicuous. Does what it says on the tin and does it well.
Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Vampire 2003,  Unrated)
Moon Child 2004,  Unrated)
Van Helsing 2004,  PG-13)
Van Helsing
Such a great idea, completely wasted. The direction was shoddy, the editing atrocious, the script was pitiful and the general writing laughable. A huge missed opportunity. The actors were totally misused and I can't help but think Kate Beckinsale was cast purely for her breasts and that is why she seems to spend the whole film running. One big CGI mess but I'm grateful for these horrid action films of the mid 00's, they were so bad that everyone seems to have upped their game since. Well apart from Stephen Sommers that is.
Dracula 3000 2004,  R)
Dracula 3 - Legacy 2004,  R)
Lust for Dracula 2004,  R)
Van Helsing: The London Assignment 2004,  PG-13)
Sexy Adventures Of Van Helsing 2004,  Unrated)
Blade: Trinity 2004,  R)
Blade: Trinity
Enough already! The first film was ok, the second film was really good but this one just doesn't improve on the franchise. Dracula? You having a laugh! completists only!
Adventures of Young Van Helsing - Quest for the Lost Scepter 2004,  PG-13)
Salem's Lot 2004,  PG-13)
Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor) 2006,  R)
Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor)
Confusing in places and what with fast editing, wobbly camera and everything turning into either a bird, a fly of a spider, it was style over content. It was ok and I look forward to watching Day Watch, I just hope there is more story development this time!
The Twins Effect 2 (Chin gei bin 2: Fa dou daai jin) 2004,  Unrated)
The Batman vs Dracula: The Animated Movie 2005,  PG)
Vampire Bats 2005,  Unrated)
The Hunger 1983,  R)
Redwood Justin, Vampire Hunter: Dance with a Vampire 2006,  Unrated)
Frostbitten 2006,  Unrated)
Underworld: Evolution 2006,  R)
Underworld: Evolution
So that's what the cross between a Werewolf and a Vampire looks like is it. Not what I expected but it's all good. Actually Tony Curran's Marcus looked pretty cool. I'm a bit late to the party with this franchise, I've been wanting to watch for some time though and it feels like it's going to be another Resident Evil as in they're not particularly great films but they are very watchable and generally good fun. There was some pretty cool gore scenes here which made me happy and overall I think I liked it better than the first. Len Wiseman is a pretty good action director, Die Hard wasn't crap because of the direction and the new Total Recall was pretty good I thought, so all credit to him!
The Thirst 2007,  R)
Perfect Creature 2006,  R)
Bloodrayne 2006,  R)
BloodRayne II: Deliverance 2007,  R)
Dracula 2007,  Unrated)
Immortally Yours (Kiss of the Vampire) 2007,  R)
30 Days of Night 2007,  R)
30 Days of Night
A really good horror film and very pleasant surprise! It's a road well trodden but this feels fresh and original, I might have to seek out the comics on which they are based. It is certainly one of the most visually beautiful horror films I've ever seen and David Slade makes the jump from Warp Music video master to motion picture director perfectly. More please!
Vampire Diary 2007,  R)
Vampyres 2007,  Unrated)
I Am Legend 2007,  PG-13)
I Am Legend
I can see why a lot of people didn't like this film. It's not mindless and full of explosions. I guess people were looking for an action film. Ha, good, I'm glad, because this is a rather good character study of the last man on earth, which is a far more interesting story than any 'Die hardesqe' film. I personally think that this is Will Smith's best role so far. It?s also a very good , updated, adaptation. I would go as far to say it?s better than the Omega man! It?s not as good as A boy and his dog but it was a pleasant surprise! The night-walkers looked a bit shit though :o(
Day Watch 2007,  R)
Day Watch
Visually stunning, I've not seen many films that have spent as much time on the details. Shame they couldn't have spent more time on the story, structure, characters and just about everything else. This is a headache inducing mess. I had to have a lay down and a junior aspirin after watching it, just thinking about it makes my eyelids feel like they're burning. Not bad but a bit of a brainfu*k!
Lesbian Vampire Killers 2009,  R)
Nosferatu Project 2008,  Unrated)
Lost Boys: The Tribe 2008,  R)
Strigoi 2008,  Unrated)
Let the Right One In 2008,  R)
Let the Right One In
Too subtle to be a horror and too honest to be a thriller, I guess you could call it a Giallo but there is a real innocence here that would make that unsuitable. I'm left with the conclusion that this is a truly original piece of cinema, beautifully filmed, brilliantly written and aptly paced. Probably the best alternative vampire film (Although Cronos is my favourite and Trouble every day got there first), this is a welcome relief to the typical goth fodder of recent years. Highly recommended!
Twilight 2008,  PG-13)
It's fair to say that I've never been in the target audience for Twilight and I'm certainly never going to be. I'll be nice though. The direction was impressive and the soundtrack was brilliant but... The acting was awful, the script was bizarre (and also awful), the story didn't grab me and Kristen Stewart is dead behind the eyes. I did like the bit where he gave her a 100mph piggy-back ride though!
The Twilight Saga: New Moon 2009,  PG-13)
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
I wasn't a huge fan of the first film but I thought this one was going to have more of a Vampires vs. Werewolfs theme so I gave it a go. I was disappointed to say the least. Like I said in my review of the first film, I was never in the target audience but even then, I went through teenage angst and went through a 'Goth' stage, I had my heart broken etc etc, but this is depressing even by depressed 13 year old pubescent standards. I've never really got the romantic idea of Vampyrism either, cheer up you miserable buggers, you make hard-core trekkies look cool! Anyway, all that aside, this is a very dull film about a vacuous and particularly annoying girl that I didn't like very much. I really don't understand the fuss over Kristen Stewart, she's gormless personified!
Blood: The Last Vampire 2009,  R)
Daybreakers 2010,  R)
Daybreakers was a very nice surprise, finally, an intelligent Vampire film that is as clever as it is full of action and gore. It's has every component a good modern Vampire film needs and also questions what Vampirism is and what it means, all set within a dystopian society. There are hints of the questions of hidden desires, addiction and religion and also that of control and power, over the years the Vampire has been used as a symbol of many different things, all are explored subtly and cleverly in this film. The cast is pretty good too, everyone pulling their weight and convincing in their roles. It's a great idea and they succeeded in bringing it to its potential, on quite a small budget in the grand scheme of things too. I applaud and look forward to seeing more from the brothers Spierig.
Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant 2009,  PG-13)
Bakjwi (Thirst) 2009,  R)
The Countess 2009,  Unrated)
Transylmania 2009,  R)
Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans 2009,  R)
Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans
What do you do when you've killed off all the good characters of your franchise, are fresh out of ideas and your leading lady is pregnant? You make a prequel and pretend you're doing something new, even though you spend the last two films telling the exact same story. It's as ridiculous as casting Michael Sheen as a bare-chested action hero (which it also does). Tony Blair fighting vampires does sound good but it really ins't in reality. I'll watch the next one but only because they're going back to story and i'm glutton for punishment.
Vampires Suck 2010,  PG-13)
Lost Boys: The Thirst 2010,  R)
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 2010,  PG-13)
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
I can see why David Slade wanted a piece of the action, Twilight is loved just as much as it is hated but I don't think he brought anything new to the franchise. I don't see how people can get so excited about a story in which absolutely nothing happens. It's incredibly boring, the actors certainly look bored, most of which could have been replaced by cardboard cut outs, in fact the special effects are so bad that I'm wondering if they actually used cardboard cut outs. So forgettable I've forgotten what film I'm supposed to be reviewing.
30 Days Of Night: Dark Days 2010,  R)
Let Me In 2010,  R)
Let Me In
A completely unnecessary remake of Let the Right One in but I'm impressed none the less. It doesn't bring more to the story and Kodi Smit-McPhee reminded me to much of Lukas Haas's character in The Lady in White. I'm afraid I didn't think much of his performance compared to Kare Hedebrant's. I also thought Lina Leandersson was better than Chloe Grace Moretz but I was still pretty impressed by her. What I would say though is that Let Me In was visually more impressive. Less subtle, which was the beauty of the original but some of the scenes where just stunning. The back seat of the car shot is probably one of the most impressive scenes I've ever seen in a film. Very good in its own right but see the original first.
BloodRayne 3 ,  Unrated)
Bloodrayne: The Third Reich 2010,  R)
Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula 2011,  Unrated)
Bubba Nosferatu and the Curse of the She-Vampires 2011,  Unrated)
Fright Night 2011,  R)
We Are The Night 2011,  Unrated)
Vampyres: Daughters of Dracula 2011,  R)
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 2011,  PG-13)
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
No disrespect to director Bill Condon but they really do seem to pick their directors at random in this franchise. Bill Condon's direction is faultless for what must have been a frustrating job though. Basically, buff out as much as you can of half a book that really doesn't warrant 4 hours of film. Make boring look good. Good stories shouldn't be rushed but my goodness, this isn't a good story. Two hours of nothing. Two very long hours. Our characters seem to have undergone some memory loss or is that the writer/film makers? The character consistency is nonexistent, it's like the last two films never happened (which I wish were true). What is really going on here though? What is the message? 100+ year old Vampire marries young 18 year old. That's a bit nasty but not illegal I suppose so onto the big question; why is a Vampire (the Anti-Christ!) so worried about sex out of marriage? Then you have the issue of abortion, being with the 'right kind' and the social repercussions of both. Is this some Christian ploy to reach out to the moody kids of middle America, you know, the strange ones that wear black t-shirts? Well, whatever it is, it's possibly the worst (and most boring) Vampire/Werewolf film ever made. It's hardly the most romantic film either. I can only hope Bella changes and kills everyone in the final film. Oh, and the less said about that baby the better, what were they thinking?
Stake Land 2011,  R)
Stake Land
So many horror films these days stick to their genre specifics. Some change the rules to great effect while others take it too far and stink up the straight to video market. Stake Land does something quite simple and executes it subtly enough to be almost revolutionary in horror circles. The bad guys are vampires who act like zombies and vice versa in many respects. It plays the fear of infection card brilliantly and also works as a post-apocalypse movie too. It works in every aspect and even questions subjects of religion, society and apathy, subtly though of course. The horror isn't in the blood, the death or the dark, it's in the hopelessness. The symbolism of our capitalist and consumer society is unmistakable, who are the zombies and who are the vampires, that's the real horror. Stake Land is an underrated horror (future) classic.
I Kissed a Vampire 2012,  PG)
Underworld Awakening 2012,  R)
Underworld Awakening
And so the franchise plods on. I still like it, it's not a brilliant story or franchise but it is very easy to watch. It's getting a little tired now and the next film needs to be something pretty special. A few little changes would have been good. Here she finds she was cryogenically frozen for 12 years. How cool would it have been if it had been 112 year instead? Like I say, it's a couple of rewrites away from being great. I liked the real horror scenes and the gore very much but the dark tint is starting wear a little thin.
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 2012,  PG-13)
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 2012,  R)
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is not good enough to be taken seriously and a bit too good to label as a b-movie. It should be regarded as a really good big budget b-movie. Take it for what it is and what it always set out to do and you cannot fault it. If the idea got you excited then I think you'll probably enjoy it. It's better than Van Helsing anyway. The only thing I didn't like was the inclusion of Lincoln's son dying of a Vampire bite instead of the truth that he actually died of typhoid. It just didn't sit well with me, his other son's aren't in the film, why include the first one that died? Anyway, I liked it for all its B-movie goodness.
Snow White and the Huntsman 2012,  PG-13)

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