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Film's that were ruined because of sequels

  1. Jackcarlin
  2. Horror Movie

the top 5 horror films that didn't need a sequel, but when they go one it took away elements from what we loved about the first.

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Saw 2014,  R)
Wrong Turn 2003,  R)
Friday the 13th 1980,  R)
Friday the 13th
SCORE: [60/100]
This 80's slasher film definetly isn't as good as critic's presented it to be but it is still a scary and suspenseful slasher flick that has taken a few notes for Halloween and Texas Chainsaw.
A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984,  R)
Halloween 1978,  R)
Older films are common for being well known for their originality and genuine scare but often become tired, not a film to be watched with age, but Halloween, is a film that gets better with age. Halloween is of a young 17 year-old girl named Laurie who is stalked by a masked figure whilst she is babysitting on the night of Halloween. The Story is so simple but unique and is done beautifully, showing true fear and anxiety within the characters and shows that within an open road, there is nowhere to escape. It begins with a POV of a young boy journeying through his home to the room of his sister were he knifes her to death, chilling stuff. Soon slips into the escape and stalking of the vicious killer Michael Myers who‚(TM)s appearance alone is enough to haunt you, so plain but yet so scary, almost like the film itself. Not a dull moment awaits this chiller as it is a constant paranoia (we the audience see Myers lurking in the background), what we see is blind to the characters who soon become victimised. The film turns to pure adrenaline when most of the characters are discovered dead and Myers is revealed leading to a chase scene which is the most intense and unsettling moment of the entire film. Overall, Carpenter has shown that simplicity is originality and fear is the darkness.

VERDICT: From start to finish the film is filled with Carpenter's trade marks which really spice up the genre. with its unknowing darkness, fantastic score and frightening atmosphere makes this one of the best horror films ever made! GRADE: [A+] SCORE: 100/100

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