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Fave Movies About Interracial Relationships

  1. TheAppleofHisEye410
  2. Kelly

I think interracial relationships are absolutely beautiful. Here are some of my favorite movies about them!

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  TheAppleofHisEye410's Rating My Rating
Something New 2006,  PG-13)
Something New
This was such a sweet movie. It reminds me of my boyfriend and I . Interracial dating can be difficult and even scary at times. But if you truly love the person it's worth it.
Love Song 2000,  PG)
Love Song
This is such a cute movie, I love how real Monica came off as, instead of like a rich Black girl. It was a bit cheesy and the very predictable. But overall I really liked it.
Mr and Mrs Loving 1996,  PG-13)
Mr and Mrs Loving
I found out about this supreme court case, and I thought it was so romantic that they fought for their love on a social, and legal level. Timothy Hutton and Lela Rochon portrayed the Lovings beautifully, they were very believable and really brought the story to life. Definitely worth seeing.
The Journey of August King 1996,  PG-13)
The Journey of August King
This was a truly beautiful and inspiring film. I've been meaning to see if for quite some time and I was very pleased with the plot and the incredible acting by Jason Patric and Thandie Newton. Simply beautiful.
I Can Do Bad All By Myself 2009,  PG-13)
I Can Do Bad All By Myself
It was so... Tyler Perry. By that I mean I knew the end at the beginning. Nevertheless it was a delight to watch as usual. Definitely worth the time!

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