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This is movies that feature secret agents

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Agente 077 missione Bloody Mary 1967,  Unrated)
Agente 077 missione Bloody Mary
Ken Clark plays Agent 077, Anyone new to the world of secret agent films must learn there is much more to the secret agent film world then James Bond and 007. This is the first of 3 Agent 077 films, all made via Italy. This one had locations in France, Spain, Italy. Not on some hollywood set but in real locations. There are a number of European Secret Agent films out there, this ranks up there in my book. In this one a Nuclear Bomb has been taken from a USAF Plane crash site, and the Russinas, Germans, and Chinesse are all involved wanting the Bomb, and the USA and UK are trying to keep it in the right hands and recover it. There are all the Secret agent things in this movie, Beautiful naked Women, Neat spy gagets, chase scenes, fights the works. I got my copy of this film in the Grindhouse Experience 2 which has about 20 films in it. The quality of the movie was fair, had a few spots that you could tell it was dubbed from a VHS, even had a 30 sec blank spot, but still its worth the purchase, But can't give it no more then 3 stars.
Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill (Kommissar X - Jagd Auf Unbekannt) 1966,  Unrated)
Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill (Kommissar X - Jagd Auf Unbekannt)
A 1966 Euro spy movie starring Tony Kendall, Filmed in many locations in Germany. In this one Jo Walker and Captain Tom Rowland . Jo Walker is actually main star and nicknamed the 'Kommissar X' in which there were a total of 6 movies with 'Kommissar X' in it. In this film it seems 4 partners are being killed one by one, but are they, is there a dirty one in the bunch, Jo Walker is on the case to find out, during which he runs into many beautiful girls both bad and good. Lots of neat little spy gadgets. Overall an enjoyable Euro spy movie. Add it to the collection 3 1/2 stars
Kommissar X - in Den Klauen des Goldenen Drachen (Agent Joe Walker: Operation Far East) (So Darling, So Deadly) 1966,  Unrated)
Kommissar X - in Den Klauen des Goldenen Drachen (Agent Joe Walker: Operation Far East) (So Darling, So Deadly)
Also Named So Darling, So Deadly. A Eurospy movie from the Kommissar X Collection. Which is a 3 film DVD set Staring Detective Jo Walker (Tony Kendall) and New York Police Captain Tom Rowland (Brad Harris). The Pair are sent to Singapore to protect Professor Akron and his latest invention - a blue laser that can be used to shut down electrical engines from miles away. As soon as Walker and Rowland arrive Singapore, the henchmen start coming out of the woodwork and the Professor ends up the prisoner of the mysterious Golden Dragon. Walker and Rowland's new mission - rescue the professor, protect his daughter, and safeguard the filter. This film is not as good as the first as the spy toys aren't as plentiful, the women aren't as beautiful and the places they go to aren't as nice, after all its Singapore. What's really funny is the characters keep showing up in different roles as the movie goes on. All in all its enjoyable and as far a Eurospy it's a 3 1/2

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