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*Best Steven Spielberg movies ever*

  1. SexiVixxEN
  2. .:SexiVixxEN

Best Speilberg flicks ever.

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  SexiVixxEN's Rating My Rating
Saving Private Ryan 1998,  R)
Schindler's List 1993,  R)
Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981,  PG)
Raiders of the Lost Ark
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 1982,  PG)
Jaws 1975,  PG)
Jurassic Park 1993,  PG-13)
Transformers 2007,  PG-13)
My my my!!!My God I have no clue where to start! First of all do yourself a favor and go see this film ASAP.Second do NOT wait for this to come out on DVD you Will regret it.If nothing else see it in the theater for the sound.Michael Bay had me at hello with The Rock,everyone that knows me knows that is my favorite movie in the entire world well guess what ,Lisa has a new favorite movie now.Michael Bay you are a God.This man deserves all the $$$$ he will make from this.There are NO crappy special effects ,all the jokes are hilarious,solid story and absolutly the best action packed thrill ride I have ever been on.It is very intense in some scenes,I actually found my heart racing a few times,there is one special effect in particualr that almost made me want to jump out of my chair and scream! Those dam testosterone levels are all messed up again,me and action movies are like Peanut butter and Jelly.I also believe very strongly that any movie that can make you experience every known emotion to humans is a slam dunk! Shia you are the MAN! Mojo I could kiss you all over!Ladies and Gentlemen listen to me,I predict today that this movie will become the top grossing movie ever,it is defintely going to take the prize for best summer movie.So go see it already take the kids have a great time!Let me know what you think!I have a new hero and his name is Optimus Prime soooo 'Bring the Rain'!!!!!!Oh Oh,I almost forgot get there early to see the "Mystery trailer" this movie that is untitled as of yet as far as I know is going to totally ROCK it comes out 1-18-08 thats all I know,Looks AWESOME!!!!
The Color Purple 1985,  PG-13)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977,  PG)
A.I. Artificial Intelligence 2001,  PG-13)
Munich 2005,  R)
Amistad 1997,  R)
The Terminal 2004,  PG-13)
Hook 1991,  PG)
Minority Report 2002,  PG-13)
Minority Report
I LOVE this movie!
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 2008,  PG-13)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Empire of the Sun 1987,  PG)
Empire of the Sun
Another amazing movie I have let slip by for way too long.I have been on this whole Christiian Bale thing lately,so I wanted to see how his acting skills were when he was a boy.OMG! He was BORN to act.This boy is absolutely brilliant in anything he does.This is an amazing journey of a young boy,separated from his parents in the middle of WWII and forced to survive basically however he can.I had no idea that he would bump into of all people John Malkovich one of my fav actors that was a huge bonus!Oh,and a very young,and not in comedic role,Ben Stiller.The cast was Great,Christian again,Wow he is just mindblowing,he is really a natural,I hope he goes oin making lots of movies for us to enjoy for many years.If you have not seen this movie I highly recommend it! =)

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  1. thetrickalltheboysknew
    thetrickalltheboysknew posted 6 years ago

    love this list *claps*

  2. melissaskye841
    melissaskye841 posted 6 years ago

    this list is amazing...i agree with you completey about transformers and indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull, shia is a TOTAL BABE i saw both movies in the theater several times...they are amazing...also love jaws, its a classic!

  3. lucasaq
    lucasaq posted 6 years ago

    Spielberg only produced Transformers, Michael Bay directed it.

  4. brucegarcesv
    brucegarcesv posted 6 years ago

    Pues bacan esta pelicula mi respeto full accin MI email es

  5. pathubert98
    pathubert98 posted 6 years ago

    Awesome list!!!

  6. QueenCityFilms
    QueenCityFilms posted 6 years ago


  7. jasondaniels255
    jasondaniels255 posted 6 years ago

    Lisa-Love Obviously,Queerfilms cannot read past #2!What an idiot! Your lists kick ass,Don't sweat there posers who have nothing better to do than nit pick at your list with their lame ass comments,Like the other dumb ass about the Transformers movies.Spielberg was involved you dumbshit,that is why she chooses to add him to her list!Dam people I swear,Chill!Or at least if you can't say anything nice,don't say shit at all.She has very clearly put alto of work into these lists and it seems the majority of people love them.I know I do.But there always has to be a couple of F*ckers out there with bullshit to say!Keep doing what you do best Lisa,Flix knows they have a great thing going with you!

  8. germanga89
    germanga89 posted 5 years ago

    i think shinler list should be first then munich then savin pirvate ryan but its great maybe a tide betwen all movies excep shindlers list, most realistic and tragic movie ever, for all the good reasons.

  9. marylima
    marylima posted 5 years ago

    is a great list:)

  10. lynnbirli
    lynnbirli posted 5 years ago


  11. thusarasampath
    thusarasampath posted 5 years ago

    i totally agry with u my freind, awsome movie list

  12. vietzzki
    vietzzki posted 5 years ago

    awesome moviezz!

  13. jennie81362
    jennie81362 posted 5 years ago

    i use to not be into movie's! but now i am.. an i have let alot of these movie's slip by me.. but i have got to catch up an watch them.

  14. ilenemac1
    ilenemac1 posted 5 years ago

    Congrats to you for creating a wonderful list...we feel the same way in some the movies....Don't stop creating for more....

  15. pmkester
    pmkester posted 5 years ago

    a very good movie list

  16. ilovjesus
    ilovjesus posted 5 years ago

    mena weka

  17. africanoislam
    africanoislam posted 5 years ago

    hi avery body

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