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*Bad-Ass Martial Arts Movies*

  1. SexiVixxEN
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My fav Martial arts movies

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Redbelt 2008,  R)
House of Flying Daggers 2004,  PG-13)
House of Flying Daggers
Wow!! What a visual stunner! This was my homework assignment from my Flix Movie buddy and I am so glad I watched it,even though I already got an 'F' for the week =(.Anyway although I don't think it's quite as good as Hero,this was a beautiful movie it's got all the elements that the good movies are made of,Love deception,loss, oh yeah and daggers lol.Great great movie,If you have not seen this movie and have an appreciation for the 'older' tradition martial arts movies you will love this one!! =)
Hero 2004,  PG-13)
EXCELLENT! Continuing on with my new found Martial arts madness this was MUCH better than The one.This is the stuff I like.In China with the history and great storyline behind it.But This is something VERY SPECIAL you guys.The sound and special effects in this are beyond your imagination.You need to see this on a big screen with an excellent home theater system to get the great sound effects.Oh God,and the colors,they thought of everything with this movie.I HIGHLY ,HIGHLY recommend this!!!Jet Li,I am falling for this guy more and more with every movie.I cannot say anything more about it,you seriously have to experience this one for yourself.SEE IT VERY SOON!
Ong-Bak (Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior) 2005,  R)
Ong-Bak (Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior)
OMG!!!!!!!! Times 12! This was so cool! I am now just by this movie alone a converted Maritial arts movie LOVER!.This guy,This Tony Jaa is freaking UNREAL.He is who Jackie Chan wants to grow up to be.The acting was totally overdone and stupidly dramatic at some points ,BUT the Action will keep any action movie lover glued,Its non-stop.This guy Oops!


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