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My fav Martial arts movies

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Redbelt 2008,  R)
House of Flying Daggers 2004,  PG-13)
House of Flying Daggers
Wow!! What a visual stunner! This was my homework assignment from my Flix Movie buddy and I am so glad I watched it,even though I already got an 'F' for the week =(.Anyway although I don't think it's quite as good as Hero,this was a beautiful movie it's got all the elements that the good movies are made of,Love deception,loss, oh yeah and daggers lol.Great great movie,If you have not seen this movie and have an appreciation for the 'older' tradition martial arts movies you will love this one!! =)
Hero 2004,  PG-13)
EXCELLENT! Continuing on with my new found Martial arts madness this was MUCH better than The one.This is the stuff I like.In China with the history and great storyline behind it.But This is something VERY SPECIAL you guys.The sound and special effects in this are beyond your imagination.You need to see this on a big screen with an excellent home theater system to get the great sound effects.Oh God,and the colors,they thought of everything with this movie.I HIGHLY ,HIGHLY recommend this!!!Jet Li,I am falling for this guy more and more with every movie.I cannot say anything more about it,you seriously have to experience this one for yourself.SEE IT VERY SOON!
Ong-Bak (Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior) 2005,  R)
Ong-Bak (Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior)
OMG!!!!!!!! Times 12! This was so cool! I am now just by this movie alone a converted Maritial arts movie LOVER!.This guy,This Tony Jaa is freaking UNREAL.He is who Jackie Chan wants to grow up to be.The acting was totally overdone and stupidly dramatic at some points ,BUT the Action will keep any action movie lover glued,Its non-stop.This guy has done moves I guarantee you have NEVER seen.It's Raw.bloody and brutal,I loved every minute of it.If you like action,Or any type or Martial arts movie check this one out ASAP,You won't be disappointed!I can't wait for the 2nd movie to come out now!!
Equilibrium 2002,  R)
Wow,Ok where do I start?First of all I want to say Lilo you are my new hero.I watched this because of you,I wanted to see what a 'Real Facebreaker' truely meant.I was NOT disappointed!This movie is BAD ASS with a Capital BAD ASS! OK? I am really starting to think I have testosterone mixed in my food every now and then by my family members,because it's just not normal for a chick like myself to enjoy action movies at the level I do.Lilo I know you can relate.I must say the concept of this movie is wildy creative a society that can supposedly live in harmony bulit on a belief that if you can completely remove human emotions from a person ,you can eradicate war,hate,so on by creating a emtionless mankind.So they have to take there daily doses of this med to prevent them from feeling anything,It is a crime punishable by death.This movie is top notch.MEN listen to me,you like action this movie WILL deliver!Lilo I love you girl,this movie got my blood racing ,with that said the 'climax' of this movie with the white outfit gun scene for me was absolutely Orgasmic.No other way to describe it.ALL action fans I urge you to see this!!!! =)
Bloodsport 1988,  R)
Kill Bill: Volume 1 2003,  R)
Kill Bill: Volume 2 2004,  R)
Kickboxer 1989,  R)
Blade 1998,  R)
Blade: Trinity 2004,  R)
Blade II 2002,  R)
The Last Samurai 2003,  R)
The Matrix 1999,  R)
Romeo Must Die 2000,  R)
The Forbidden Kingdom 2008,  PG-13)
The Forbidden Kingdom
Jet Li's Fearless (Huo Yuan Jia) (Legend of a Fighter) 2006,  PG-13)
Jet Li's Fearless (Huo Yuan Jia) (Legend of a Fighter)
OK so here I go getting sucked into yet another amazing Martial arts flick.I had so many of my great Flix friends recommend this movie to me after my Ong Bak Frenzy last week.I am so glad I listened to you guys.I was amazed this was a true story as well.The ending was verrrry sad.But amazing story, beautiful cinematography,and some awesome fight scenes that I wanted to keep rewinding and watching over and over.SO please now that I have joined this whole kung fu craziness please keep your recommendations coming.I really enjoyed it.I do think I liked Onk Bak a little more because the action was non-stop and I swear Tony Jaa can do things with his body that don't seem human,but EXCELLENT.If you have not seen this ,you should =)
The One 2001,  PG-13)
The One
This movie was pretty good,since I have been on my Martial arts kick I couldn't wait to see this.Soooo,verdict is I liked it,There was a secret bonus for me,I didn't know my man Jason Staham was in it (sigh),That made it 10 times better.As far as Jet Li,I am NO expert and heve seen very few films,but I will say I prefer his stuff on his own turf.With the old ancient rituals,slow graceful asian life and respect.The 'Americanized' jet Li I just dont like as much.Please don't send me a bunch of hate messages over this.I wanted to see more martial arts,I saw some great action,some good special effects and then some special effects that were downright cheesy and absurd.I will continue to watch Jet Li,I am just finding that I guess I will be one of those that turns out liking his earlier movies when there is much more martial arts shown.=)
Unleashed (Danny the Dog) 2005,  R)
Unleashed (Danny the Dog)
You know,I remember seeing a trailer for this forever ago and thought the story sounded so intriguing.Here I just stumbled back across this.What an awesome flick,To be honest (cause I am bare bones honest in my reviews) I was expecting more action/fight scenes,But this was ok too.A great twisted plot about a guy that takes a boy and makes him his little killer pet.Anyway great cast with Bob Hoskins,Morgan Freeman and the Amazing and multi-talented Jet Li.This story had heart and was really good,I totally recommend this one.Very entertaining! =)
Ong Bak 2 2009,  R)
Ong Bak 2
Tony Jaa is back with Ong Bak 2.His self directed sequel to the amazing action packed Ong Bak.Great story lots of action great scenes with Jaa (of course) I was a little upset with the ending but all in all it's definitely one I would recommend.
Ip Man 2010,  R)
Ip Man
Awesome,Awesome movie.This has been recommended to me a few times now,finally got a chance to see it.It kicks the Badassery level way up there! Great Martial arts flick if you are a fan you want to see this one for sure.=)

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  1. DiJohnny
    DiJohnny posted 6 years ago

    Hey, if you wanna see some really really kick butt martial arts, you need to check out the company Dragon Dynasty! That is a guarantee of quality! Anything with Tony Jaa in it... oh my gosh! Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior and The Protector (Tom Yung Goom). That guy is one hot ticket! Jackie Chan's Police Story series (which is also released by Dragon Dynasty) is truly a masterpiece! All Jackie Chan movies are to be honest, maybe with the exception of his American ones.

  2. thetrickalltheboysknew
    thetrickalltheboysknew posted 6 years ago

    not bad.

  3. JonahJames
    JonahJames posted 6 years ago

    Ong Bak was awesome,If you like that you will probably like most of Jet Li's movies.

  4. popandchips
    popandchips posted 6 years ago


  5. miraven
    miraven posted 5 years ago

    I watched maybe 50% of the movies you listed, and they are great martial arts films. However, you left out Bruce Lee's films like "Return of the Dragon", where he fights Chuck Norris in an arena. I still get back-of-the-neck thrill-chills watching it.

  6. paulmale37
    paulmale37 posted 5 years ago

    Kung fu hustle has to be on anyones list.........lol.

  7. cvilla81
    cvilla81 posted 5 years ago

    Seriously? The Forbidden Kingdom? Seriously? C'mon. Seriously? Wow.

  8. florion24
    florion24 posted 5 years ago


  9. marinevet174
    marinevet174 posted 5 years ago


  10. titakanani
    titakanani posted 5 years ago

    Guess what and I wanted to be honest with you all. When I was growing up, martial arts and everythings you read and learn about them is my favorite thins in my life. i took this lesson when i was very young, "Bruce Lee" was my favorite fan of all!!!!! He was the "Best of All" and the "King of Martial Arts"!!!!!! Does anyone believe me???? You gotta believe it or not!!!!!! have all the collection of Bruce Lee's movie except the first movie he made is "Green Hornet" with Batman and Robin.

  11. rockabillyariif
    rockabillyariif posted 5 years ago

    watch ong bak 2!!

  12. chocolaterollejoh
    chocolaterollejoh posted 5 years ago

    i love all the actions movie,,and all martial arts actor ,they are all great !!!

  13. komanchhe
    komanchhe posted 5 years ago

    ...not bad but you got plenty other film in this category really interssing!

  14. shaikimran2006
    shaikimran2006 posted 5 years ago

    all are good movies

  15. lourdhuraj
    lourdhuraj posted 5 years ago

    hey i have one question did u see all these movies... because ur the 1st one in flixter to have lots of movies... all righty thennnnnn this is a good list...

  16. ydurballesteros
    ydurballesteros posted 5 years ago


  17. blackcorvettebengal
    blackcorvettebengal posted 5 years ago

    A new movie that just came out recently is "Chocolate" it was made in thailand, but has an english version. people owe Zen money, her special needs daughter who has a talent for martial arts, takes it upon herself to get the money so her mother can have cancer treatment. she kicks some serious butt. it is so good, in my opinion that i have watched it three times. that is how a rate a movie. if it's run of the mill, one time maybe.

  18. JackyVara
    JackyVara posted 5 years ago

    There are at least 50 martial arts movies out of Hong Kong that kick a whole lot of more ass than the ones on the list......

  19. jennylabadan08
    jennylabadan08 posted 5 years ago

    All movies are amazing

  20. scottishlass551
    scottishlass551 posted 5 years ago

    I just love your choice of movies, I haven't seen some of them but the ones I have seen are really as you say Bad Ass. Will try to check out the others on your list that I haven't seen.

  21. warpanda
    warpanda posted 4 years ago

    For someone just getting into these type of flicks your list is quite impressive. Might I recommend "Iron Monkey" and since you like Jet Li (WHO I AM A BIG FAN OF),check out "Twin Warriors(aka Tai Chi Master),"Legend of the Swordsman" and my favorite "Fist of Legend", you'll thank me later.

  22. karenshaub
    karenshaub posted 4 years ago

    I guess old school is just too, well, old for you. Too bad. There wass a lot of great stuff happening without wires back then.

  23. tommyangel
    tommyangel posted 4 years ago

    not bad
    i like it
    kick some ass

  24. drunkentiger5
    drunkentiger5 posted 4 years ago

    look dijohnny tony jaa was pretty tight in his first movie but he does the same shit over n over so no, not anything wit tony jaa suck ass dude

  25. SlavePrincess
    SlavePrincess posted 3 years ago

    Hey I need to book a party with you!

  26. prettycherferrier
    prettycherferrier posted 3 years ago

    She forgot resident evil

  27. sumsitup
    sumsitup posted 3 years ago

    Definitely need to add Jet Li's "FEARLESS". That was awesome awesome, and a good flick to boot. (haha, boot - get it)

  28. everlynducusin
    everlynducusin posted 3 years ago

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