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Bad Taste

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Female Trouble 1974,  NC-17)
Female Trouble
This is one of Waters' more political comedies, it's hilarious to watch, so campy and yet you can't help but laugh at the stupid dialogues.
John Waters: This Filthy World 2006,  Unrated)
John Waters: This Filthy World
Oh Johnny, how you cracked me up with your filth, I love you to bits. It's just one pop culture reference after the other. I am a total fan of his, he's the best!!
Bad Taste 1989,  R)
Bad Taste
Peter Jackson is the man, let's show the world what we've got....... Ninjas, aliens, puke
Meet the Feebles 1989,  R)
Meet the Feebles
Totally not for children, the sick, grotesque version of the muppets made me laugh my ass off. It's amazing, and loved the song "Sodomy"
Bad Boy Bubby 2005,  Unrated)
Bad Boy Bubby
This is one truly disturbingly disgusting and yet by far the funniest film that depicted the real and raw Australia, it's so brilliantly scripted. The experimental shots were successful, it's a disturbing version of Rain Man and Forrest Gump Mash with Mr. Bean. I do not recommend anyone to watch this film without being warned, but if you can sit through the first 20 minutes then you can enjoy the rest of the sick film. I love the boundary pushing and dark humour in the film, combining religion symbolism and sexual juxtaposition. The has a strong artistic value that makes the viewers think about the meaning of life and death
Series 7: The Contenders 2001,  R)
Series 7: The Contenders
Nearly a masterpiece, it's so wickedly funny I just can't help myself but laugh all the way through. It's low budget yet surprisingly fresh and original. The characters were interestingly enough to keep me going, the acting was great too, very realistic. I really enjoy the tv show-like editing and narration.
Shaun of the Dead 2004,  R)
Shaun of the Dead
A film that changed the genre of zombie films. Definitely worth watching!!!!
Pink Flamingos 1972,  NC-17)
Pink Flamingos
Filth is the new Beauty in this exploitational flick. Simply the best
El Topo 1970,  Unrated)
El Topo
Simply amazing, Alejandro jodorowsky is at his best. Possibly the second best western I've seen (behind High Noon)
Machete 2010,  R)
One of the best from Robert Rodriguez, featuring a well round of stars, It's the exploitation of exploitation. Every single minute has something shocking in it, it's the never ending fun. It's a clever film with gore and funny homages and Spanish!!! I loved the ironies and black humour, it's one of the must sees.
Hobo With a Shotgun 2011,  R)
Hobo With a Shotgun
It's film with some guts!! Right from the very start of the film, it reveals a lot of information about what this film trying to tell us: A Modern Day Robin Hood. The film is fast paced with homage of the 70s exploitaional films, the shots were amazing, and the gratuitous nudity and fake blood worked really well. I loved the weapons in the film, they are over exaggerated. Plot may be slightly cliche, but it's worth watching and able to show empathy and satire of today's society.
Desperate Living (Edited Version) 1977,  R)
Desperate Living (Edited Version)
It's dirty, it's funny, it's sick, it's hilarious. The storytelling is interesting, it's a whole lot of weird ideas combined, and yet the compound is clear and simple
The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975,  R)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The cultest film of all time, controversial, transgressive, sexually perverted, oh damn it Janet!! It's an awesome experiment that satires everything, you either love it or hate it or you haven't seen it at all.
Team America - World Police 2004,  R)
Team America - World Police
Loving the potty humour (Trey and Matt FTW) The beginning was a bit dull, but the rest were great. Just how nasty can you make puppet be??? It was a really clever film, filled with pop culture reference. I just loved it so much.
Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead 2006,  Unrated)
Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
It's so bad that it's good, I enjoyed every single moment of it. Everything was bad, the songs, the actors, the extras, the make up, the costume. It's so cheap and dumb but ultra entertaining. A Schlock that would certainly lock your attention. It's one of the most tasteless film I've seen, even worse than Pink Falmingo, and yes, that's how tasteless it is.
Aftermath 1994,  Unrated)
Necrophilia, enough said. Watch it yourself to find out.
Nekromantik 2 1991,  Unrated)
Nekromantik 2
Oh Gosh, they actually made a sequel out of this? The sequel has better editing but the acting was way worse than the first film. It's still extremely grotesque and disturbing, not for anyone's liking for sure. Many flaws could be found but we could actually have some more understanding of necrophilliacs this time.
Chillerama 2011,  R)
Wow, I miss this type of exploitationals, I miss the oldies :D Every single segment was interestingly enough, featuring grotesque characters and hilarious scenarios, I enjoyed it. Especially the second segment, total campy fun!!!!
Nekromantik 1987,  Unrated)
I doubt anyone could actually enjoy this film (Well, most people can't anyway) It's certainly a cult classic with all the gore, eye balls and animal corpse; I don't know whether this should be a horror film or just a sick piece of crude. Of all the course of watching the film, the only enjoyable moment was the exploration on sex and death, two of the most interconnected themes that intertwine perfectly. The satire or ironic themes were well used, I loved the use of music and soundscape to create a false sense of security, as if nothing is wrong. I am shocked the willingness of the actors to sacrifice themselves to create the disturbing imagery. I actually have to skip through the animal killing bits because it's just too disturbing.
The Human Centipede (First Sequence) 2010,  R)
The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
It's a real good idea with some interesting setting. If you can handle the sickness, u can handle... correction, swallow the film
House of 1000 Corpses 2003,  R)
House of 1000 Corpses
The film made no sense at all, but it's gritty and violent and mostly disturbing. Rob Zombie's debut didn't work too well. There are however a few quotes that I really liked, but the disturbed nature of the film with all the weird camera angles didn't appeal to me
Lesbian Vampire Killers 2009,  R)
Lesbian Vampire Killers
There are moments that are funny, loving the Trudy character. Kinda predictable through out
Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights 2002,  PG-13)
Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights
Oh Gosh, I don't know where to begin... It's bad, the potty humour was offensive, it's basically a blasphemy of Christmas and Hanukkah.
I Spit on Your Grave (Day of the Woman) 1978,  R)
I Spit on Your Grave (Day of the Woman)
Emotionally damaged after watching this junk, Jennifer you stupid whore, it's your own fault for making the four men gangbang you. One of the most controversial film is merely a violent porn, acting was crap, actors were hedious looking. It's so long and dreadful, despite having some memorable scenes, it's no more than a torture pron.
Frontière(s) (Frontier(s)) 2007,  NC-17)
Frontière(s) (Frontier(s))
It's rare to find a political horror film these days, especially finding a good one. Frontier(s) delivered a stunning message. It's like Skins gone wrong in France with Texas Chainsaw Hostel. Non of the characters were likeable because they were all scums to the society (No, you may be pregnant but the child is a bastard, so still no sympathy) The film makes wonder about this generation of French teenagers (Like how the Dreamers made me wonder about the teenagers in France in the 60s) The teenagers looked more like neo-nazis themselves... The characters only knew about cry and whine, couldn't defend their expandable lives. Overall, justice served them well for what they deserved.

The storyline is so slow paced, not evern kidding, one of the bad guys cried for mum... The insanity of the family was not explicitly expressed, only that most of them are real angry grunts. They really don't scare you, they are just, so angry. Off course I understand where the anger comes from, but still, it's not realistic enough.

It's not a disturbing film because of the excessive amount of gore, but the portrayal of what's left of humanity makes me sick. And I can't stand all the ugly as actors, but hey, no shame no gain. It's fun to watch, maybe just for once or twice. Ignore the poor acting, focus on the blood and political message, you'll have an enjoyable afternoon/night watching scums die.
The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) 2011,  R)
The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)
Absolutely Painful to watch.
Ken Park 2002,  Unrated)
Ken Park
Larry made many good, controversial films, but this one has no meaning at all, just a bunch of ugly Non-Californians dealing with their dysfunctional family, but are mostly dysfunctional themselves. Kids were cool, Bully was great but Ken Park was a piece of crap.
Vase de noces (One Man and His Pig) (Wedding Trough) (The Pig Fucking Movie) 1974,  Unrated)
Vase de noces (One Man and His Pig) (Wedding Trough) (The Pig Fucking Movie)
One word to describe it: Eww
Lucker (Lucker the Necrophagous) 1986,  Unrated)
Lucker (Lucker the Necrophagous)
This is one (Excuse my language) "Fucked up" film, there's no artistic intention in the film, but pure sadism. Acting? Nope, reciting lines. The soundtrack was so 80s, failed to be scary. The film is long and dreadful, to say the least, disturbingly boring. The only thing that really made this film controversial was the title and the central theme: necrophilia. The problem is, he like the Decomposed corpse (4 weeks), not the fresh one: it's not easy to be a B-movie actor.
Dark Horse 2012,  Unrated)
Dark Horse
Unlike most of the Solondz films, this one seemed very cheerful and quirkily hilarious. Selma Blair was amazing, it's her second time working with Solondz and her character is totally different now. Dark Horse is anti-climatic, cynical, indecisive. I love the ensemble and the title, it's just a really dark comedy that will not make you forget, ever.

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