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ACTRESS - Sigourney Weaver

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Well, I've always admired Margaret Rutherford. Like her I'd like to play Miss Marple when I'm eighty.

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Annie Hall 1977,  PG)
Madman 1979,  R)
Alien 1979,  R)
The best Alien film ever made (I don't just mean this perticular franchise either)
Eyewitness 1981,  R)
The Year of Living Dangerously 1983,  PG)
The Year of Living Dangerously
The Year of Living Dangerously is easily Peter Weir's best film. It certainly got Hollywood's interest and propelled him into the A-list and rightly so, although I've liked very few of his films since. Linda Hunt steals the show, it's funny, I only realised she was a woman a few year later! Brilliant filmmaking.
Deal of the Century 1983,  PG)
Ghostbusters 2014,  PG)
Ghostbusters is an excellent 80?s comedy classic and I love it.
One Woman or Two 1985,  PG-13)
Aliens 1986,  R)
Good sequel but it lacks the intelligence of the first. It makes up for it in cheesy action though!
Half Moon Street 1986,  R)
Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian Fossey 1988,  PG-13)
Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian Fossey
Good, well balanced biopic, one of Sigourney Weaver's best performances!
Working Girl 1988,  R)
Working Girl
Great film, a modern classic no less. Olympia Dukakis is such a funny name! :o)
Ghostbusters 2 1989,  PG)
Ghostbusters 2
Inferior sequel, quite shoddily directed in places but still fun. I?m actually glad their making a new one but it had better be good!
Alien3 1992,  R)
It's a real shame they didn't stay with the original script of a load of Monks living on a wooden planet. The first film is about rape, the second about motherhood and this one was supposed to be about faith but it all went a bit tits up. Never mind, its still a good film. Fincher got shafted by the producers but still made a beautifully shot film, shame about the dodgy SFX though. It really isn't as bad as everyone says (The Megadrive game was pretty good too).
1492: Conquest of Paradise 1992,  PG-13)
Dave 1993,  PG-13)
Dave was a lot better than I thought it would be, it didn't suffer misguided slap-stick and nor was it that a ridiculous concept, although, it is a little ridiculous but not as much as most films of this ilk made in the late 80's and early 90's. Shame that it's all the more dull for it. Not bad but not great, there really is no pleasing me is there!? ;o)
Death and the Maiden 1995,  R)
Jeffrey 1995,  R)
Copycat 1995,  R)
I've been meaning to see Copycat for years and now that I have I can't say I'm disappointed. The early to mid 90's where full of films like this, Copycat itself loosing out to Se7en that came out at the same time. Se7en is a far superior film that raised the standard in the thriller genres, it was about time too but Copycat was also better than most. It's one of the last of the guilty pleasures, not quite Se7en and not quite Silence of the Lambs but still fun.
The Ice Storm 1997,  R)
Snow White: A Tale of Terror 1997,  R)
Alien Resurrection 1997,  R)
Alien Resurrection
I seem to be one of the only people who really like this film, I don't see why it killed of the Ripley side of the Alien franchise. To be fair to Jean-Pierre Jeunet, he had the hardest film in the series to follow as Ripley died in the last one, so he did a pretty good job. Sure the half Alien, half human was rubbish but apart from that it was ace! I really wish they'd follow on from this story but I think there is little chance of ever happening. Maybe the AVP series will get better? ;o)
A Map of the World 1999,  R)
Galaxy Quest 1999,  PG)
Galaxy Quest
As a Trekkie I?m insulted but I appreciate the joke.
Company Man 2001,  PG-13)
Tadpole 2002,  PG-13)
Heartbreakers 2001,  PG-13)
Big Bad Love 2001,  R)
The Guys 2003,  PG)
Holes 2003,  PG)
I quite liked this film. It reminded me of The Goonies in a way but more intelligent but a little less fun. Shia LaBeouf didn't get on my nerves, so It can't be bad!
The Village 2004,  PG-13)
The Village
Shyamalan needs to pull out a few new tricks from up his sleeve, that said though, I found this to be quite entertaining!
Imaginary Heroes 2005,  R)
Snow Cake 2006,  G)
The TV Set 2007,  R)
Infamous 2006,  R)
Happily N'ever After 2006,  PG)
The Girl in the Park 2008,  R)
Be Kind Rewind 2008,  PG-13)
Be Kind Rewind
Good film but I was a little disappointed as I'd hoped for a little more. This movie is really 3 films in one, it?s also got a very clichéd underline story that we've all seen before. The remakes are the best bits. It?s a film about doing remakes that feels like a remake with a biography thrown in. It?s confusing and a little schmaltzy in places but Gondry's signature visuals are present and impressive and Glover and Def are good. Black is Black but not too annoying. All in all I liked it!
Vantage Point 2008,  PG-13)
Vantage Point
An overused concept quite poorly executed. Guessed 'who dun it' after 10 minutes. Not terrible but not great.
Baby Mama 2008,  PG-13)
WALL-E 2008,  G)
Aside from the fact the character of Wall-E is a cross between ET & Johnny 5 and a lot has been 'borrowed from 2001- A space Odyssey, I can't fault this wonderful piece of cinema! A future classic and rightly so.
The Tale of Despereaux 2008,  G)
Prayers for Bobby 2009,  Unrated)
Avatar 2009,  PG-13)
Seeing as I'm the last person on the planet to have seen Avatar, the hype was always going to effect my judgement. Ok, so here we go, the 3D special effects were very clever, and for the best part very good it just me or did the Na'vi people look shit? I mean really, all that time, effort and money and that is the best you could do? Also, the effects as clever as they are, were great as a back-drop but didn't amount to anything as important as a character, which was kind of how it was billed. Most of the night scenes are just one big jungle-themed neon disco, it reminded me of the time in the early 90's around when I first discovered drink, being drunk on the floor of my mates bright studio flat kitchen, desperately trying to take off my hyper-colour tie-dye t-shirt but not quite managing. Also, whats with the 'Internet style jungle', USB ponytails? Really? All that money and the height of your imagination and views on spirituality peaks at USB ponytails? Oh, and notice how every Na'vi is actually black and every Na'vi scene has a ladysmith black mambazo style song accompanying it? It's this and many other unimaginative ideas that made me loose interest to be honest. At one point I wondered if the whole film was a reaction to 9/11 and was an anti-war film in disguise but I don't think James Cameron is that clever. The story is too simple and unimaginative. They could have concentrated on so many of the interesting aspects of the story but instead skipped over them. They could of had a big build up to the discovery of the Na'vi, they could have made more of the Avatar experience - something that the film Surrogates did much better for a lot less money. What about the alien sex scene? You could have made a whole film about the chemistry, intimacy, ethicist etc of having sex with an alien (think Cronenburg maybe). The one scene I did like was when Neytiri first encounters Jake Scully's real body but then again, it was over too soon. It wasn't a bad film but it really isn't anything special. The effects were good but I can't say I liked most of them, especially when most of the 'human' scenes looked like computer game chapters between actual gaming time in, er, computer games. Pah, whatever.
Crazy on the Outside 2010,  PG-13)
You Again 2010,  PG)
Cedar Rapids 2011,  R)
Cedar Rapids
At first sight it looks like another one of those comedies that we've seen before but it really isn't. It's nice to see a comedy that doesn't try too hard to shock or disgust and one that acknowledges the ordinary-ish guy without resorting to exaggeration. It's not too formulaic and not too predictable and it pretty much gives you what you want. Okay, so it's not exceptional but I appreciated its subtlety. There are no big belly laughs as such but you will probably smile continuously throughout. The comedy underdog of 2011.
Paul 2011,  R)
The best thing about Paul and indeed Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, is watching two best buddies having fun together. Pegg and Frost make a lovable pair and make this instantly watchable. I'm a bit of a geek too, so I loved the various nods to sci-fi films, comics etc. It's not as good as I think it could be but pretty decent for what it is, it probably would have been better with Edgar Wright behind the camera but just remember, this is not the third instalment of the 'Blood & ice-cream' trilogy, that is yet to come.
Abduction 2011,  PG-13)
Rampart 2012,  R)
Woody Harrelson puts in a brilliant performance and is backed up by an impressive cast. It's filmed well and I enjoyed it but there is such a huge hole in the story that you can't help but ask 'Is that it?'. Did they hire the caretaker to do the editing by mistake? There is enough here for me to recommend it but I feel for actors like Harrelson who give it their all and get let down in the post production.
Red Lights 2012,  R)
Red Lights
The first half of Red Lights is full of intrigue but the second half is an embarrassing mess. Cillian Murphy really struggles when acting alongside two pros; Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver. Everyone else is a pointless sub-plot character and poor old Toby Jones is cast on his looks rather than his brilliant acting abilities which makes me sad. The ending is stupid, ridiculous, annoying and leaves the few good bits in the film redundant. Such a shame.
The Cabin in the Woods 2012,  R)
The Cabin in the Woods
In my opinion The Cabin in the Woods has changed the horror genres. It really does have something for every horror fan, whether it's gore, slasher, comedy or what ever, it's all here. It's clever too, nothing is cliched, in fact, this is the anti-cliche horror film. Long time coming and done brilliantly. I loved the characters, the monsters, the storyline and I loved the outcome. There is nothing I disliked about it, I thought it was brilliant. Hopefully now everyone else will raise the game, and to think The Innkeepers was touted as the best horror of 2012!
The Cold Light of Day 2012,  PG-13)
Vamps 2012,  PG-13)
Exodus: Gods and Kings 2014,  Unrated)
Avatar 2 2016,  Unrated)

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