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Somebody Up There Likes Me 1956,  Unrated)
To Kill A Mockingbird 1962,  Unrated)
To Kill A Mockingbird
To Kill a Mocking Bird is an American classic and one of the greatest books of modern literature. The fact they managed to adapt it into one of the greatest films ever made is pretty impressive. It's not exactly the same as the book but it is all the better for all the changes. The actors bring the characters to life brilliantly, Duvall is great in his small but powerful role, the two children are great (it's a shame they didn't go on to act more) and of course, Gregory Peck's Atticus Finch is one of the greatest screen characters of all time. Robert Mulligan's beautifully lit Black and White film is a joy to watch too, it's almost dream-like which works perfectly considering it is technically all from the memory of the narrator. Pretty much the perfect film.
Captain Newman, M.D. 1963,  Unrated)
The Chase 1966,  Unrated)
Countdown 1968,  Unrated)
The Detective 1968,  Unrated)
Bullitt 1968,  PG)
Super stylish and effortlessly cool, this is my favourite McQueen film and a classic thriller.
True Grit 1969,  G)
True Grit
The real genius behind True Grit is the brilliant script. The performances are very good, the direction, pace and music too but the script is killer. I can't wait for the brothers Coen to remake it, I believe they can improve on this already great film but can the Dude match the Duke?
The Rain People 1969,  R)
M*A*S*H 1970,  PG)
The on screen relationship between Donald Sutherland and Elliott Gould is classic. This is a very funny film, one of Altman's best!
The Revolutionary 1970,  R)
THX 1138 1971,  PG)
THX 1138
Better than Starwars! Lucas once was great!
Lawman 1971,  PG)
The Godfather 1972,  R)
The Godfather
The third greatest gangster film ever made with a fantastic cast and directed at a perfect pace. The Godfather is always a joy to watch, and when a three hour film does that, you know its good!
Tomorrow 1972,  PG)
The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid 1972,  PG)
Joe Kidd 1972,  PG)
Lady Ice 1973,  PG)
Badge 373 1973,  R)
The Outfit 1973,  PG)
The Conversation 1974,  PG)
The Conversation
A classic, Hackman is great as Harry Caul and Coppola directs beautifully as always. A real 70's thriller I find hard to tire of.
The Godfather, Part II 1974,  R)
The Godfather, Part II
It's funny how well this film worked so well after the departure of Brando but that's where both De Niro and Pacino stepped up in a film that really made their careers. Even though the pair never have a scene together, its almost like their in competition. This is a far superior film than Godfather Part 1 but for me, It will always be the late great John Cazale who makes part 2 so damn good.
Breakout 1975,  PG)
The Killer Elite 1975,  PG)
The Seven-Per-Cent Solution 1976,  PG)
Network 1976,  R)
A masterpiece and one of the best films of the 70's (and ever). The direction, performances and story are all perfect and the script is hilariously subtle and quite relevant to today's sociality. Perfect film making, definitely in my top 100, probably in my top 25! Howard Beale is also one of the best film characters ever written!
The Eagle Has Landed 1976,  PG)
The Eagle Has Landed
John Sturges's last ensemble war film is just as good as his first but maybe not as great as The Great Escape which I believe remains his best. It's an interesting concept and nice to see a story 'from the other side' although the accents are a little off putting at times. The love story between Liam Devlin and Molly was another thing I was unconvinced about and I can see why the American audiences never took to it, thanks to Larry Hagman's character I'd imagine, but I thought it was pretty good with memorable performances from Michael Caine, Donald Sutherland and Robert Duvall.
The Greatest: Muhammad Ali 1977,  PG)
The Betsy 1978,  R)
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978,  PG)
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Love this film, a great remake! Slow in places but come on, it has a scene with a man?s head on a dogs body! And Mr Spock!
Ike 1978,  Unrated)
Apocalypse Now 1979,  R)
Apocalypse Now
One of the greatest films ever made. Historically one of the trickiest films to shoot, it?s amazing it ever got made! Thank fuck it did though, you know a film is good when after 3 hours you still want more! Credit due to Warner Herzog though, it was his idea and his film was harder to make and is ultimately better, but this is still one of the best films ever made!
The Great Santini 1979,  PG)
True Confessions 1981,  R)
Pursuit of D.B. Cooper 1981,  PG)
Tender Mercies 1983,  PG)
The Terry Fox Story (Heart of a Champion) 1983,  Unrated)
The Stone Boy 1983,  PG)
The Natural 1984,  PG)
The Lightship 1985,  PG-13)
Waylon Jennings - America ,  Unrated)
Belizaire the Cajun 1986,  PG-13)
Let's Get Harry 1986,  R)
Hotel Colonial 1987,  R)
Colors 1988,  R)
A fairly decent film but a little contrived at times. Oh, and the word ?Color? should have a U in it!! Expected more from Hopper though!
The Handmaid's Tale 1990,  R)
A Show of Force 1990,  R)
Days of Thunder 1990,  R)
Days of Thunder
It?s basically Top Gun in cars and I hated Top Gun.
Rambling Rose 1991,  R)
Convicts 1991,  Unrated)
Newsies 1992,  PG)
The Plague (La Peste) 1992,  R)
Stalin 1992,  Unrated)
Falling Down 1993,  R)
Falling Down
This is the last time Joel Schumacher made a good film! It has become a real classic and rightfully so, Michael Douglas is brilliant.
Geronimo - An American Legend 1993,  PG-13)
Wrestling Ernest Hemingway 1993,  PG-13)
The Paper 1994,  R)
Something to Talk About 1995,  R)
The Stars Fell on Henrietta 1995,  PG)
The Scarlet Letter 1995,  R)
A Family Thing 1996,  PG-13)
Phenomenon 1996,  PG)
Hard to believe this was the must see film of 1996!
Sling Blade 1996,  R)
Sling Blade
Billy Bob Thornton is as good a director as he is an actor and he proves it in Sling Blade (well, at least he does as far as the directing goes). This is a really good film. It?s a shame Lucas Black grew up though as he was much better as a child actor.
Man Who Captured Eichmann 1996,  Unrated)
The Apostle 1997,  PG-13)
The Gingerbread Man 1998,  R)
Deep Impact 1998,  PG-13)
Deep Impact
Advertised as an 'Intelligent' apocalyptic movie to challenge the more cartoonish versions like Armageddon etc. What they really meant is, they had a very little budget. It thinks its clever but it?s not. It?s not very good at all. I do like it when the wave hits the beach though!
A Civil Action 1998,  PG-13)
A Civil Action
A Civil Action is a pretty good court-room drama but without the usual court-room drama cliches. It's more of a non-bullshit version that shows the reality of a court case (well, a little more realistic) and how it can all go wrong. I have to say I find these types of films more interest since I've been a juror. Better than average with a cast to die for, so definitely worth a watch!
Gone in 60 Seconds (Gone in Sixty Seconds) 2000,  PG-13)
Gone in 60 Seconds (Gone in Sixty Seconds)
Fell asleep in 60 seconds. Car porn for chavs.
A Shot At Glory 2000,  R)
The 6th Day 2000,  PG-13)
The 6th Day
Terrible film, no wonder Schwarzenegger went into politic instead!
John Q 2001,  PG-13)
Assassination Tango 2002,  R)
Gods and Generals 2003,  PG-13)
Open Range 2003,  R)
Open Range
You can't beat a good Western and Open Range is a good Western. It has all that a modern Western has over the old westerns but with the heart of a classic western. The performances are strong, the direction is sound, the attention to detail is perfect and it's pretty light on cliches. Best of all though, it has a great script, the relationships are both believable and honest, the supporting characters aren't all drunk gun-slingers either which is nice, it was also nice to see a confrontation in a busy cafe rather than a rough saloon. Costner gets the pace of the story just right, he develops his characters and in turn builds the conclusion of the film with just the right level of intensity and intrigue so that the climax does not disappoint.
Secondhand Lions 2003,  PG)
Secondhand Lions
Had some good moments but it was just too schmaltzy for me. Haley Joel Osment was awful and really brought the film down a level. Shame, could have been much better!
Kicking & Screaming 2005,  PG)
Thank You For Smoking 2005,  R)
Thank You For Smoking
A really enjoyable film! Aaron Eckhart is become one of my favourite actors, his performance is faultless. The film isn't really about smoking, it?s about morals and politics and whether they can ever go hand in hand. Its direction, script and its says-it-like-it-is attitude makes it a breath of fresh air! After all, how many times did you actually see someone smoke throughout the whole film? That's right, you didn't! J.K Simmons and Rob Lowe lead some great supporting actors but it could have done without the irritating Katie Holmes and that scary looking child.
Lucky You 2007,  PG-13)
We Own the Night 2007,  R)
We Own the Night
Entertaining enough but ultimately it's forgettable due to the fact it's a 'seen it all before' movie. It's not the worst of its kind by any stretch, it's just pretty underwhelming but it is directed very well with a good cast. James Gray is no Scorsese or Coppola yet but maybe in time...
Four Christmases 2008,  PG-13)
Four Christmases
Where is the message? What has it got to do with Christmas? What were the makers trying to achieve? How long is a Californian day? These questions and disappointment are pretty much all you are left with after viewing this 'Christmas' film. Very few redeeming features.
The Road 2009,  R)
The Road
I'm a big fan of Cormac McCarthy but I'm yet to have read this one yet and therefore cannot comment on the film as an adaptation, although it sounds as if they are two very different beasts. It feels like a Cormac McCarthy story at least - bleak, desperate and somewhat depressing - definitely my kind of film. That said, sometimes when life becomes so bad and so unbearable, only then can you often see what is so wonderful about life. That was the message I got anyway, and I believe that was the intention and that it was portrayed brilliantly. John Hillcoat has made a harrowing but beautiful film, a future classic.
Get Low 2010,  PG-13)
Crazy Heart 2009,  R)
Crazy Heart
It seems Jeff Bridges is not only a great actor but a great singer too! His performance in Crazy Heart is brilliant, he thoroughly deserved the recognition he got. The film itself though was a little overlooked I feel, I thought the pace, script and overall ambiance of the film captured the mood of country music rather well. I personally found it a joy to watch, it's definitely my kind of film and the music is ace too!
Seven Days In Utopia 2011,  G)
Jayne Mansfield's Car 2013,  R)
Hemingway & Gellhorn 2012,  R)
Jack Reacher 2012,  PG-13)
Jack Reacher
I can think of a few actors who could have played Jack Reacher just as well as Tom Crusie did but that said I thought he did a great job. I've not read the book so I can't make a comparison but I thought the story was thrilling and very clever. People who read my reviews will not be surprised at what I liked about it most, and I've been saying it for years, Werner Herzog can play the ultimate bad guy. This is all the proof you need. Every scene he's in he chills to the bone and you believe in him and believe the horrible things he's done and is going to do. The ending is very clever and well written. A very pleasant surprise!

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