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I don't blame the people for the fact that so many movies are bad. I think there's a corrupt, perverted, lazy and sloppy attitude that's pervasive in the movie business. The whole entertainment business is kind of crumbling around us.

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Stranger on My Land 1988,  Unrated)
Danielle Steel's Changes 1991,  Unrated)
Hi Honey - I'm Dead 1991,  PG)
Beethoven 1992,  PG)
A big dog slobbers, dad gets angry, people steal dogs, kid drives a car .......ugh! Enough already!
A River Runs Through It 1992,  PG)
Gregory K (Switching Parents) 1992,  Unrated)
Holy Matrimony 1994,  PG-13)
The Road Killers 1994,  R)
Angels in the Outfield 1994,  PG)
The Great Elephant Escape 1995,  Unrated)
The Juror 1996,  R)
Sweet Jane 1997,  Unrated)
Halloween H2O 1998,  R)
Halloween H2O
Same old cliché formula, shocking since it was spoofed in Scream two years previous. Nice to have Curtis back and there are some nice scenes for horror fans, namely the Psycho nods and the nurse from the first film but other than that, it?s same old same old. Did like the ending though!
10 Things I Hate About You 1999,  PG-13)
10 Things I Hate About You
Inoffensive enough, a first for a Julia Stiles film! It made me laugh a couple of times and I thought it was alright for the best part, nothing special and a nice idea, better than most American high school films.
Picking Up the Pieces 2000,  R)
Picking Up the Pieces
An odd but quirky little comedy with and odd and quirky cast. I bought it for 1 pound but I would have easily bought it for 3!
Forever Lulu 2000,  R)
Manic 2001,  R)
Treasure Planet 2002,  PG)
Latter Days 2003,  R)
Mysterious Skin 2004,  NC-17)
Mysterious Skin
This is a great film with a great premise but it suffers slightly from a bit of an anti-climax!
Brick 2006,  R)
Once you get through the annoying American high-school dialogue it becomes a very interesting modern day film noir private detective movie, no doubt influenced by The Big Sleep and the works of writer, Dashiell Hammett.
Havoc 2005,  R)
Shadowboxer 2005,  R)
The Lookout 2007,  R)
The Lookout
It's cool, it's hip, it's the new noir etc etc but it's also extremely over-rated, much like the rest of Scott Frank's film work. Gordon-Levitt is a good actor but the reality is that his performance here is just good but not exceptional, in fact the whole film is actually fairly forgettable.
Stop-Loss 2008,  R)
Stop Loss highlights one of the many problems of war, the way our solders are treated. Spoken of as heroes but totally taken advantage of. I was unaware of the Stop Loss clause so good on the makers for bringing it to the public's attention. It also highlighted the social and mental issues that solders have on their return into society. It's a little known fact that more American solders have committed suicide on their return home than have actually died in action - a shocking revelation. This is definitely not an action war film and although it's not based on actual events, it raises very real issues that can't be ignored. A real stand alone war film of recent years, well directed by Kimberly Peirce.
Miracle at St. Anna 2008,  R)
The Brothers Bloom 2008,  PG-13)
Killshot 2009,  R)
500 Days of Summer 2009,  PG-13)
500 Days of Summer
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is on fine form here in this sweet romantic film. More 'indie cool' than rom-com, it breaks away from the usual formulaic Hollywood bile and 'moves about' a bit. The narrative works well with the story, which is written, told and directed very well. My only gripe with it, and this is more a matter of personal taste, is that Zooey Deschanel is pretty far from my idea of an 'object of desire'. My only desire is to banish her from film and TV, and that is me being refrained and nice. I can't stand her. The rest of it is tip top!
Women in Trouble 2009,  R)
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2009,  PG-13)
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
I wish Hollywood would leave my toys alone. Actually, if I'm being honest, I only had one G.I. Joe and I never played with it, I think my sister married him with Barbie and that was the last I saw of him. I was more into He-Man and M.A.S.K. - I would like to see a M.A.S.K. film thinking about it but I'm sure they'd screw that one up too. The cast is..eclectic, I hope everyone was paid sufficiently. It is nice to see a director showing loyalties to actors he's worked with before though, even if it does mean giving them walk-on parts. As for the story, well I think most 10 year old boys have come up with better scenarios with their toys over the years (Ripcord will, quite rightly, now be the first one to be buried in the garden/flushed down the loo no doubt). There are splashes of the greatness like the ones displayed in the Mummy films but they are too few and far between, Rise of the Cobra is mainly a CGI headache and a bit of a tapeworm story-wise.
Uncertainty 2008,  PG)
Hesher 2011,  R)
Elektra Luxx 2011,  R)
Inception 2010,  PG-13)
I thought, like many, that Inception was a great film, essentially an action film with brains. It's not all about the special effects either which I was relieved about, nor was it as hard to understand as many had made out. Also, stop the press, I actually enjoyed Leonardo DiCaprio's performance for once! Sign of a good director me thinks, the casting is really good though. There is very little I didn't like about it to be honest but after looking through chat-rooms and peoples reviews I seem to be the only one that thinks that a certain Mr Rob Grant and Mr Doug Naylor (or Grant Naylor) should be on the phone to their lawyers! Better Than Life was one of my favourite books from the early 90's and I'm willing to wager that Mr. Nolan is a fellow Red Dwarf fan too! - Anyway, great film highly recommended (although I seem to be the last person to see it)
50/50 2011,  R)
A Hollywood movie about Cancer that doesn't intentionally pull at the heartstrings to win awards, a very welcome relief. It actually handles the subject matter very well, even though many of us have been effected by cancer, it's still very much a taboo subject - certainly one that is avoided in conversation. I actually work in a cancer trials centre and I can faithfully say that this is a welcome film. It is an emotional film, very sad at times but the humour is a welcome inclusion that is never in bad taste and is used sparingly. Ok, so it's not sugar-coated but it is slightly sweetened for entertainment purposes but I would argue it is better for it. The actors all do a great job, Rogan being a friend of the guy the story is based on helped in that respect and it shows. Recommended. On another note, Matt Frewer - please bring back Max Headroom!!
The Dark Knight Rises 2012,  PG-13)
The Dark Knight Rises
*Spoilers* It's pretty much faultless. It's the perfect way to leave it for now, Nolan has been completely unselfish unlike his predecessors and has left the story open wide for who ever takes over to continue the story. I think it's safe to say that people like myself who are into the comics and understand the different threads of the Batman universe are pleased with this conclusion, this Batman isn't really for kids and neither is this film. I like so much of what he's done here, I even liked Anne Hathaway as Catwomen! I especially liked the fact she wasn't a ridiculous character, she's very much a Frank Miller version of Catwoman although she is never referenced as such which I thought was also a great move.I don't want to spoil the story for anyone so I will just say Joseph Gordon-Levitt was brilliant and I'm glad he was in it, Tom Hardy was good although his Sean Connery/Darth Vader voice made me laugh and all other supporting cast where on good form. i liked the Ra's Al Ghul connection, the Dr. Jonathan Crane cameo and most of all, I liked the fact this was a Batman film. The last film was The Joker movie, nothing wrong with that, the Joker is as big as Batman with the fan-base but it didn't make it a 100% bat film unlike this episode. I'd love another one from Nolan but it's always best to quite while you're ahead but the good news is it doesn't look like it's the last we hear of the Dark Knight and that's a good thing.
Premium Rush 2012,  PG-13)
Premium Rush
A bunch of annoying cyclists battle bent police in order to help smuggle in illegal immigrants with help from Chinese gangsters. A likable film though surprisingly considering the unpopularity of each of the four groups. Good casting helps and it never goes too over the top either which probably would have damaged the simplicity of the idea. The idea is sound too for the best part, maybe a little contrived towards the end but not to be taken too seriously. I guess it helps if you are interested in bicycles too.
Looper 2012,  R)
Looper wasn't as action heavy as expected, instead the vision of the future and the idea of time travel was intelligently handled and the great performances and clever writing were the big thrill. A satisfying and refreshing change. As well as the performances and story, the direction is very stylish, the pace, editing and originality was both engaging and exciting. However, I thought the ending was very weak indeed. *Spoilers* I'm not sure what the point of raising so many ideas and questions is when you have no real idea of where it's going or how to answer them. The ideas where fresh and original, the 'Martyrs death' we see at the end seemed like a cop out to me, an easy way out and lazy writing. The last thing we needed was martyrdom at the end of this film, a better story would have found a clever way of answering the conundrum rather than just pulling the plug. Talk about anti-climax.
Lincoln 2012,  PG-13)
Being English and therefore having a British education, I know very little about Lincoln other than he freed the slaves, wore a top hat and got shot in a theatre. So, I was happy for the education this film bought. However, after reading up about Lincoln (I always read up about the film I've just watched) I found there to be loads of mistakes throughout. Sometimes these mistakes don't matter but when they are on purpose in order to make the story more entertaining, I don't respect them. For instance, Lincoln's son seen crying at the news of his death had himself died a few years beforehand, Spielberg would rather pull at our heartstrings and watch a boy cry, rather than show us what really happened. Fact or fiction though, it was still an education and the performances were brilliant. I enjoyed it and actually to be fair, it was fairly light on the schmaltz.
Don Jon 2013,  R)
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For 2013,  Unrated)

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