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While at the Pasadena Playhouse, Hackman and a classmate were voted "Least likely to succeed". The classmate was Dustin Hoffman.

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Mad Dog Coll 1961,  Unrated)
Lilith 1964,  Unrated)
Hawaii 1966,  Unrated)
First to Fight 1967,  Unrated)
A Covenant with Death 1966,  Unrated)
Banning 1967,  Unrated)
Bonnie and Clyde 1967,  R)
Bonnie and Clyde
Classic 'On the run' road movie with a huge influence on film making thereafter. The direction is brilliant and quite revolutionary in American cinema. The cast are also superb, especially Beatty and the very sexy Dunaway. A classic that deserves to be classic but there are no happy endings here, as you will see in what is still one of the most shocking and violent finales ever!
The Split 1968,  R)
Riot 1969,  R)
The Gypsy Moths 1969,  R)
Downhill Racer 1969,  PG)
Marooned 1969,  G)
I Never Sang for My Father 1970,  PG)
Doctors' Wives 1971,  R)
Hunting Party 1971,  R)
The French Connection 1971,  R)
The French Connection
Gene Hackman & Roy Scheider are great together in this classic! Hackman steals the show though as Popeye Doyle!
Cisco Pike 1972,  R)
Prime Cut 1972,  R)
The Poseidon Adventure 1972,  PG)
The Poseidon Adventure
1980's Saturday evenings sat in front of the telly with my Gran and my dog watching the ITV matinee movie. Fond memories! Would be closely followed by Blockbusters and The A-Team! Perfect.
Scarecrow 1973,  R)
The Conversation 1974,  PG)
The Conversation
A classic, Hackman is great as Harry Caul and Coppola directs beautifully as always. A real 70's thriller I find hard to tire of.
Zandy's Bride (For Better, for Worse) 1974,  PG)
Young Frankenstein 1974,  PG)
Young Frankenstein
Young Frankenstein is one of Mel Brooks's best. He is obviously a huge fan of the original James Whale films, otherwise I don't think it would have worked, it is obvious to me that this was a spoof made from admiration and respect. I love Gene Wilder (and wish he was still acting) and Peter Boyle's monster is brilliant, what with his knowing and quite sarcastic glances, he said so much only using his eyebrows. The 'Puttin' on the Ritz' scene is classic comedy Gold, the two actors worked so well together, that said though, it is actually Marty Feldman that steals the show.
The French Connection II 1975,  R)
The French Connection II
I love 70's crime thrillers and Gene Hackman is always very watchable but this isn't quite the sequel I was hoping for. That said, the acting is brilliant, particularly during the 'Cold Turkey' part of the film that was fairly uncompromising. The ending is also really good too, it just doesn't feel like The French Connection. Still, very much worth a watch.
Night Moves 1975,  R)
Bite the Bullet 1975,  PG)
Lucky Lady 1975,  PG)
The Domino Principle (The Domino Killings) 1977,  R)
A Bridge Too Far 1977,  PG)
A Bridge Too Far
Behind this all-star-cast, big budget War film is very important message. Wars are won by Bravery, by sacrifice, by good planning and sometimes by luck but when someone decides to play war, people die. It's the boldest anti-war war film of all time. It show the mistakes made by the deluded Generals who would sooner let many die then to loose face, the pointlessness of war and the exploitation of those who end up suffering the most. It's also a bloody good war film that correctly depicts the brave solders who fought for us. Richard Attenborough tells the story as it should be told with the greatest of respect and well done to him for that.
March Or Die 1977,  PG)
Superman 1978,  PG)
Superman is by far the best Superhero movie of all time. Sure the new Batman films are excellent but they're not a touch on Donner's classic. Reeve is the quintessential Superman, even though he the 3rd (or is it 4th?) person to play him. I just can't express how much I adore this film, it has been my favourite since childhood and I must have watched it over 100 times. I love everything about it and can find no faults with it. Brilliant!
Superman II 1981,  PG)
Superman II
A brilliant follow up film, I personally have to watch them both back to back and consider them the same film, although I do prefer the original. Terrance Stamp as Zod is brilliant. I always wondered what the Richard Donner cut would have been like though.....
All Night Long 1981,  R)
All Night Long 1982,  Unrated)
Reds 1981,  PG)
Eureka 1984,  R)
Under Fire 1983,  R)
Two of a Kind 1983,  PG)
Uncommon Valor 1983,  R)
Misunderstood 1984,  PG)
Twice in a Lifetime 1985,  R)
Target 1985,  R)
Power 1986,  R)
Hoosiers 1989,  PG)
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace 1987,  PG)
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
Ok, its not great but it has Christopher Reeve in it as Superman. Thats enough for me :o)
No Way Out 1987,  R)
No Way Out
No Way Out has become a bit of classic thriller. It's dated even for 1987 as I'm sure the Pentagon's technology was a little bit better than that shown. I'm not even going to go into the clothes, fashion, attitude and language, it was the 80's. The story however is still clever. The build up of tension and suspense is still thrilling all these years later and the twist, no matter if you love or hate it, is still something pretty special. It didn't need to happen but somehow I'm really glad they did. It's quite a statement on retrospect. Not only has Roger Donaldson fooled his audience, he's also made a statement about the state of politics and that of trust. There are no good guys! It's rough around the edges and cheesy as hell but you've got to love it. The script is good and the performances, particularly the maddening Will Patton are great.
Bat*21 (Bat 21) 1988,  R)
Another Woman 1988,  PG)
Split Decisions 1988,  R)
Full Moon in Blue Water 1988,  R)
Mississippi Burning 1988,  R)
Mississippi Burning
I think it would be wrong to dismiss Mississippi Burning due to it being a fictional story as there are plenty of similar stories that are very true on the subject. The 'talking head' interviews with the local people did help raise the issue that racism is born from hate which is in turn born from ignorance and that you certainly are not born with it. The levels of racism are also subtly examined, as high office, blue collar and everyone in-between are represented. The performances are powerful, Dafoe, McDormand and Dourif are all impressive but Hackman easily steals the show in one of his best roles to date. A great film from the late 80's.
The Package 1989,  R)
Loose Cannons 1990,  R)
Postcards from the Edge 1990,  R)
Narrow Margin 1990,  R)
Class Action 1991,  R)
Company Business 1991,  PG-13)
Unforgiven 1992,  R)
A decent modern western but overhyped in my opinion!
The Firm 1993,  R)
The Firm
The Firm was great 20 years ago, it really upped the ante within the thriller genre but it hasn't aged well. The problem is that it is about an hour too long. It would be great to see a remake but credit due, it defines the style of the time and inspired many a good thriller since. If it weren't for the 80's desperately trying to hang on it would have been at least a star better, but the long haired albino henchman thing had been done to death by this point. Also, what happened to the Dog?
Geronimo - An American Legend 1993,  PG-13)
Wyatt Earp 1994,  PG-13)
Wyatt Earp
I didn?t like it as much as Tombstone. I think, I get them mixed up! :o)
The Quick and the Dead 1995,  R)
The Quick and the Dead
A modern classic? Give it time and it will be. For me, it?s probably Sam Raimi?s last decent film. Responsible for a surge in modern Westerns, it?s still the best of the new bunch!
Crimson Tide 1995,  R)
Crimson Tide
Good cast and all round good film but Tony Scott's usual cheese creeps in a little too much
Get Shorty 1995,  R)
Get Shorty
A film so far up its own arse that it can't even smell its own crap!
The Birdcage 1996,  R)
The Birdcage
Not a bad remake but I would recommend the original French film over this.
Extreme Measures 1996,  R)
Extreme Measures
A far from thrilling thriller. Hugh Grant is woefully miscast!
The Chamber 1996,  R)
Absolute Power 1997,  R)
Absolute Power
Clint Eastwood yet again casts himself in a role that fits him like a glove. On a foot. With a cast as strong as this you'd expect at least a couple of great performances too but alas, everyone is having a bad day in the office, I can only blame Eastwood as director. I do not think he gets the best out of his actors, including himself. This is another film in his delusional directing career between the mid 70's and early 00's. He started off great and has returned to form recently but everything in between is mostly egocentric garbage.
Twilight 1998,  R)
Antz 1998,  PG)
Great cast but not a great film! Why is it that Pixar and Dreamworks always seem to bring out their own versions of the same story at the same time?
Enemy of the State 1998,  R)
Enemy of the State
A inferior version of The Conversation in many ways, Gene Hackman even lowers himself to star in it.
Under Suspicion 2000,  R)
Under Suspicion
One of the best thriller/Whodunits Ever!. It?s a pleasure to watch thanks to the 2 great leading men and the excellent direction! Brilliant!
The Replacements 2000,  PG-13)
The Mexican 2001,  R)
The Mexican
I expected more. Only good thing in this movie was the cool car and a gay Gandolfini!
Heartbreakers 2001,  PG-13)
Heist 2001,  R)
Gene Hackman is the reason to watch Heist. The rest of the cast are also on good form, Danny DeVito playing his role convincingly without the humor you'd expect. David Mamet though has had better days. A Heist film should look good, this film looks mediocre. The beginning of the film promises so much but the ending is disappointing to say the least.
The Royal Tenenbaums 2002,  R)
The Royal Tenenbaums
Gene Hackman really steals the show in this great film. It's probably Anderson's weakest film to date as it does meander towards the end, but its still brilliant. Anderson knows how to get the best out of his cast!
Behind Enemy Lines 2001,  PG-13)
Behind Enemy Lines
A below average action film with a very unconvincing performance by Owen.
Runaway Jury 2003,  PG-13)
Runaway Jury
Not a bad idea for a film, the plan goes a little too well to be taken seriously though! Great to see Hackman and Hoffman acting against each other for the first time!
Welcome To Mooseport 2004,  PG-13)

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