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80's comedy

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Ferris Bueller's Day Off 1986,  PG-13)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Ferris Bueller, you're my hero! I fucking love this movie!
Ghostbusters 1984,  PG)
If u are too young to remember here it is, 1984 was all about MTV and this movie. It's the only movie i remember seeing in an indoor theatre with my dad and i made a pretty good living in the fifth grade selling ghostbuster t-shirts. PS Don't cross streams.
Bachelor Party 1984,  R)
Bachelor Party
This movie makes American Pie look like a disney movie. If u have a taste for low-brow humour this is a movie u must watch. It pulls out all the stops; hookers, tranvestites, drugs, full frontal nudity(the first I ever saw at the tender age of 12), penis hotdogs, beastiality in the form of a coke snorting sex donkey and good ol' Tom Hanks.
Better Off Dead 1985,  PG)
Better Off Dead
Better known counterpart to the equally funny One Crazy Summer. Savage Steve Hollands take on ski movies, sort of. Watch for the guy who played Porky.
Teen Wolf 1985,  PG)
Teen Wolf
Enjoyable 80s coming of age comedy/werewolf flick. Van surfing, a guy named Styles, wolfman dance moves and appartently one of the extras showing off his penis in the last scene(I'll have to confirm that) makes for an alright 90 or so minutes.
UHF 1989,  PG)
SUPPLIES! This movie is a perfect fit for Weird Als brand of humour. Look for a pre-Seinfeld Micheal Richards playing a goofy janitor that is nothing like Kramer I repeat nothing like Kramer.
The Great Outdoors 1988,  PG)
The Great Outdoors
When you mix the comedic talents of John Hughes, John Candy and Dan Aykroyd how can u go wrong. Although a little sappy at times still a classic 80's comedy.
Revenge of the Nerds 1984,  R)
Revenge of the Nerds
Saw this at the drive-in with my fam when I was a kid, Mom made me close my eyes during the dirty parts. One of great collage sex comedies of all time.
One Crazy Summer 1986,  PG)
One Crazy Summer
One of the few movies I saw in theatre when i was a kid, laughed my ass off, still do! Features Savage Steve Hollands wacky brand of humour & lots of 80s stars.
Beetlejuice 1988,  PG)
Fast Times At Ridgemont High 1982,  R)
The Blues Brothers 1980,  R)
The Blues Brothers
My fav snl movie it has it all, great comedic performances, great music, great car chases plus it has both country AND western music.
Sixteen Candles 1984,  PG)
Airplane! 1980,  PG)
The tagline "One of the top ten funniest movies ever made!" isn't bullshit for once.
Airplane 2 - The Sequel 1982,  PG)
Pee-wee's Big Adventure 1985,  PG)
Twins 1988,  PG)
Summer School 1987,  PG-13)
Born in East L.A. 1987,  R)
Back to the Beach 1987,  PG)
Back to the Beach
Its 1987 and about time for Frankie and Annette to re-visit their old stomping grounds with their kids in tow. This could have been a disaster but instead turns out to be witty and fun, actually better than the original series. Although it doesn't hurt to have seen a Frankie and Annette feature before it isn't necessary as this one stands alone very well. WATCH FOR: a whole bunch of cameos by 60s and 80s stars including a performance by one of the greatest bands ever Fishbone.
The Naked Gun - From the Files of Police Squad! 1988,  PG-13)
Funny Farm 1988,  PG)
Funny Farm
Lamb Fries anyone? Chevy doing what he does best, playing a loveable idealistic goof-ball fish-out-of-water. This is a comedy classic that is even funnier if you're from a back-water town like I am.
Coming to America 1988,  R)
Short Circuit 1986,  PG)
Hiding Out 1987,  PG-13)
Ernest Goes to Camp 1987,  PG)
Ernest Goes to Camp
Though no where close to the genius of Pee Wee's Big Adventure Ernest ,who was also an 80s icon, manages to bring us a pretty good movie. NOTE: Was Ernest a pyromaniac? I've always wondered.
Overboard 1987,  PG)
I know it's not very manly to say so but this is one of my favourite romantic comedys of all time.
Three Amigos! 1986,  PG)
Summer Rental 1985,  PG)
Summer Rental
Another John Candy classic that i watch over and over.
Just One of the Guys 1985,  PG-13)
Trading Places 1983,  R)
Trading Places
Two comedic giants at the top of their game plus it's directed by John Landis. Wow.
Can't Buy Me Love 1987,  PG-13)
Club Paradise 1986,  PG-13)
Club Paradise
Great comedy starring Robin Williams, Peter O'Toole, reggae god Jimmy Cliff and half the cast of SCTV.
Stripes 1981,  R)
Short Circuit 2 1988,  PG)
Midnight Madness 1980,  PG)
Midnight Madness
I really like this movie, I saw it on the disney channel when I was a kid and have loved it ever since. Its alot like Mad Mad Mad Mad world and Cannonball Run only it's college kids on scavenger hunt. Personally I was really disappointed to get all the way to college only to find there were no scavenger hunts, could be why I dropped out. ADDED BONUS: the almighty Eddie Deezen co-stars.
Innerspace 1987,  PG)
Imagine being trapped inside the body of Martin Short ahhhhhhhhhh! The horror! The horror! LOL just kidding this isn't a horror movie, it's a funny movie, Short and Quaid played off each other very well.
Ghostbusters 2 1989,  PG)
Ghostbusters 2
An ok sequel to an 80's mega classic.

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