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All the films I have seen from 2010.

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The Social Network 2010,  PG-13)
The Social Network
Wow!! This film is absolutely perfect! There are so few words to describe the brilliance of this film. The Social Network is a film that defines a generation; it is so real, smart, fresh....truly a product of it's time!

I was so hesitant as to whether or not the hype about this film was real. I mean, Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, and Brenda Song in an Academy Award caliber film....? I simply did not see it. As more Oscar buzz and Best Picture awards began to pile up, I almost did not want to see it. I hoped that I wouldn't like it. I gave this film a shot.... I LOVED IT!

I have to mention the script. Basically, there is no way to describe the perfection of Aaron Sorkin's writing. So modern, real, powerful, fresh, smart.....it truly is an outstanding script with each line and phrase packing such a touching feel to it. I also love the way it shows of the culture and society's impact on our language. It's a great depiction of the times we live in. It is no surprise that it has nearly swept this category at award shows. It soon will receive an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. Simply phenomenal screenplay!

The cinematography is stunning also. The scenery, setting, locations. Perfect. I also love that Fincher included the usual darkness that seems to dominate his films. Very appealing.

The score is perfect also. So modern, fresh, and catchy. Again, a great depiction of the times we live in. Love it!

The acting is simply outstanding. Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Armie Hammer, Rashida Jones, Rooney Mara.....the cast is simply stunning. Each character delivers a great performance that adds a great deal of emotion to the relative Oops!


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