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All the films I have seen from 2001.

**** Memento (2002 Academy Award Nominee). ****

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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2001,  PG-13)
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
My personal favorite of the trilogy! A true masterpiece of a film. The pacing of this film is simply unreal. It's the best 2.5 hour experience available. It is developed brilliantly as we take in the beautiful scenery, story, and meet the characters. As a huge fan of the books, the characters were spot on from the book. Peter Jackson brilliantly selected every cast member perfectly. Gandalf, Frodo, Aragorn, Sam, Gimli, Merry, Pippin...they were all just as I had imagined them. The awesome ensemble cast from the large roles to the small roles were great. Ian McKellan and Elijah Wood in particular. The strong supporting cast, a cast of relatively unknown actors at the time, also gave good performances.
This is an masterpiece. Every second is simply golden. One of my all time favorite films. Definitely worthy of every praise it recieved! Absolutely love it!
Memento 2000,  R)
Complex in its simplicity, Memento is one of the most tense, intriguing, and involving thrillers ever made. The film features an amazing screenplay bolstered by some fantastic editing choices. A masterpiece from genius Christopher Nolan. One of my all-time favorite films, and one of the best films of the 2000s.
Amélie 2001,  R)
A great little film about life and the little things that make it special. This movie is so clever, creative, and quirky. Audrey Tautou is so perfect. A great film!
Mulholland Drive 2001,  R)
Mulholland Drive
What the heck just happened?
Spirited Away 2001,  PG)
Spirited Away
Stunning film. Magical experience captured by some beautiful animation. I really liked the film despite the main character being a bit irritating.
Moulin Rouge! 2001,  PG-13)
Moulin Rouge!
Finally got a chance to rewatch this, and I loved it even more this time. What a film! No director has a signature touch like Baz Luhrmann, and Moulin Rouge! lives up to that with it's grand scale, elaborate sets, glamorous costumes, and unique music. Kidman and McGregor both give great performances; Kidman deserved an Oscar for Best Actress but was only nominated. A truly rewarding film experience.
Black Hawk Down 2001,  R)
Black Hawk Down
Excellent, excellent, excellent!

In the same league as Saving Private Ryan, it's that good. BHD is not only one of my favorite war films, but one of my favorite films period!
A Beautiful Mind 2001,  PG-13)
A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful Mind is a beautiful film! There's not much to be said of it really.

The story is excellent, spanning over a period of many years in the life of mentally ill, John Nash, played by Russell Crowe. The plot with the reality and hallucination sequences was extremely affective, and well done. Also, powerful and touching.

The acting is fantastic, both leading and supporting roles alike. Supporting actors Ed Harris, Paul Bettany, Judd Hirsch, and Josh Lucas really give strong performances. Russell Crowe received an Oscar nomination...he gives a great performance, but it was the beautiful and stunning Jennifer Connelly who makes this film. Her performance as Nash's wife, Alicia, is brilliant...one of my favorite supporting performances. She's one of my favorite actresses. She definitely deserved her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Excellent musical score by James Horner!

I think one of the things I liked most about the film is the emotion. Parts of the story are so sad, tragic even. I really felt for the characters and that made all the difference. There are some powerful and emotional scenes in this film.

Even though this film "stole" Best Picture from LotR: The Fellowship of Ring, this is still an excellent, near perfect film. Ron Howard brilliantly directed this movie, and it will most likely remain his very best. Everything about it is excellent...I love this film! I completely recommend this!
Donnie Darko 2001,  R)
Donnie Darko
One of the oddest and weirdest movies I have ever seen. But I love every second of it! Definitely one of my favorites.
The best scene of the entire film and one of my favorite movie scenes ever, the dinner scene....
"You are such a fuckass."
Did you really just call me a fuckass? You can go suck a fuck."
.......What's a fuckass?"
Funniest thing I have ever seen!
Shrek 2001,  PG)
Classic! One of the best non-Pixar Studio animated films, if not the best! I love it!
Monsters, Inc. 2001,  G)
Monsters, Inc.
Another underrated Pixar gem! Monster's Inc. is a brilliant film.
Ocean's Eleven 2001,  PG-13)
In the Bedroom 2001,  R)
In the Bedroom
Fantastically acted. Loved it until the film decided it wanted to be a revenge story. Still a really good film though.
The Others 2001,  PG-13)
The Others
Brilliant film! I won't name the film this reminds me of because that spoil it, those that have seen this probably know the film I'm thinking of, it came out a few years before this; I like The Others more! Don't miss this, it's a must see!

Nicole Kidman gives a flawless performance! 2001 was a great year for her. She really elevates this film.
Gosford Park 2001,  R)
Gosford Park
Excellent movie! One of the best period pieces I've seen in a while.

One of the best and most noticeable features of this film is great cast. There are so many big names in this film, British names to be specific...in fact basically every English actor is in this. With this in mind, I had high expectations. The cast delivered. This film is wonderfully acted, with excellent performances from everyone, especially Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Kristen Scott Thomas, and Emily Watson.

Another thing that really stuck out to me was how solid of a period piece this is. The film studies the British class system of the 1930's, and I really felt like I was therein the era. The sets were all stunning and elaborate, as were the wonderful costumes and props. Everything about the appearance of the film was top-notch. An extremely well made film.

Also the script was great...very powerful and effective. It deserved its Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. The story that went along with that was also great. The film is slow, but it does eventually lead of to a murder. This is the main focus of the film, but at the same time it emphasizes the entangled relationships of everyone in the house. I think that's the reason this film succeeds.

Overall, I think this is a great film. Nominated for 7 Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director, this is a must-see film!
Training Day 2001,  R)
Training Day
A really good movie, very intense and action-packed. Great performance by Denzel Washington. Also, I really enjoyed Ethan Hawke's performance as well. They really complimented each other nicely. I recommend this movie!
A.I. Artificial Intelligence 2001,  PG-13)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 2001,  PG)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
A little lighter than the later (and superior) films, but this was a great entry for the franchise. Pure magical fun!
Monster's Ball 2001,  R)
Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius 2001,  G)
Legally Blonde 2001,  PG-13)
Rat Race 2001,  PG-13)
Rat Race
Hilarious! Everyone should experience this movie at least once!
Zoolander 2001,  PG-13)
Spy Kids 2001,  PG)
The Hole 2001,  R)
The Hole
I liked it a lot. An original teen thriller that is surprisingly well acted and decently written, making it a highly entertaining experience. I recommend it.
American Pie 2 2001,  R)
The Princess Diaries 2001,  G)
The Fast and the Furious 2001,  PG-13)
Atlantis - The Lost Empire 2001,  PG)
John Q 2002,  PG-13)
I Am Sam 2001,  PG-13)
Shallow Hal 2001,  PG-13)
Shallow Hal
It's amazing how much better a romantic comedy can be when you actually care for the leads. SHALLOW HAL is not a great movie, but thanks to its strong message and likable characters, it is able to transcend a few of its problems and work.
Pearl Harbor 2001,  PG-13)
Pearl Harbor
An okay film! The love story adds nothing whatsoever, but the battle sequences are stunning. It's disappointing because scenes like that deserve to be in a better film.
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider 2001,  PG-13)
Planet of the Apes 2001,  PG-13)
The Mummy Returns 2001,  PG-13)
The Mummy Returns
Still fun, but adding annoying, bratty children is never a good addition to a series.
Cats & Dogs 2001,  PG)
Tortilla Soup 2001,  PG-13)
Jurassic Park III 2001,  PG-13)
Bubble Boy 2001,  PG-13)
Kate & Leopold 2001,  PG-13)
The Wedding Planner 2001,  PG-13)
Osmosis Jones 2001,  PG)
America's Sweethearts 2001,  PG-13)
Save the Last Dance 2001,  PG-13)
Jeepers Creepers 2001,  R)
Jeepers Creepers
Started off quite nicely actually, but about a third of the way through it drops off dramatically. Dreadful script, annoying characters, and a weak ending...Not the worst movie I've ever seen, there are certainly some things I enjoyed since I did finish the film, but not a good horror film by any means.
Joe Somebody 2001,  PG)
Dr. Dolittle 2 2001,  PG)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer & the Island of Misfit Toys 2001,  Unrated)

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