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For Your Viewing Pleasure: 2010

  1. neverteaseaweasel
  2. Jake

A ton of movies I've came across that will (ideally) be released in 2010

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Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak 2009,  Unrated)
Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak
This was far better than I have would have expected, ever would have guessed, ever would have imagined. Perhaps part of what makes it great is that this comes from the some of the most intersting people of our time. Spike Jonze helms the piece, Catherine Keener makes a brief appearance, Karen O. and Carter Burwell contribute music: in other words, it features the crew from the Wild Things movie. To top it off, Maurice himself is fasinating. By the end of the film, I really felt like I understood. Plus, everything is coming from his own mouth. Unlike other pieces like this, other people are not talking about Sendak, like a eulogy. He speaks for himself. It's a celebration of his life and a celebration of life in general. I'll admit it, I was sobbing by the end, and probably not for entirely justifiable reasons. But, damn, it's beautiful. This grumpy cynic expands upon what made his life worth living and it is not his career or events that are remembered, but the people. What Sendak remembers are cherishes are his friends, his siblings, his lover, his pet. Life itself is not such a grand treat, but it's the people in our lives, the people we care about, the people that influence us, that make it worth living.
Alice in Wonderland 2010,  PG)
Leap Year 2010,  PG)
Leap Year
What? Why so many "Not Interested"s? I'll admit, Leap Year is not the most brilliant thing I have ever seen, but it certainly is not bad. As far as movies of its genre goes I would even say that it is much above average. Its incredibly predictable, but it does not try to hide the fact. It succeeds in being light, charming entertainmentl; So, the fact that is has a poor plot does not seem that terrible. This is a cute and bubbly movie from start to finish, and who could possibly do that better than Amy Adams. In many ways, I would give her the credit for saving the movie. It generally seems like the herione of these types of movies is some kind of a haggard bitch. Well, Adams is not. She is certainly a bit of a self-centered ditz at times, but she is very, very sweet and lovable. Like I said, this is her perfect role. While Leap Year contains hardly any of the elements I would generally look for in a movie, it is light hearthearted and uplifting entertainment. I cannot say that it is great, because it really isn't, but at the same time I am glad to have watched it.
Kick-Ass 2010,  R)
If there were ever a movie that exists soley to prove that the majority is generally wrong, that film would be Kick-Ass. In a nutshell, I simply did not like this movie. Then again, until I started hearing and seeing wonderful things about it, I did not have any desire to see it. It's a bit of a kick in the guts - or in this case, ass - to discover I'm not imune to cultural influence....

The foremost problem with this movie is that I cannot figure out why it was made. There is not any kind of a message or purpose, which is perfectly fine; but neither is there any other noticable goals or purpose. It is crass enough that I do not think it was made exclusively to sell tickets. It seems like that is something that could backfire easily. It doesn't set out to create something new or unique. Unlike The Dark Knight, which defied the boundaries of the genre carrying all the trappings of a top notch thriller; or Watchmen which is entirely singular, dystopian masterpiece, Kick-Ass adds nothing to the realm of superhero movies, or movies in general. The movie is just generic and really a bit on the boring side.

"Kick-Ass" continually states that he is an ordinary guy. If that is case, I"m sort of concerned for average people. To top it off, his narration made me want to close my eyes and scream! Most of the other teen character seem like they are around eleven or twelve. Being generous. The production is just ... tacky. I imagine this was on purpose, but it is still an eye and ear sore. The soundtrack is rather irritating and it just does not blend with the dialog and other sound editing at all. There is not any real kind of style or artistic form, but at the same time the film is not really realistic.

I really, really loath the fact that the film is so consciously "edgy." Everybody cusses like sailors and some gore was thrown in. This is essentially Spiderman raised to a R rating. There is not any heavy thematic material or clever humor or anything else you would think to accociate with a provocative comedy. It obviously intended to be touch in cheek and satirical, but it really does not come out that way. It must be a nightmare for filmmakers to decide what current elements to include in their films. Here we have myspace and youtube, and these superheros pwn; the problem being that, with the exception of Youtube, none of things are really current anymore. Nobody uses myspace, and I haven't heard anyone use the term "pwn" for quite some time now.

Oh god, I"m rambling and complaining so much. There are plenty of people who have and will enjoy this movie. Read their reviews! there really is not reason for all for all this negative bigotry. I can pull out all of these problems from Matthew Vaughn's film, but it's like I've ever created anything better, created anything at all. Overall, I just thought the film was predictable, irritating, and poorly done. It just does not seem like Kick-Ass set out to accomplish much, and it did even meet those goals.

One final note: Chloe Moretz is INCREDIBLE! She was one of the only high points to the film; but I've also always had a soft spot in my heart for 11 year old sadists.
Rabbit Hole 2010,  PG-13)
Rabbit Hole
I love opening scenes. They set the stage for the film and Rabbit Hole shows right from the start that it is something special. We never have this big reveal scene. 'Well, you see our son died. So, we're sad.' Any other film would open with a montage of the parent's favorite memories or the accident itself. Here the film just starts and it is what it is. Anything that's happened is revealed piece by piece and it's mostly up to the viewer to connect and interpret things as they will; everything is simply implied. All of these implications of what 'might be', what the possible motive and feelings behind every word and action are, is what makes the film so intoxicating. Even once the film is over, there are some things that just are left unanswered; the question that needs to be asked is 'do any of them really matter?' These are truly great characters and their lives move on before and after the runtime of the film. We simply see a small slice of their world as everything starts to boil over. Plus the screenplay is really sharp and dryly funny, yet still completely human and heartbreaking. It's not so much that if you person A you would respond this way, or if you person type B, you'd respond like this. These are individuals and they cope is the way that they need to cope; they're people not some kind of archetype of a grieving couple. The thing is, this way it's actually rather moving and convincing.
Gnomeo and Juliet 2011,  G)
Gulliver's Travels 2010,  PG)


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