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  1. worleyjamers
  2. Jameson

All the films I have seen from 1994.

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The Shawshank Redemption 1994,  R)
The Shawshank Redemption
Outstanding! Brilliant! One of the best!
1994 will definitely reign as one of the strongest years for cinema during past few decades. Pulp Fiction, Shawshank, Forrest was up against some brilliant films. But this film is very special. It's touching unlike so many other films. With themes of hope, friendship, and courage, this film will touch me more and more no matter how many times I watch it.
Strong performances, again, by Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins. Great, incredible, brilliant, masterpiece of a film!
Pulp Fiction 1994,  R)
Pulp Fiction
I love this movie! I was hesitant to watch this film because, honestly, it looked pretty stupid. I was wrong....this is a great film.
The best thing about this movie is the script. It was perfect. Definitely one of the best screenplays ever. Each line was smart, short, affective, and hilarious, but not cheesy. I now know why this film is one of the most quoted films in history. Everything about it sticks with you. A brilliant cast also fuels the great script. My personal favorite cast member was Samuel L. Jackson as Jules. He was hilarious, definitely one of my favorite movie characters of all time.
Great film! Watch it.
Hoop Dreams 1994,  PG-13)
Quiz Show 1994,  PG-13)
Quiz Show
An excellent film! A new favorite of mine. I knew very little about the film, but the title intrigued me...Quiz Show, it sounded interesting, and it really was. The film is about the Twenty-One Quiz Show scandal of the 1950's...i had never heard of the scandals.

The first thing that stood out to me was the great cast. This film is acted to perfection! The whole cast: John Turturro, Rob Morrow, David Paymer, Hank Azaria, all give solid performances...but for me Paul Scofield and Ralph Fiennes were excellent. They really gave a higher level of emotion to the film, the characters felt more real to me. Even when I knew who the bad guys were and I knew that what certain characters were doing was wrong, I still felt for them. The actors also did a great job of portraying the intense conflict that arises from lies and greed. Paul Scofield definitely deserved his Oscar nomination, and I even think Ralph Fiennes was overlooked and deserved a nomination as well; he gives a fantastic performance!

Another thing I loved was the overall feel and atmosphere of the film. The cinematography was excellent; the 1950's atmosphere was very good. The costumes, lighting, props, sets...this film is extremely well done.

Also, the writing and direction is great. Robert Redford is a great director, and he does not dissappoint here...Quiz Show is a near perfect film for me, and this is the second film of his that is among my all-time favorites. As for the script, it was excellent and felt very real. It is well worthy of its Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay!

1994 was such a great year for film...Pulp Fiction, The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, but also Quiz Show! This is a brilliant film that I absolutely recommend it. The cast, script, cinematography, message, conflict, story...everything about it is great! Nominated for 4 Academy Awards, see this movie. I absolutely loved it!
Heavenly Creatures 1994,  R)
Heavenly Creatures
This was great! A devastating, yet utterly beautiful film!

After Peter Jackson's masterpieces, The Lord of the Rings, I became interested in his previous work, especially Heavenly Creatures. I am so glad I finally saw this because it is brilliant. It follows the lives of two girls who develop a close relationship after creating an imaginary world.

The first thing that stood out to me was the acting. This was the debut film for Melanie Lynsky and Kate Winslet, and what a debut it was! They both give phenomenal performances here. Both deserved Oscar nominations for this, and I am surprised not even one of them was nominated. The level of emotion and conflict they show is just unbeleivable, they really make this film as effective as it is. Also, Sarah Peirse gives a fantastic performance as the mother.

The second thing was the direction...Peter Jackson is brilliant! This easily could have been a mess. There were times in the beginning of the film where I kept that thought in the back of my mind, I was like "there's no way anyone could pull this film off, it's crazy!" I was completely wrong. There is so much that needed to be developed...the relationship of the girls, the real world, the fantasy world, the conflict in the parents. But it was all developed, this film is deep. This is the one thing that really made this film work for me.

Another thing that I really liked was how horrific and beautiful the film was. It really blew me away!

A stunning film by director Peter Jackson!
The Lion King 2011,  G)
Four Weddings and a Funeral 1994,  R)
Clerks 1994,  R)
Classic comedy. Amazing dialogue.
Forrest Gump 1994,  PG-13)
Speed 1994,  R)
Ed Wood 1994,  R)
True Lies 1994,  R)
True Lies
A really good action movie that's also funny. One of Arnie's better films even if the finale is over-the-top.
Little Women 1994,  PG)
The Santa Clause 1994,  PG)
Dumb and Dumber 1994,  PG-13)
Dumb and Dumber
A great comedy movie! Absolutely hilarious, I laughed throughout the entire film. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are perfect, and even more so together. Overall, this is a very good movie. Funny and stupid, but never silly and annoying. I think everyone should see this one at least once. So many great oneliners..."nice hooters you got there." Love it!
The Mask 1994,  PG-13)
The Mask
A really great performance from Jim Carrey; he works his comedic genius and really makes The Mask an entertaining film.
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 1993,  PG-13)
Miracle on 34th Street 1994,  PG)
Little Giants 1994,  PG)
The Little Rascals 1994,  PG)
Angels in the Outfield 1994,  PG)
Junior 1994,  PG-13)
Blown Away 1994,  R)
Blown Away
I wasn't blown away by BLOWN AWAY.
The Flintstones 1994,  PG)

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