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Le Voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon) 1999,  Unrated)
Le Voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon)
A superb imaginative short film. Considering the time period and what methods there were to create special effects it's damn well done.
The Birth of a Nation 1915,  G)
The Birth of a Nation
Although it has a teeth-grinding message about the heroism of the Ku Klux Klan, there's no denying that it's wonderful technically. Dramatic close-ups and epic battles take turns and everything just kept me gripped in front of the screen. It's a shame that that technicality went into a morally dubious film.
Les Vampires 1915,  Unrated)
Les Vampires
Kind of a surreal story about a gang of criminals. Fun to watch and although the episodes vary in length I was still glued to the screen waiting what would happen to the sneaky vampires and their arch enemy.
Broken Blossoms 1919,  Unrated)
Broken Blossoms
Superb acting from Lillian Gish, I'm beginning to understand why she is so loved. Heartbreaking story and nice camera work occasionally, but otherwise it left me afeeling that it might be a bit overrated. Still, only a little.
Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari. (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) 1920,  Unrated)
Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari. (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari)
For once the plot made me pleasantly confused. And it was overall pretty ahead of its time so kudos for that. [edit] I watched it again recently and liked it even more. You know what they say: it takes time to fall in love to great masterpieces (or something like that).
Dr. Mabuse the Gambler (Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler - Ein Bild der Zeit) (Dr. Mabuse, King of Crime) 1922,  Unrated)
Dr. Mabuse the Gambler (Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler - Ein Bild der Zeit) (Dr. Mabuse, King of Crime)
Expressionism is seen in the set design (the story itself is quite realistic) and in many ways it has features from other German horror movies (Der Golem, Caligari, Faust etc.). Because the movie is over four hours long I couldn't watch it in one sitting, I'm sure you understand :) However, the social commentary and some of the special effects are quite impressive, very Fritz Lang. He also said that Mabuse himself isn't an image of a dictator but more like a superhuman with an endless desire for power.
Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (The Witches) (Haxan) 1929,  Unrated)
Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (The Witches) (Haxan)
Uses different methods wonderfully to present the case. Kind of a dramatized history document. Some scenes are creepy even by today's standards and the Moonlight Sonata in the end was heart breaking. Probably because even today people are able to be such fucking idiots.
Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror (Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens) (Nosferatu the Vampire) 1922,  Unrated)
Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror (Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens) (Nosferatu the Vampire)
What can I say? Visually fantastic and has one of the most legendary ending scenes of cinematic history.
The General 1927,  Unrated)
The General
Basically a continuing set of gags that made me giggle almost throughout the whole movie. I love that they were closely together with the plot instead of just separate funny scenes.
The Jazz Singer 1927,  Unrated)
The Jazz Singer
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans 1927,  Unrated)
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
Not the greatest silent film but it deserves all other credit for its visually beautiful look and the making of the old adultery theme more captivating.
The Unknown 1927,  Unrated)
The Unknown
Slightly better than Freaks, mostly because Chaney's performance is chilling and the score couldn't be better.
The Passion of Joan of Arc (La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc) 1928,  Unrated)
The Passion of Joan of Arc (La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc)
Stark, emotionally draining and surprisingly graphic. The music fits perfectly and the simplicity affects you more than you would think. Lots of close ups bring the viewer to the heart of pressing atmosphere.
Pandora's Box 1929,  Unrated)
Pandora's Box
Just what I expected. Brooks's performance is amazing as a seductress and it's obvious why the movie became controversial.
Dracula 1931,  Unrated)
A bit typically cliched Hollywood flick but I like all the shadows and fairly artistic moments.
Frankenstein 1931,  Unrated)
In many ways more interesting than Dracula by Universal. Ironically, Frankenstein is my least favourite classic horror story.
M 1931,  Unrated)
An excellent portrayal of both the murderer's mind and the mob's reaction to the horrible events. Hauntingly beautiful camera work and Peter Lorre is amazing.
Freaks 1932,  Unrated)
A little predictable but it's still unique (at least at that time's point of view) and slightly creepy, especially towards the end.
Vampyr - Der Traum des Allan Grey 1932,  Unrated)
Vampyr - Der Traum des Allan Grey
Kind of surrealistic atmosphere. Excellent directing and beautiful scenes.
Bitter Tea of General Yen 1933,  Unrated)
Bitter Tea of General Yen
If you get past the "why did they choose a white man who doesn't even look like Chinese over an actual Chinese man" it's quite enjoyable.
It Happened One Night 1934,  Unrated)
It Happened One Night
I had a funny feeling I've seen all this before... Well, I usually don't care about romantic comedies but this was alright.
The 39 Steps 1935,  PG)
The 39 Steps
Definitely one of the better Hitchcock movies. Full of suspense and even a little funny at times.
The Bride of Frankenstein 1935,  Unrated)
The Bride of Frankenstein
The Carmilla thing she was trying to pull off didn't work for me. Still, pretty good for a sequel.
Camille 1936,  Unrated)
Quite good adaptation of the book but the story almost lost its appeal. Garbo wasn't exactly what I visioned Camille would be, Robert Taylor was perfect.
Modern Times 1936,  G)
Modern Times
I liked this one more than The Dictator. Really funny, even mom watched it again with me. And it depicts the modern times pretty well, too.
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1936,  Unrated)
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
Aw, Cooper was adorable! The court scene is priceless. Capra turns a serious business into a hoot!
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937,  G)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Lovely, and also I was pleasantly surprised about the darkness in some parts of the movie. One of the best Disney movies.
The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938,  PG)
The Adventures of Robin Hood
Saw it when I was 8 for the first time and later I got a chance to watch it again. Really enjoyable and fun.
Gone With the Wind 1939,  G)
Gone With the Wind
Highly overrated in my opinion. Scarlett almost made me tear my hair off. I can't believe she's so selfish and irritating.
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939,  Unrated)
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Capra convincingly reminds us about the true purpose of politics. Although Mr. Deeds is more approachable and entertaining, this isn't such a bad one either.
Wuthering Heights 1939,  G)
Wuthering Heights
The more time goes by the more I think this version is too sappy. Sure, the two lovers were meant to be together but why put aside the cruelty of Heathcliff. Too tame...
The Bank Dick 1940,  Unrated)
The Bank Dick
The car chase scene was the best, it just made me laugh so hard from start to finish.
Pinocchio 1940,  G)
Wonderful story for children that teaches them about conscience etc.
Rebecca 1940,  Unrated)
I didn't care about the second half in the book either but this is a good adaptation despite all the changes. Fantastic acting, especially by Olivier.
Dumbo 1941,  G)
Sorry, but a flying elephant isn't really my thing.
Cat People 1942,  R)
Cat People
I adored the subtleness and the play with shadows. Excellent eerie film noir.
Casablanca 1943,  PG)
I can see why this is a classic. I mean, everyone knows the line "we'll always have Paris" but I don't understand why this is so worshipped. Sure, it's a good movie but there are dozens of better love stories.
Shadow of a Doubt 1943,  PG)
Shadow of a Doubt
A more subtle thriller and I actually preferred this over some more action packed one. The moments of doubt are depicted well and the atmosphere when a murderer comes into a small town.
Gaslight 1944,  PG)
Great atmosphere, I just loved all the shadows in the walls and the way it was filmed. Things were explained a bit too much for my taste, though.
Beauty and The Beast (La Belle et la bête) 1946,  Unrated)
Beauty and The Beast (La Belle et la bête)
Sure, it has some unintentionally comical parts but it's also wonderfully dream-like. Big screen does it most justice, afterwards you think you've dreamt the whole thing. Besides, I prefer this kind of version of Beauty and the Beast (father stealing a rose etc).
Gilda 1946,  PG)
Rita is definitely a beauty though still not my favourites. The ending is slightly disappointing but there are some beautiful shots and until Ballin disappears it's really interesting with its underlying eroticism.
It's a Wonderful Life 1946,  PG)
It's a Wonderful Life
A rare classic which makes you think about your life. Beautiful.
Notorious 1946,  Unrated)
Adam's Rib 1949,  Unrated)
Adam's Rib
The final court scene is the best part but without the charisma and chemistry of Hepburn and Tracy it would lose over half of its value.
The Third Man 1949,  Unrated)
The Third Man
First of all, that little smirk on Welles's face is magnetic. I couldn't help myself, my lips just turned upwards. What comes to the movie... Fantastic. Great camera work, great characters and really entertaining.
Sunset Boulevard 1950,  Unrated)
Sunset Boulevard
The appearance of real silent movie stars is always unforgettable. This was a different film noir, more of my taste. Intense and dramatic with great performances.
Strangers on a Train 1951,  PG)
Strangers on a Train
Couple of thoughts about the credibility of the plot came to my mind but I enjoyed it. The end with the carousel crash is great and the murder scene is very well done.
A Streetcar Named Desire 1951,  PG)
A Streetcar Named Desire
Oh yes. Brando's performance is intense (comparing to Leigh who managed to irritate me, I guess her style wasn't my cup of tea) and everything just kept me wide awake and glued to the screen. Heat makes everybody crazy ;P
The Big Heat 1953,  PG)
The Big Heat
Although not as great as other Lang films I've seen so far, it's a pretty good noir about a cynical world where happy endings are a rarity.
From Here to Eternity 1953,  G)
From Here to Eternity
Soap opera set in the military. That's about it, two men and their women plus a side plot with Sinatra.
Rear Window 1954,  PG)
Rear Window
Classic thriller makes you hooked and create different theories.
La Strada (The Road) 1954,  PG)
La Strada (The Road)
My heart sank at the end. A beautiful and simple story with so many wonderful scenes, most favourites are with Basehart.
Kiss Me Deadly 1955,  Unrated)
Kiss Me Deadly
Loved the ending. It kind of knocks you down because otherwise the movie is a pretty conventional detective story. Also, the beginning is wonderful both visually and for its atmosphere.
The Seventh Seal (Det Sjunde inseglet) 1957,  Unrated)
The Seventh Seal (Det Sjunde inseglet)
Amazing camera work. The ending where some of the characters face their destiny is crushing, but somehow right at the end it turns a little lighter. That is the key here. There's fear of death of which all try to cope in their own way, but at the same time strawberries and milk along with warm sun and singing birds make fears, doubts and sorrow thin and meaningless. Let's not forget the humour, too. The scene where Death is sawing a tree under one of the characters is hilarious. There's just bubbly laughter and a comforting blue sky always present in the background, despite some intense scenes of cynicism and despair. I shall remember this moment: the silence, the twilight, the bowl of strawberries, the bowl of milk. Your faces in the evening light. Mikael asleep, Jof with his lyre. I shall try to remember our talk. I shall carry this memory carefully in my hands as if it were a bowl brimful of fresh milk. It will be a sign to me, and a great sufficiency.
Sweet Smell of Success 1957,  Unrated)
Sweet Smell of Success
Sharp and cynical. Curtis and Lancaster are a great pair as two people whose plotting is starting to turn against them.
North by Northwest 1959,  Unrated)
North by Northwest
For some reason I found this one really slow. Grant was, of course, superb as usual but the movie was generic and not as good as I expected.
The 400 Blows (Les Quatre cents coups) 1959,  Unrated)
The 400 Blows (Les Quatre cents coups)
Feels surprisingly modern because of its subject. The story is moving and poignant.
Some Like It Hot 1959,  Unrated)
Some Like It Hot
Why haven't I seen this before? It was hilarious and the ending scene just cracked me up. Truly one of the best comedies and which deserves the title "favourite movie".
West Side Story 1961,  PG)
West Side Story
Sondheim's musicals are the worst I've ever seen. The music isn't catching except in this one. I'm much more into dramatic scenes.
The Birds 1963,  PG-13)
The Birds
The ending left the viewer masterfully confused and standing on nothing. Some of the action scenes are dragging a bit in a weird way.
The Haunting 1963,  G)
The Haunting
Some of the details from the book were changed but the main purpose stayed brilliantly intact: psychological horror and oppressing atmosphere.
The Sound of Music 1965,  G)
The Sound of Music
Catching songs with breathtaking scenery.
The Graduate 1967,  PG)
The Graduate
Camera work was wonderful at times, nice use of music... Otherwise I was kind of disappointed. Overrated?
The Jungle Book 1967,  PG)
The Jungle Book
Have never gotten into this one. May consider reading the book.
Night of the Living Dead 1968,  R)
Night of the Living Dead
Creepier than I anticipated. The gore was tastefully done with the help of beautiful black and white cinematography. It's also interesting to compare this to its historical context. Beats by far the modern "scream stupidly and run where you're not supposed to" horror.

The following might contain a spoiler, depends how you see it.

In my cinema course we were actually challenged to find a horror movie where a black or a person of some minority group does not die first. Well, I think I found one. And from the 1960s, who would have thought? Bravo, Romero!
Planet of the Apes 1968,  G)
Planet of the Apes
Saw this when I was a kid and visitign my grandmother. At that point it was entertaining but I don't know what would happen if I saw it now.
Easy Rider 1969,  R)
Easy Rider
I've clearly been watching the wrong kind of road movies. I mean, the acid trip is both beautiful and weird, probably the best thing in the movie. Everything else is shot beautifull, too, and acting is quite good. And the ending... Oh boy...
Midnight Cowboy 1969,  R)
Midnight Cowboy
You know, when I heard about this I somehow knew I would love everything in it. But no, I was a little disappointed. It had so much potential to develop the story of the two friends even further but before there starts to be something great it collapses and the movie is over.
Shaft 1971,  R)
The song in the beginning is ridiculous and some parts are sleazy and laughable but I do understand very well why this was popular in the 70s. John Shaft is probably cooler than lot of white detectives.
Cabaret 1972,  PG)
Musical numbers were the highlights although I didn't really care about them that much either. It was overall a bit disappointing, I think I was just expecting something more grand, idk.
The Godfather 1972,  R)
The Godfather
Said to be the ultimate guy movie, I as a girl enjoyed this tremendously. It was the whole 1940s Italian-American Mafia thing that has always been alluring to me. Now that I finally saw this I can say it was well worth it, I love Pacino even more. The story flows beautifully and the music is legendary.
The Exorcist 1973,  R)
The Exorcist
Entertained and horrified me enough to consider it as a classic.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974,  R)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Sick and disturbing. Yet it is way superior to modern slashers. I actually don't care about slashers at all, watching people cutting each other to pieces is horrible but what is even more horrifying is the utter stupidity of the characters. At some point you, disturbingly, want everyone dead because they just don't deserve anything else. There was some of that here but not as much as I thought. Also, it shows the gore a lot less which is very effective, creating a pressing atmosphere. Human's own imagination is the worst, just think about the meat hook scene. Finally, that last scene is legendary. So macabrely beautiful.
Dog Day Afternoon 1975,  R)
Dog Day Afternoon
Pacino basically leads the whole show and the look on his face during the ending scene just shows exactly why he's amazing. The movie is based on a true story but it's a little misleading because the events didn't occur exactly the way they are described and whereas you begin to feel sorry for "Sonny" the real John seemed a really demanding, difficult and unpleasant personality.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975,  R)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Not for everyone's sense of humour but I just love it. Hilarious and good music.
Solyaris (Solaris) 1976,  PG)
Solyaris (Solaris)
What may be mistaken as a romantic story is actually a poetic study of what it means to be human. I've grown more patient with slow films, and I have to say this rewarded my patience. If we ignore the slightly too long car scene I loved the lingering atmosphere. May require a second viewing (although that won't help in decyphering the strange ending) but definitely demands full focus and diving into the midst of the beautiful set design.
The Hills Have Eyes 1977,  R)
The Hills Have Eyes
I liked the symbolism of the crucifixion scene but that's about it. At least now I'm sure Wes Craven is not my thing. Besides, that blonde girl just gave me a headache.
Grease 1978,  PG)
The music is fairly good but this presents the 60s as brainless. At least that's the impression I got.
Halloween 1978,  R)
I fail to grasp the appeal. There's a couple of neat scenes with great photographic value but otherwise it's just horribly slow and predictable. Michael Myers is eerily calm when he's sneaking around slowly.
Alien 1979,  R)
Basic action movie with some great scenes but very little actual acting.
All That Jazz 1979,  R)
All That Jazz
Some of the scenes dragged a bit too much but I love the fact that it was a darker musical. Though music wise I didn't find it very appealing.
Kramer vs. Kramer 1979,  PG)
Kramer vs. Kramer
Very balanced and touching movie about family relationships.
Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (Nosferatu the Vampyre) 1979,  PG)
Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (Nosferatu the Vampyre)
Lingering atmosphere and creepy faces. Doesn't outdo the original but a fine tribute nevertheless.
The Elephant Man 1980,  PG)
The Elephant Man
A study on different exploitations but the real John Merrick's life wasn't exactly what this movie portrays it to be. Despite the taking of liberties it's wonderfully subtle image of a man who just happens to look different and what is sadly the first thing people see.
The Shining 1980,  R)
The Shining
Freaky and a lot scarier if you watch this before you read the book. It's the score that makes it so crazy and demented (and Nicholson's staring).
Blade Runner 1982,  R)
Blade Runner
The visual look is stunning and it's probably the first science fiction film I truly enjoyed. Quite amazing story as well, it has so many layers.
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 1982,  PG)
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Beautiful story that can well adapted to real life and think about our prejudices.
Tootsie 1982,  PG)
Not very convincing but surely gives plenty of good laughs.
Amadeus 1984,  R)
Makes me cry and makes me laugh. The ending combined with the genius's music drains my tear channels.
Beverly Hills Cop 1984,  R)
Beverly Hills Cop
Murphy's talents in comedy are better than his action skills.
Ghostbusters 1984,  PG)
Made me laugh so many times. A classic.
A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984,  R)
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Oh Wes Craven... What can you do, I just can't get into your films. I mean, even the little girls going on about the Freddy Krueger song creeped me out more than the man itself. Sure, the kiling scenes were kind of different than what they usually are, but I couldn't even see why it would be visually fascinating to people.
Back to the Future 1985,  PG)
Back to the Future
I guess it's worth the watch but only once.
The Breakfast Club 1985,  R)
The Breakfast Club
Gathering of the most typical stereotypes of high school life turns into good acting but not very moving.
Out of Africa 1985,  PG)
Out of Africa
Sad, yes. It just didn't make me as moved or as interested in her as it could have.
Stand by Me 1986,  R)
Stand by Me
I'm not usually a fan of these movie types but gotta love this one. Great story about coming of age.
Good Morning, Vietnam 1987,  R)
Good Morning, Vietnam
Robin Williams at his best even if he's also serious in this one. Excellent story.
Wings of Desire 1987,  PG-13)
Wings of Desire
If I ever see this again I'm sure I will like it even more. The arthouse style is not that familiar to me so it took some time to get used to the pacing and style. The only thing that bothered me was Marion's monologue in the end. Seemed misplaced a bit.
Moonstruck 1987,  PG)
A really down to earth movie with great dialogue and characters.
The Princess Bride 1987,  PG)
The Princess Bride
Romantic fairytale with funny characters. I was completely in love with Westley when I was twelve. Maybe I still am ;)
Raising Arizona 1987,  PG-13)
Raising Arizona
Just simply hilarious. One of the few movies I really like Nicolas Cage in.
A Fish Called Wanda 1988,  R)
A Fish Called Wanda
Outstanding comedy and great actors.
The Naked Gun - From the Files of Police Squad! 1988,  PG-13)
The Naked Gun - From the Files of Police Squad!
Well, it was pretty funny. We used to watch Nielsen's movies with mom and roll our eyes for all the goofiness.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1988,  PG)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Nicely put together combining animation and real world.
Batman 1989,  PG-13)
Wonderfully dark and actors really made the characters come alive.
Do the Right Thing 1989,  R)
Do the Right Thing
The message is pretty obvious with all its preachiness. I mean, if you really don't know after a couple of minutes what the movie is going to be about then I'm shocked. I did like some of the scenes with their great camera angles and so forth. Without them I probably would have rated this even lower.
Edward Scissorhands 1990,  PG-13)
Edward Scissorhands
Burton has created my nightmare world. Suburbs were a great contrast to Edward but otherwise I wasn't impressed.
Jacob's Ladder 1990,  R)
Jacob's Ladder
Very gripping and interesting. Reality and hallucinations get mixed up and in the end nothing is what it seems.
Pretty Woman 1990,  R)
Pretty Woman
Great contrast between the two worlds pictured to a form of a romantic comedy and how their collisions are not always pretty.
Boyz n the Hood 1991,  R)
Boyz n the Hood
I don't know... Something more raw and real would have worked better, this one was quite obviously a Hollywood movie with its cheesy and sappy background music.
The Silence of the Lambs 1991,  R)
The Silence of the Lambs
Extremely entertaining thriller which I never thought I could say about a movie made from a main stream book.
Thelma & Louise 1991,  R)
Thelma & Louise
A fairly good road movie but maybe a little predictable.
The Crying Game 1992,  R)
The Crying Game
You know, the "twist" was kind of expected. At least I figured it out as soon as I saw Dil. Not perfect but for some reason it held on to me.
Four Weddings and a Funeral 1994,  R)
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Grant's comedy skills are here just beginning to rise but nevertheless made the time pass fairly well.
Groundhog Day 1993,  PG)
Groundhog Day
Overall I don't like repetitive movies that much but this one was fairly good.
Jurassic Park 1993,  PG-13)
Jurassic Park
Offered some fantastic scenes but only few. Otherwise pretty average.
The Piano 1993,  R)
The Piano
No wonder the beach scene is legendary, the cinematography is breathtaking. It just draws you in from the first minute onwards.
Schindler's List 1993,  R)
Schindler's List
Striking story about one man who wanted to save thousands of innocents.
Three Colors: Blue (Trois Couleurs: Bleu) 1993,  R)
Three Colors: Blue (Trois Couleurs: Bleu)
The slowness and the calming nature of the cinematography create a beautiful movie. It deals with loss and learning how to grasp life again.
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert 1994,  R)
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Shiny :P I was pretty horrified when I realised my dvd box has pink glitter linings but - then again - I wouldn't imagine it in any other way :) Wonderful, funny and surprisingly serious road trip movie.
Forrest Gump 1994,  PG-13)
Forrest Gump
A movie about a truly important and inspiring person. Life really is like a box of chocolates.
Heavenly Creatures 1994,  R)
Heavenly Creatures
The beginning drags along quite exhaustingly, after which the horrifying ending comes pretty abruptly. Still, it did get me a bit teary-eyed. These girls were wrapped up in their little fantasy bubble, from where they, as adolescents, unfortunately couldn't see that their parents were only trying to protect them. To know that this is a true story adds up to the lump in your throat during the macabre finale of the girls' friendship. Oh, and one more thing: the other girl is a successful crime writer who still claims to have been only an accomplice. Whatever, woman. I guess your bubble hasn't bursted yet.
Pulp Fiction 1994,  R)
Pulp Fiction
Some of the dialogue and scenes were and funny and brilliant but I fail to see why Tarantino is considered a genius. The allusions (glowing suitcase etc.) filled the whole movie making it look like one big plot device with glued on material from other sources. The editing was a nice idea but hardly revolutionary.
The Shawshank Redemption 1994,  R)
The Shawshank Redemption
The best movie ever made? Hardly, in that sense a bit overrated. It's still great though, I just happen to prefer Green Mile out of the two prison stories.
Babe 1995,  G)
Lovely and sweet animals. I can't say I stayed awake the whole time.
Clueless 1995,  PG-13)
Just another teen movie for me.
Muriel's Wedding 1995,  R)
Muriel's Wedding
Am I the only one who thinks this is overrated? Cute but overrated.
Toy Story 1995,  G)
Toy Story
Talking toys just creep me out.
The English Patient 1996,  R)
The English Patient
Wonderfully epic love story and also remarkable actors. Subplots keep you gripped to the whole redemption of characters.
Independence Day 1996,  PG-13)
Independence Day
Not the best alien movie I've seen. Made the time pass.
Scream 1996,  R)
Blah, just another teen horror flick with a ridiculous plot.
Titanic 1997,  PG-13)
A bit mushy mushy and DiCaprio is again highly unconvincing. Makes me cry so hard every time, though.
There's Something About Mary 1998,  R)
There's Something About Mary
I simply just am not a fan of this kind of humour. I don't think it's funny.
The Matrix 1999,  R)
The Matrix
Execution was good but I generally hate all kinds of futuristic stuff.
The Sixth Sense 1999,  PG-13)
The Sixth Sense
Great twist in the end and definitely the best of all the director's movies. Still I felt like I'd seen it all before as a lot scarier.
Gladiator 2000,  R)
Visually spectacular and the ending took me off guard. Didn't expect it to happen.
Amélie 2001,  R)
I imagined I would like this but I couldn't have been more wrong. At times it's cute and wonderfully quirky but it just somehow disappointed me. But, it's set in Paris so for me it's a good reason to watch something...
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2001,  PG-13)
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
The most boring of the three but it gets around to start properly it's beautiful to watch.
Moulin Rouge! 2001,  PG-13)
Moulin Rouge!
Captures the magical world of Moulin Rouge excellently and takes musicals to a whole new dimension.
The Pianist 2002,  R)
The Pianist
Beautiful story of survival and the horrors of war.
Brokeback Mountain 2005,  R)
Brokeback Mountain
Beautiful story about love, attachment and the fear of being exposed in a world where being different is out of the question and needs to be hidden.
Pan's Labyrinth 2006,  R)
Pan's Labyrinth
Although there were a few scenes that to me seemed a bit cliché-ridden, I can still say I'm glad I finally got around watching this. The violence made me highly uncomfortable (like I predicted, and the reason for endlessly putting it off) but I thoroughly enjoyed the magic aspect. Great visuals made up for the slightly lacking allegory and full union of fairy tale and reality.
La Vie en Rose (La Mome) 2007,  PG-13)
La Vie en Rose (La Mome)
I confess not being familiar with Piaf as a person (though I do like some of her songs) but this made me want to learn more. The way the movie was shot was wonderful because it showed only certain moments of her life but not necessarily the best known. One cleverly shot moment in particular moved me into tears but I don't want to give any spoilers.

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