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  • lar030303
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    Alternative, Indie, Underground Lyricists Part 1. Midwest

    1. Infinito 2017 - very concious, basic style, extremely intelligent
    2. Verbal Kent - awesome style, lyrically entertaining, earned his stripes and respect
    3. The Opus - movie score like instrumentals, deadly collaborations, basic yet dark and compelling
    5. Blueprint - incredible live shows, produces 90% of what he does, powerful delivery
    6. Lord 360 - concept mastery unmatched, extremely aesthetic and poigniant, deep
    7. Qwel - honest and caring of social awareness, incredible lyricism, very good concious of self and what comes out of his mouth.
    8. Matlock - Very entertaining and comedic, soulful down to earth, his evolution over his career has made him a legend
    9. He.llsent - dont judge a book by its cover, he may have a urban voice but a mind of a well traveled prophet of sorts, lyrics and song creation make albums mesh perfectly.
    10. Vakill - genius wordplay, gangster but brilliant, his fanbase spans harvard students to niggas in jail
    posted 11 months ago