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  • Sherremans
    posted by Sherremans

    Need help remembering movie name...!!

    Hello all! I need this movie title for a song in it. Don't remember the actors :(
    A husband and wife are on their way to secluded house and they hit a man on a motorcycle. The guy they hit comes and stays with them, but husband secretly knows him. He met him at a bar and they both went home with the girl that was singing at the bar. The husband ended up killing her and had this whole situation for him being there on the motorcycle. The wife cheats on the husband with this other man. In the end, the husband dies and I'm pretty sure the other man does as well. But it leaves off as a possible imagination that the man (not husband) is in the car with the wife and they had a child together and a great life, then the movie ends. Please please let me know if anyone can guess this movie based off on my short description lol. Thank you guys a lot!!! :)!!
    posted 14 months ago