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  • bloodkingitachi

    New Year New Seasons

    I was out of the anime loop for a long time. I would watch a few on going series here and there but thats about it. I have started watching a few series i think are ok to watch. Here is my list:
    Beelsebub - not totally new but new to me, its similar to konjiki no gash bell, its about some tough guy that goes to an all deliquent school and is now stuck with a demon baby. its comical sometimes boring but sometimes kool. They even pull the Ichigo from bleach scenes as he loses control and goes crazy. Funny.
    Mirai Nikki - ever watched death note? well this is a similar type series, translated its called future diary. A few candidates can see there future and if their future is death what can they do to change it? They try to kill each other to become the new "god". so far i sorta like it its alright.
    Phi brain - Its about solving puzzles. i dont know where this series is heading towards but oddly enough i download every new episode in hopes it will get good. Its Aight
    posted 2 years ago
  • bloodkingitachi
    So i reached some 1000 word limit...
    Toriko - its sort of like One Piece and its weird as its an exageration on the greatness that is the world of food.
    Guilty Crown: A kid that was to deliver a certain power to someone. In crisis and his will to save a girl, he most likely wanted the moment he set his eyes on, he fuses with this "power" and his dull life changes. A past he cannot remember and a future he will need to take control of is what awaits him. I started really liking this series but still i am undecided if i will like it later on.
    Nisemonogatari - I have no idea yet what this series is really about. I was about to give up on it.. i believe only 3 episodes are out so far and after the first one i fell asleep on the 2nd episode.. 3rd episode he was chained by his "lover" in order to protect him. His phone vibrates from a text. He asked her to reach into his pocket and show him the text. She did and in that text it said, "help me" it was from his sister. Those chains were instantly broken as he decided no longer time to play games as he was about to leave... more happens which keeps me waiting for next episode heh
    highschool dxd - so far i like it though it almost feels like im watching hentai which for an odd reason makes me feel a bit uncomfortable but i sort of like it anyways.
    In anycase those are a few of the new anime series ive seen. Flixster sure has slowed down a TON lol. hope my horrible grammar didnt drive you up the wall... ce la vie
    posted 2 years ago