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  • mattgwinn
    posted by mattgwinn

    October Horror Movie challenge

    I know it's a little late, but is anyone doing this?
    The challenge is to watch 31 horror movies during the month of October. at least 16 must be first time views. There's still time, I hit 31 at the 15 day mark without much effort. Here's my list

    The Cottage
    Wicked Little Things
    Rammbock: Berlin Undead
    Trick R' Treat
    Dream Home
    Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
    Night of the Demons (2009)
    Night of the Comet
    I saw the Devil
    Phantasm II
    Yellow Brick Road
    The Unnamable
    Diary of the Dead
    Survival of the Dead
    Dead Snow
    The Keep
    ZA: Zombies Anonymous
    Vampires Anonymous
    The Invisible Man
    The Last Man on Earth
    Blood Moon (AKA Wolf Girl)
    Dracula's Daughter
    Lady in White
    Aah! Zombies (aka Wasting Away)
    House of the Fallen
    posted 2 years ago
  • RandomWilder
    posted by RandomWilder
    Cheeto: The Story of Serial Killer Chester Cheetah
    Friday the 18th
    Sleepaway Tramp
    Sleepaway Tramp II: Unhappy Hoes
    A Nightmare on Boner Street
    Child's Play Bongo's Death Rattle
    Pumpkin Heading to Hollywood!
    Jaws of Life: The Patricia Heaton Story
    Cujo vs. Mans Best Friend Ed Gein
    It's A Hellraising Halloween Charlie Brown
    Shutter Island by the Bay of Blood
    Twitch of the Nipple Nerve
    Jeepers Peepers
    Jeepers Peepers Part 2: The Peeper STrikes BAck
    Saw...Something Growing
    Saw...Something Growing Part 2: The Stiff Competition
    Saw...Something Growing Part 3: Shot to the Face
    Saw...Something Growing Part 5: The Angry Ball Sac
    posted 2 years ago