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  • civilzen
    posted by civilzen

    Japan... Cencorship Sucks.

    For those of you that have been fortunate enough to catch your favorite non-licensed anime uncensored in the recent years, it's about to change.

    Japan has issued a new law censoring any and all scenes considered too graphic for general audiences. All is not lost, DVDs will still offer the original unedited content.
    posted 2 years ago
  • yeisonalberto983
    vaya ley ..............deberian inventar algo mejor, el otaku no querria quedarse sin su racion origanal cada semana.
    posted 2 years ago
  • RomeoMonatgue007
    I recently saw this animated movie that wasn't censored.
    I was like
    Fuck, shit, crap, OOOOOMMMMFFF.
    Was so good seeing some pink nippled slut
    having her eyes forked out.
    So good.
    posted 2 years ago