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  • mengx601
    posted by mengx601

    Doctor who is a good show

    I'm sure that was not the only fan who was skeptical that came lanky Matt "Doctor who 1-5 DVD for sale?" Smith (ha! Have you seen what I did there?) Could replace 10 wonderful doctor, played by David Tennant. But we fans have always come to accept the physician's role will change every few years. And in the case of Matt Smith, the paper might be in better hands. But the discount Doctor who 1-5 DVD is not only a new face on the front of the camera, Steven Moffat, writer of today DW classics like "Blink" and "The Girl in the fireplace" took over as showrunner Russell T. Davies. And yet, the program could not be in better hands. Moffat has been very vocal in his reinvention of the series as a sort of dark fairy tale.
    posted 2 years ago