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  • Michaelvoorhees1

    Nickelback are the best band ever

    Enough said. I love them. I have every song they've ever recorded on my ipod. Love all there songs. who agrees?
    posted 3 years ago
  • fashionistagallore
    Well his my favorite band...Chad Kroeger really got a nice rocking voice. I just love him...THIS IS HOW YOU REMIND for me this is my favorite song in my entire life.
    posted 2 years ago
  • TheExistential
    Their old albums were pretty sound but they've lost their touch now.
    posted 2 years ago
  • ch1ckxm4gn3t
    posted by ch1ckxm4gn3t
    i agree. i saw em in concert 2 years ago and omg they kicked ass
    posted 24 months ago
  • SaddamWasInsultedBeforeHeDied
    Are you serious? I mean, you guys seriously thing that Nickelback is the single most original and harmonic rock band the world as ever known. I mean, even though I seriously despise them, I could understand some people arguing about the quality of their music. It's just... it's out of their league. Is Justin Bieber really the greatest pop signer ever? Think About it.

    Ever eared of The Beatles?
    posted 23 months ago