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  • pmpdddy288
    posted by pmpdddy288

    Forbidden World

    Produced by B grade movie producer Roger Corman, Forbidden World was intended to be a rip off of Alien and man what a rip off it was. The story revolved around a bounty hunter and his side kick robot pal who are instantly summoned to this distant planet where scientists are trying to catch this experiment that escaped.

    The experiment is named "Subject 20" and is on the loose around the facility killing off people one by one and uses them as a protein food source in order to live. What really made this film bad was not only the story but also the music,acting,set designs and just the cast as well.What made no sense whatsoever was the inclusion of nudity. Almost every scene that involved sex or just naked women had no meaning to it whatsoever and was just plain out funny.

    I would reccomend this just to the fact that this film is so bad that it's "so bad it's good" meaning just watch it to laugh at.
    posted 3 years ago