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  • akinorikoyama
    posted by akinorikoyama

    Do you still read the paper book or the hardcover ?

    I am getting to but the paper book or the hardcover book. It costs a lot in Japan and after reading them, it need the space. Even if I will sell it at Auction, it is not good price. So I will make the e-book for iPhone. What do you plan to read the book ? Are you keeping on reading the paper book ?
    posted 4 years ago
  • EklektikEyez
    posted by EklektikEyez
    I'm considering getting an e-reader, myself. It's just so much cheaper than paper, more ecologically sound (I think), and since I still don't own my own home I still have to worry about lugging heavy books from apartment to apartment and then finding space for them. I also like the idea that I can take notes on what I read--was trained to do that in high school but I'd rather not write in paper books because of the mess. And then the utility of having all of the books in one place to hop from book to book without lugging a bunch all over creation. I just have to get around to buying one. There are so many out there now I'm not sure which one I should buy. Any suggestions anyone?
    posted 3 years ago
  • amandarent
    posted by amandarent
    I just graduated from college so I need all the money I can get but that doesn't stop me from buying books. I normally buy paperback because I can get them cheaper, but if I lend them out to friends and they break because of cheap binding, I like to replace them with hardcover ones. But I will buy books in any form in which I can share them.
    posted 3 years ago