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  • kamleshrose
    posted by kamleshrose

    impact of computer in globlization

    i wana to dicuss the impact of computer overall human life and its goog effects along with bad so discuss this please
    posted 4 years ago
  • Gx7
    posted by Gx7
    I wonder if this is your assignment for class.

    Its good because a lot of work has been made easier and faster thru computers.
    Bad because humans have become so dependent on technology that theyve somewhat become lazy in so many aspects (mental problem solving, communication like verbally talking instead of SMS-ing or msging, doing actual sports out in the open field instead of WII-ing at home or wherever, etc.)
    Also, theres the negative impact of CRTs and other gadgets to the ozone layer.
    posted 4 years ago
  • vamichael
    posted by vamichael
    it shranks the world..
    posted 4 years ago
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    posted 4 years ago
  • ncew010
    posted by ncew010
    I think globalization is a trend, with computer, it can manage information effectively, can achieve good communication, knowledge and value can be shared, different people with different culture can organize video meeting by net meeting, transacting material is more transparent.
    posted 3 years ago