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  • rubee122
    posted by rubee122

    How does Click Yes works?

    I have been getting several messages from Flixster in my personal email address indicating a particular person who has: Click Yes on You. Then there is a question Do you want to be a movie friend. Yes or No.
    Has anyone been getting these. Know I did click once Yes but I don't see the results from me clicking Yes. I don't even seen it in the Flixster site when I go into it.
    posted 5 years ago
  • FoxyNinjaKitty
    Never heard of it.
    posted 5 years ago
  • ElaineJoy1
    posted by ElaineJoy1
    hey rubee, i've also had a few of those, lol - once you've clicked yes in reply to the person who wants to be your friend, click on the 'meet people' tab - then you are directed to a page with 3 tabs PLAY, YES LIST and MATCHES - if you click on the 'matches' tab you should find your new friend! - hope this helps, enjoy x
    posted 5 years ago
  • Gx7
    posted by Gx7
    A visual representation of what Elaine said: Click on the image to enlarge.
    To find the ones that you clicked yes on, go to the "YES List", its the 2nd tab to the left. ORRR.. If you dont like to receive the email for that "User clicked Yes on you" thinggy, Click here: Meet People Privacy, click I am not listed in Meet People
    posted 5 years ago