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  • PopoInc
    posted by PopoInc

    Hey Experts...

    I'm a bit curious about your wiki medals...

    What was that competition or challenge like?
    I mean... Did they like give you a quiz or something? o_O

    Did you guys get prizes? ;p
    posted 5 years ago
  • chinchu
    posted by chinchu
    Does anybody smell envy???

    posted 5 years ago
  • Gx7
    posted by Gx7
    -yes -Edit off Contest -secret! heheh!! If you behave and lower down your noteriety mebs you can be one, (an Expert on an actor -- as youve been asking on other forums) you oughta be like agent .47 more, *snickers* dont really care who you were on here as before or whatever the hype is abt you, but if you were that e-personage before, youve actually milded down a notch. which is a good thing.. in a ... twisted sort of way... i think... ok nvm Ive gone off topic!
    posted 5 years ago
  • ninjacobra
    posted by ninjacobra
    So, what do I have to do if i want to become one...
    posted 4 years ago
  • liaocookie73
    posted by liaocookie73
    hi hi hi ih ih ih ih ih
    posted 4 years ago