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  • Kikuya
    posted by Kikuya (Moderator)

    The difference between Rugby and American Football?

    REAL MEN don't wear padding and helmets!

    Now proper England Rugby is the real man's sport!!! No padding, no helmets, no shin pads they're just pure beasts!
    posted 5 years ago
  • PedigreeChum
    posted by PedigreeChum
    Rugby: American Football (notice the Jazzhands)
    posted 5 years ago
  • zknipp
    posted by zknipp
    yeah right football-amiercan is the thoghest sport in the world!!! real mans game
    posted 5 years ago
  • PedigreeChum
    posted by PedigreeChum
    Sure I mean the Jazz hands clearly are a way to show toughness.
    posted 5 years ago
  • SaintCathal
    posted by SaintCathal
    Sad someone can't spell his own Countries name. XD
    posted 5 years ago
  • RandyRobboRobinson
    tis true. american football (stupid name seeing as they don't use their feet and it's not technically a ball but we all know this) is a pussy game compared to rugby
    posted 5 years ago
  • Forbauser
    posted by Forbauser
    Jazz hands....LOL!!!
    posted 5 years ago
  • QuietCompany
    posted by QuietCompany
    American football players are extremely out of shape...they need oxygen tanks in between plays at times sadly. The game stops about every 2-5 seconds literally, it's not continuous.
    posted 5 years ago
  • thewalrus666
    posted by thewalrus666
    on top of jazz hand note


    lack of muscle mass

    lack of facial hair

    lack of risk of injury
    posted 5 years ago
  • imdabosss
    posted by imdabosss
    if you dont like it dont watch it....but dont bash it either.

    You dont see me bashing
    posted 5 years ago
  • Rewster
    posted by Rewster
    Rugby League
    posted 5 years ago
  • mauligal
    posted by mauligal
    RUgbY and RUgbY LEagUE arE rEaL spOrTs!!
    posted 5 years ago
  • ZoeBalboa
    posted by ZoeBalboa
    Rugby Leauge.
    posted 5 years ago
  • DarkSun555
    posted by DarkSun555
    Any contact sport is erroneously gay. Rugby and American Football in particular.

    Let's take Rugby for example.

    It's all about muscle-bound men in tight revealing clothing, jumping all over each other in the mud while fighting over a BALL.

    Okay, now let's look at American Football.

    It's about out-of-shape men wearing padding, in a completely sheltered environment complete with a plastic lawn and a sun roof. The players do pirouettes across the field before slapping a ball against the other side. To compliment the dancing and general gayness, there's lighting and music played for the enjoyment of the spectators, who're all crying: "FABULOUS!".

    In conclusion, football is gay. End of story.
    posted 5 years ago
  • spencercourtis

    SOUTH AFRICAN Rugby is the real mans sport!!!
    posted 5 years ago
  • KatiBoyes
    posted by KatiBoyes
    South African Rugby and Rugby are the same thing. Just so you know...
    posted 5 years ago
  • elijr777
    posted by elijr777
    Rugby tests da man in u, if u aint got it den u cant play it....
    posted 4 years ago
  • PedigreeChum
    posted by PedigreeChum
    Rugby is awesome.

    But actually i've been watching some American Football and its not toooo bad.

    Though I still stand by my point of them being pansies.
    posted 4 years ago
  • Butterlies3
    posted by Butterlies3
    They are pansies, they have about 50 reserves on the sideline, they wear long pants so they wont graze their knees. Rugby League is the way to go. Rugby Union is determined on penalties too much, the game has becomme too closed up.
    posted 4 years ago
  • PedigreeChum
    posted by PedigreeChum
    Yes. Rugby Union is basically decided by penalties. Another problem is the scrum these days. Something has to change. All Blacks vs Italy was terrible.

    Plus Newzealand won the world cup of league. Which was unexpected and something we never do with Rugby Union.
    posted 4 years ago
  • SweetyTerrorxXx
    The difference is that rugby is shit.
    The worst sport ever imagined.
    The only 1 I can't watch more than 10 seconds before being ill.

    American football isn't very interesting for me, but really better.
    I even watched the Superbowl last years, as they started to pass it on TV here.
    posted 4 years ago
  • voguecatch30
    posted by voguecatch30
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  • applefanatic13
    Yes, you are right, but no other meaning at all, Rugby is actually a game that is very much defensive and crucial, as they wear no gear to support their body, and that's the reason why many of them ended having injury, unlike with NFL that they are full gear. Cheers,, Jim, sports analyst of
    posted 12 months ago
  • MrBlahBlah
    posted by MrBlahBlah
    posted 7 months ago