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  • EmoNinja21
    posted by EmoNinja21

    The Dark Tower/The Stand/The Eyes of the Dragon

    Stephen King is incredible. The way these three books(and possibly more?) are interconnected amazes me. they all generally center around Randall Flagg(AKA The Walkin Dude, the Crimson King, the Great Imp, the Nameless Stranger, Richard Frye, and many other names wherein the first name starts with an R and the surname starts with an F), and his interaction with people from various different worlds(AKA Stu Redman, Roland the gunslinger, Nick Andros, Ben Staad, etc.) all the while with Thomas and Dennis pursing him after the events of the eyes of the dragon. Its really incredible, and i was wondering if anyone else read these three.

    Wow, that was long.
    posted 5 years ago
  • TheBlackKnight
    Just started on Dark Tower 4: Wizard & Glass. I find audiobooks a great way to kill time while going to and from work.
    posted 3 years ago