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Scary Forum (Showing 1 - 25 of 99 comments)

  • blessuregrave
    posted by blessuregrave

    What scary movie made you not sleep at night?

    Which one? More me it was probaly I Spit on your Grave!
    Gahhh! too much gore and raping!
    posted 7 years ago
  • Elizabethrules4ever
    well the movie that made me not sleep at night is still IT ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i need some1 to hold me
    posted 7 years ago
  • MoeLati
    posted by MoeLati
    The book IT was 10 times worst then the movie, but at least you could keep reading as opposed to sitting in your room too scared to go to sleep. Hahaha.

    Anyway, it's only been on Aliens 3 when I was six. Watched it by myself with my cousin also 6 in the middle of the night. Even with the lights on we couldn't go to sleep for a few nights later unless we were sleeping by an adult. :p
    posted 7 years ago
  • cjgmborsut
    posted by cjgmborsut
    I have yet to see a movie that scared me that badly. ;)
    posted 7 years ago
  • MoeLati
    posted by MoeLati
    Showoff!!! (just kidding) At least we are in touch with out inner selves :p
    posted 7 years ago
  • kdamjan
    posted by kdamjan
    haven't seen one yet. but i did dream of the "shutter" girl
    posted 7 years ago
  • petereverton
    posted by petereverton
    Return Of The Living Dead, Watched as a kid and that gave me loads of nightmares.

    I remember one in particular, where i was having a lovely dream about being superman, and I flew into my school(at the time), and everyone was zombies, saying "brains", and they were reaching up to me.
    I then flew onto the roof, and then on afield.
    But as I was trying to fly away, my powers were fading and they got me.
    Thats when I woke up and i had that dream loads. madness
    posted 7 years ago
    posted by HOTTiElETTE
    final destination 1 2 & 3...... i was afraid that sumthin mite happen 2 me wile i was asleep.i was all lookin around 4 any sharp or explosive objects near me wile i was under the covers....and by the time i checked the time it was 1:00 a.m!!!
    posted 7 years ago
  • MondoTrasho
    posted by MondoTrasho
    Don't Look Now when I was six. I used to think the dwarf was hiding in my wardrobe.
    posted 7 years ago
  • ThisIsBareCody
    ghost ship i was in bed hopeing that a rope wouldnt come flying out and cutting me in half
    posted 7 years ago
  • mamamiasweetpeaches
    Whenever Im home alone I think of the last scene in the old school version of WHEN A STRANGER CALLS. (Think "closets").

    I watched PHANTASM right before I went to bed and I didnt sleep so great.

    THE CHANGELING: ME and my friend watched it in broad daylight and still I had an icky feeling afterword.
    posted 7 years ago
  • whitetigerpaw
    posted by whitetigerpaw
    mine is carrie cause my mum pointed out how the mum was standing then she stood in the dark with the light on her back looking like carries mum
    but usually i watch one and go to sleep right after
    posted 7 years ago
  • courtcourt09
    posted by courtcourt09
    IT by stephen kings has alwayz freaked me out...
    posted 7 years ago
  • sarahpointing23
    mine would have to be the excorcist but i was six at the time,I couldnt go to sleep with my back facing the bedroom door i thought she was gonna walk in and get me (i know how sad) but i watched it years later and it did nothing for me the more blood and guts the better thats how i like my horrors
    posted 7 years ago
  • roseypie
    posted by roseypie
    i know its corny but after watching the ring (the american version)i wasn't able to sleep without the lights on. I can't even go to dark places alone. i wasn't able to get off the blonde girl's corpse (the one whose funeral they attended)out of my mind for a few days.
    posted 7 years ago
  • zombiebomb
    posted by zombiebomb
    The exorcist, saw it when I was 7 years old and it gave me nightmares until I was 14 years old. Who knew the cure was to watch it a second time?
    posted 7 years ago
  • robvicary
    posted by robvicary
    It wasn't even a horror movie! When I was a kid I saw an animated film called "Riki-Tikki Tavi", a Rudyard Kipling story about a family in India whose pet mongoose saved them from the evil cobras. I had nightmares about those hissing, talking cobras for weeks!
    posted 7 years ago
  • 21orangecreamsicles
    IT is the fucking scariest movie i've ever seen in my life. I could not sleep for five days when I watched this, and I was only like 8 when I watched it. & yes, ever since I watched it, I was absolutely terrified of clowns!
    posted 7 years ago
  • Kikuya
    posted by Kikuya
    none to be honest...but, weirdly enough when the jurassic park films came out i had nightmares about nasty dinosaurs for ages trying to eat me and rip me to shreads...really scary nightmares and yet, i didn't think the film was scary at all.
    posted 7 years ago
  • Gingersnaps
    posted by Gingersnaps
    I think IT was the biggest one for me. Creep was one too, when she turns the light on and hes there, I dont like stuff like that :P. But yeah, I think IT was the most for me though, although I Spit On Your Grave left me wanting to be with someone, I didnt want to be alone after that movie, lol.
    posted 7 years ago
    posted by SWEETCH1CK
    without a doubt...IT!
    posted 7 years ago
  • candylover14
    posted by candylover14
    When I was 12 years old...Child's Play.

    I love watching scary movies (grew up loving the scare factor like most kids do).

    Child's Play was the only movie that gave me nightamres. LOL :)
    posted 7 years ago
    posted by SWEETCH1CK
    ^ that used to scare me aswell!not really into the whole killer doll thing!but now they just seem so cheesey!lol
    posted 7 years ago
  • crazygirl1205
    posted by crazygirl1205
    I'd have to say When a Stranger Calls,after i saw that movie,i never wanted to baby-sit again
    posted 7 years ago
  • dyingjuliet
    posted by dyingjuliet
    posted 7 years ago
  • Ticha
    posted by Ticha
    It's The Ring definitely. Samara is tooo scary.
    posted 7 years ago