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  • Eugene
    posted by Eugene

    Miscellaneous Problems

    All problems that don't fit neatly into the other topics in this forum.
    posted 7 years ago
  • scraper
    posted by scraper
    for the last year i have not been able to update my movie list in anyway...i can get to edit... once the title shows, it resets... how long will it take to fix?
    posted 2 years ago
  • fb1496888804
    posted by fb1496888804
    like a dummy I wanted to watch the digital movies through my roku, and I couldnt figure out how, so I tried to open my downloaded movies with amazon player because I can watch my digital copies through roku. it did not work, and now my flixter player wont even play my movies. the file changed or something, how do I get it back to the way it was?
    posted 2 years ago
  • fb100001221817013
    posted by fb100001221817013
    i am very irritated. I went completely DNLA on my home network. I have a samsund bluray dvd smart player. In Smart Hub I find they have Flixster, I add as my "disc to digital" app. When I go to uae it I am always given a default error "this feature will be available soon", who are they kidding? Disc to digital has been around for awhile. I contact support. I get told contact Samsung. I do. I am told it is a Flixster application. I am told Flixster is responsible to troubleshoot it. I contact Flixster, I am told, well it should work. Guess what, IT DOES NOT WORK!!!
    I want an answer and a solution to the problem, not excuses!!
    Anybody else encounter this issue? Anybody get an answer on how to fix it? Does anybody have a different app to use for "Disc to Digital" feature on smart players?
    posted 2 years ago
  • fb1650383044
    posted by fb1650383044
    I created and linked a flixster account but was having problems and thought cancelling the account and recreating it will resolve the issue. Now when I try to register again, it says that my e-mail is already in use. How can I go about reinstating the cancelled account.

    Thanks in advance!

    posted 2 years ago
  • firecaster22
    posted by firecaster22
    When trying to redeem code, it won't link with ultraviolet. Please help.
    posted 2 years ago
  • alpolzin
    posted by alpolzin
    Is anybody moderating this topic???? So far I am very disappointed with flixster. It lets me link to ultraviolet, but won't let me enter a redemption code. Help!!!
    posted 21 months ago
  • bradywurtz
    posted by bradywurtz
    Flixster and UltraViolet has to be one of the worst movie viewing experiences of all time.

    Not only do I not get a digital copy of what I paid for, which I absolutely should, but I have to view it on their own proprietary streaming web video service.

    If it doesn't tell me there's a Video Playback Error and it doesn't play my movie when I want it to, it streams it in such poor quality it's almost unwatchable.

    Not to mention I have to always be using WiFi or some other means of internet access.

    Since when do you get to buy something and only get to use it on the company you bought it from's terms?

    I sincerely hope that there is a huge backlash against UltraViolet and the entire system gets shut down and is never used again. I hope everyone working for them loses their jobs and then finds a better job. Because I don't want UltraViolet to exist anymore. It shouldn't. I don't know why anyone would except this type of service from ANY type of company!
    posted 19 months ago
  • mailpass4store
    Does Flixster even have customer support beyond a black hole webpage?

    I cannot get "The Dark Knight Trilogy" to stream. I followed normal procedures to redeem a code after blu-ray purchase, but just doesn't work. Tech. support has been no help. I submitted trouble ticket on 6 DEC and no response. Trouble ticket - 15025-302336
    posted 19 months ago
  • fb1027602706
    posted by fb1027602706
    Same problem here. Dark Knight Trilogy code just gives an 'Undefined Error' when I try to redeem it.

    Seems like fraud to me. If they can't deliver the product I paid for they either need to refund me the difference or get me a digital copy that works.
    posted 19 months ago
  • sleepydumbdude1
    Flixster has to be the worst for redeeming and viewing UV movies. Every time I redeem something it goes in my UV locker but not on the flixster site. I get

    Sorry, we're having some technical difficulties?

    We've been notified of the issue and we'll have everything fixed soon. In the meantime, go back to the previous page or play it safe and head to the homepage.

    I mainly use vudu but 3 of my movies aren't on vudu.
    Anyways unlinked and relinked my account to try to get my movies to show back up and now none of them show up and it just keeps loading. At least they are still in my UV locker. I just get Checking UltraViolet for new titles? forever.
    posted 18 months ago
  • teotihuacan81
    posted by teotihuacan81
    Well...looking at other people's problems mine looks shit in comparison, although my ultraviolet account shows a link with flixster unfortunately a link is not shown the other way around and therefore I cannot redeem any of my newly purchased films (I already have 2 films on ultraviolet from when I opened my account) which means I also cannot view my previously purchased films.

    I have been on to ultraviolet help (as I cannot find any help from flixster) they have stated I should try the following :-

    Try linking again with chrome
    Try linking again with Mozilla

    I have done the above allowing cookies and still no link

    Does anybody else have the same problem or have previously had this and fixed it

    Thanks in advance
    posted 18 months ago
  • dgibbons64
    posted by dgibbons64
    I can't get the Dark Knight trilogy to load! This site has been extremely frustrating to use.
    posted 18 months ago
  • sleepydumbdude1
    OK I have a fix that worked for me a few times when problem with flixster updating. Go to uvvu.com and log in. Go to our account. Click on your main account name then linked services. Mine had flixster in there three times and 1 digital locker. I clicked remove from link on the first two flixsters and left the third one and digital locker. Then hit save and when I reloaded all my movies loaded. Some how it eventually those comes back on their own and I have to do it again. Its the only way I can ever get flixster to load new movies for me.

    You won't lose any of your movies if you uncheck them all. It took me a few tries of messing around and I accidentally did it a couple times.
    posted 18 months ago
  • togi5
    posted by togi5
    Why did they change the Netflix interface? It used to show if a movie was in my queue or else ask if I wanted to add it. Now you have to swipe the Netflix button and half the time it says the movie (that is in my queue already) is unavailable through Netflix or ask if I want to view my queue. It's stupid they broke something that was was really great.
    posted 14 months ago
  • shellbydoo
    posted by shellbydoo
    i cant link my ultraviolet to flixster ive emailed them 5 times and still no response.. this is the error message i get anyone have this problem? and if so how'd ya fix it??
    There is a problem with your account. We have logged the error. Please try again. Exception ID = 0fb8a237-c4ad-4ae4-9c56-6a1a63fa9ab4
    posted 11 months ago
  • lauralou72438320
    Hi there
    Im having trouble linking my flixster to my ultraviolet account when trying to link its saying it is already linked to account 825103231?
    posted 11 months ago
  • filly152008
    posted by filly152008
    I have a problem with the movies by flixster app on Android. I can be watching a movie and if I need to take a break when I come back to resume the movie it doesn't start. The loading bar gets to be about 97% full and stops loading. There are no more words under the Bar or anything. I would like to know how to fix this.
    posted 7 months ago
  • MrBlahBlah
    posted by MrBlahBlah
    Hello darkness my old friend. I've come to talk to you again.
    posted 7 months ago
  • jrannonj
    posted by jrannonj
    Is it possible to share my movies with other people? I have a movie my friend wants to watch, but I don't want to give them my password to log into my account (nor do I think that is allowed).

    Anyway know if/how I can share my movies?
    posted 7 months ago
  • sg541
    posted by sg541
    Hi - new user with a question. I have FLixster on my Nexus 10 tablet as well as my PC.
    I have downloaded my UV copy of Depicable Me 2 to my tablet, under my user profile.
    1. When I log in to Flixster on the tablet, I can see the movie as 'Downloaded to device'. Fine. What I want to be able to do is to playback the movie while NOT logged in to Flixster - i.e. when I'm offline in the car for example. However, Flixster asks me to login in order to access my movies, so I don't see how I can achieve this.
    Can anyone help me out here?
    posted 5 months ago
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    posted 5 months ago
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    posted by sjrfushu
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    posted 53 days ago
  • paulbsykes
    posted by paulbsykes
    Can't login to flixster on laptop.

    I can't login on the next webpage. It keep switching between the batman shot and the hunger games shot every 2 or 3 seconds. IfI click the login button it goes to the login page, but it then switches back to the shots listed above. Even if I click the login really fast, it just goes back to the two alternating shots. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyhone know how to fix it? Thanks!
    posted 33 days ago
  • sheldonnylander
    I am unable to get the Flixster website to work fully in Chrome or get the Android app to work fully. The home page does not load completely in Chrome and does not respond to clicking links (interestingly, the community site still works). I can't even logout. I can search movies and the movie page will load, but I cannot rate them, nor can I click on any links.

    In addition, the Android app is not working fully. It seems to be continually loading the starting page, but I can search for movies and rate them in the app, and they'll appear on my profile on the website, so I know it's getting through.

    The site seems to work fine in the latest version of Internet Explorer.
    posted 25 days ago
  • bretleduc
    posted by bretleduc
    I can't view my profile page.
    I start at http://community.flixster.com/homepage
    I click on View Profile and I get:

    Sorry, the page you requested was not found.

    Please check the URL for proper spelling and capitalization. If you're having trouble locating a destination on Flixster, try visiting the Flixster home page. Also, you may find what you're looking for if you try searching on the right.

    Please try contacting us if you need more assistance. Thank you.

    That page is at:

    But the same thing happens when I go to:

    I'm running firefox 30.0 on a 2011 macbook pro under OSX 10.7.5.
    posted 18 days ago