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  • loophole92
    posted by loophole92

    Saddest Death In A Movie

    Deaths that made you cry: SPOILER! I can't decide between Russell Crowe in Gladiator and Bruce Willis in Armageddon
    posted 7 years ago
  • fred60
    posted by fred60
    How about Michael Clarke Duncan in The Green Mile?
    Can't think of any others at the mo. Will get back to you :)
    posted 7 years ago
  • madheffalump
    posted by madheffalump
    Satine in Moulin Rouge and King Kong, I can't believe I actually cried over the death of a monkey.
    posted 7 years ago
  • mcvitty90
    posted by mcvitty90
    deffinatly Bruce Willis in Armogeddan or Brad Pitt in Troy.

    The young girl in Switched at birth... or

    hmmm lots too too many
    posted 7 years ago
  • xchazx32
    posted by xchazx32
    posted 7 years ago
  • xchazx32
    posted by xchazx32
    posted 7 years ago
  • Lerch0783
    posted by Lerch0783
    i would say the old man dying in Shawshank Redemption was sad and when the old couple die together at the end of The Notebook
    posted 7 years ago
  • mercedescelery
    I have to agree with the first post. Bruce Willis in Armaggedon and Russell Crowe in Gladiator are definitly the saddest for me. I was also sad when V died in V for Vendetta, but I saw it coming, which made it easier.
    posted 7 years ago
  • TheBlueFalcon
    posted by TheBlueFalcon
    I didn't see armaggeddon...

    Maximus in Gladiator
    Burtier in Remember the Titans
    Neil Perry in Dead Poets Society
    posted 7 years ago
  • Lerch0783
    posted by Lerch0783
    oh yeah Neil Perry in Dead Poets Society was a sad death *wipes tear from his eye*
    posted 7 years ago
  • sirace
    posted by sirace
    the guy from the saturday night fever. At least i think he died...
    posted 7 years ago
  • roseyme2468
    posted by roseyme2468
    okay, i got a lot of em

    1)the father in 'Life is beautiful'
    2)Leons death in 'Leon- The Professional'
    3)Monica Potter in 'Patch Adams '
    4)Kate Winslet in 'Finding Neverland '
    5)Jenny in 'Forrest Gump'
    6)Every time one of his sons dies (especially Heath Ledger) in 'The Patriot'
    7)Haley Joel Osment in 'Pay it Forward'
    8)Macaulay Culkin in 'My Girl'
    9)Jack in 'Titanic'
    10) Eric Bana in 'Troy'

    and a couple of my favs have already been mentioned
    1)mel gibson in Braveheart
    2)John Coffey in Green Mile
    3)The end of 'The Notebook '
    posted 7 years ago
  • BabyCham
    posted by BabyCham
    Gia (Angelina Jolie)
    Ghost (Patrick Swayze)
    The Green Mile (Michael Clarke Duncan)
    City Of Angels (Meg Ryan)
    Beaches (Barbara Hershey)
    King Kong
    My Girl (Macaulay Culkin)
    E.T. (even though he came back lol)
    Set It Off (Queen Latifah)
    posted 7 years ago
  • BondFiction
    posted by BondFiction
    How about...

    Don Corleone (Brando) from "The Godfather"? And I must agree with Leon being in the Top 10. He's the man.
    posted 7 years ago
  • YourGuardianAngel
    Angel's death in RENT and, Noah and Allie's death together in The Notebook
    posted 7 years ago
  • picklepackrules
    i thought it was pretty sad when Satine (Nicole Kidman) died in Moulin Rouge. I felt so bad for Christian (Ewan McGregor) because I love him so.
    posted 7 years ago
  • Gingersnaps
    posted by Gingersnaps
    I agree with mostly all of these, but to me i always find myself balling in A Walk To Remember, from the wedding to the credits :(
    posted 7 years ago
  • AkaToKuro
    posted by AkaToKuro
    Setsuko in Grave of the Fireflies... :(
    posted 7 years ago
  • lauraevans9yrs
    Ben stiller in click so sad but then he comes back to life it's confusing and when things are confusing it makes me think and thinking makes my head hurt
    posted 7 years ago
  • BondFiction
    posted by BondFiction
    It's Adam Sandler. And that wasn't confusing at all.
    posted 7 years ago
  • mistersrf
    posted by mistersrf
    cant decide between christian slater in untamed heart or bambis mom or goose in top gun hee hee
    posted 7 years ago
  • BondFiction
    posted by BondFiction
    ...Mister F?

    Is your name...Mister F?
    posted 7 years ago
  • Seikan
    posted by Seikan
    Count Almásy in The English Patient by far. Who could possibly get it out of their mind?
    posted 7 years ago
  • Sleaze
    posted by Sleaze
    Bambi's mother in Bambi - I was 3 at the time and cried my eyes out......
    posted 7 years ago
  • woulduaskpicasso2sellhisguitar
    My Girl, City of Angels, and Patrick Swayze in Ghost but those have been said. But its sad in Forrest Gump when Forrest is talking to Jenny's grave, and when Bubba dies.
    posted 7 years ago
  • vixey
    posted by vixey
    Since I just watched it:

    Manny (Scarface)
    Gina (Scarface)

    That scene killed me.
    posted 7 years ago