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  • te3by
    posted by te3by

    Non-Gory Horror

    Help me out, I love to have the shizzles scared outta me, but I can't stomach the sight of blood... I need some freakishly scary movies that aren't that gory... for those who know it, May was just passable... Zombie movies i can handle, but Saw and the like, NO WAY hehe

    Someone help me out!
    posted 7 years ago
  • kyteague
    posted by kyteague
    DONNIE DARKO psychological thriller, isnt gory at all. you'll love it :) @->--
    posted 7 years ago
  • monlapinestmort
    It is a japaneese movie and has no gore whatsoever, i almost never get scared by films any more, but this creeped me out whan i watched it, i'm not sure why, because i have seen quite a few films with a similar feel to them and not been scared at all. It won't scare you, unless you let it (if you know what i mean?). It wasn't terrifying, but VERY few films are.
    posted 7 years ago
  • JonoPrice
    posted by JonoPrice
    I've always found The Ring to be freaky, from what I remember there's no blood in that.
    posted 7 years ago
  • lozziegee
    posted by lozziegee
    BOO! lol how evry1 doin n wht ur rave horror
    posted 7 years ago
  • Munchkindoggy
    posted by Munchkindoggy
    The original 13 Ghosts, no gore just pure terror...sorta.

    Attack my Dust bunny minions!!!!
    posted 7 years ago
  • ItalianBuju
    posted by ItalianBuju
    You should try an older movie named Pin, it is freaky and no gore at all. It really scared me when I saw it.
    posted 7 years ago
  • aLLfiredUP
    posted by aLLfiredUP
    hmmm...Alien is a classic and it has...actually wait a minute never mind i just remembered lmao. You could try 'One Missed Call ' its a japanese film and has very little or no gore at all...very well done
    posted 7 years ago
  • trish1972
    posted by trish1972
    I'm a fan of "The Others". The setting is so beatifully haunting. And, even though I figured out the "twist" before I saw it, I still think it's a good old fashioned ghost story.

    No blood in "Rosemary's Baby", but I giggled at that more. Not because it was bad...just because it had some dark humor.

    The original "Nosferatu" is very enjoyable, even though it's from the 1920s and silent.

    Most "classic" horror movies are bloodless, too.
    posted 7 years ago
  • melaniekelloway
    i don't like movies like saw, or hostel eather (really there not even horror movies just gory thrillers) but stuff like the amity vill horror i loved that movie, but i can take the blood and stuff in that....but if you can't even watch that go for ghost movies!!!
    posted 7 years ago
  • pccal
    posted by pccal
    Texas chainsaw has such a bad rep..but yet there is very little gore..or try un..Cannible gore in THAT..LOL..p.s dont watch
    posted 7 years ago
  • itwasashark
    posted by itwasashark
    The Sixth Sense
    Mute Witness
    Jacob's Ladder

    When a Stranger Calls (1979) - "Extremely suspenseful "who's stalking the babysitter" flick spawned legions of imitators, but remains the classic in its field. Low on gore, high on tension, suspense fanatics are sure to enjoy."
    posted 7 years ago
  • ilikecowboys
    posted by ilikecowboys
    I've never seen the original "When a Stranger Calls", but I watched the new remake last weekend with my mom (she saw the original) and we both thought it was pretty good.
    posted 7 years ago
  • itwasashark
    posted by itwasashark
    I'm usually afraid to see remakes because they often let me down. But, yeah, I enjoyed the original. It won't hurt to check out the new one.
    posted 7 years ago
  • gothic6651
    posted by gothic6651
    I know this is a bit cult and it's not really horror but any Tim Burton flim will do if you want a gothic setting with a beautiful ending. But you have to be a particular kind of person to really like Tim Burtons films, poems ect...
    posted 7 years ago
  • p00n3dy0u
    posted by p00n3dy0u
    The ring is not gory, but has some disturbing images in it.
    posted 7 years ago
  • redbushido
    posted by redbushido
    "Buried Alive" has a lot of 'near-gore' but nothing on-screen. "A Tale of Two Sisters" is a good Hong Kong import.
    posted 7 years ago
  • MelScully69
    posted by MelScully69
    don't be such a baby. Since when is a guy afraid of gore???
    posted 7 years ago
  • hayleyisaprincess2
    uummmm what is it... See the omen :)
    posted 7 years ago
  • mayorpayne
    posted by mayorpayne
    i like gore hell gore can make me overlook crappy movies like see no evil
    posted 7 years ago
  • dv8ntnt
    posted by dv8ntnt
    Denzell Washington plays a cop who is pleuged by a demon out for revenge.

    Serpent & the Rainbow
    6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Another cop who uncovers the dark underbelly of Louisianan?s voodoo subculture.
    posted 7 years ago
  • ineedlockedup
    posted by ineedlockedup
    posted 7 years ago
  • urth2leesha
    posted by urth2leesha
    Try Psycho (it's black and white so not much gore). Trish mentioned Rosemary's Baby, which is a good psychological thriller.

    And if you like ghosty stuff, check out The Changeling and Ghost Story. Those aren't gory at all.
    posted 7 years ago
  • 1Z
    posted by 1Z
    The Devil's Backbone...
    posted 7 years ago
  • mentalmoose
    posted by mentalmoose
    Try the grudge or the blair witch project. And Donnie Darko isn't a horror at all
    posted 7 years ago
  • Jackbauer24
    posted by Jackbauer24
    One Missed Call
    The Eye
    A Tale of Two Sisters
    posted 7 years ago