Best Wedding Movies

  • Rachel Getting Married

    Rachel Getting Married (R, 2008)

    Anne Hathaway, Rosemarie DeWitt, Bill Irwin, Tunde Adebimpe, Debra Winger
    When Kym returns to the Buchman family home for the wedding of her sister Rachel, she brings a long ... read morehistory of personal crisis, family conflict and tragedy along with her. The wedding couple's abundant party of friends and relations has gathered for a joyful weekend of feasting, music and love, but Kym--with her biting one-liners and flair for bombshell drama--is a catalyst for long-simmering tensions in the family dynamic.
    • fb509096183
      fb509096183: igarette while waiting to be picked up by her father and step-mother in order to go to her sister's wedding. She is with two people: One of them, male, rocks back and forth, longing to start a fire. T
      Reviewed 15 months days ago
    • fb1550303502
      fb1550303502: . Anne Hathaway absolute killed herself. Her character returns home for her sisters wedding fresh in rehab. Earlier in her life she killed her younger sibling in a car crash due to he
      Reviewed 12 months days ago
    • fb1008742212
      fb1008742212: Rachel Getting Married was a film I became eager to watch after realising that Anne Hathaway was no
      Reviewed 14 months days ago
  • Bride Wars

    Bride Wars (PG, 2009)

    Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Bryan Greenberg, Chris Pratt, Steve Howey
    Liv and Emma are best friends who since childhood have planned every detail of their respective wedd... read moreings. At the top of their bridal "must have" list: a ceremony at New York's ultimate bridal destination, the Plaza Hotel. Now, at age 26, they're both about to get married; they're about to realize their dreams; and they're about to live happily ever after. Or maybe not... When a clerical error causes a clash in wedding dates--they're now to be married on the same date!--Liv, Emma and their lifelong friendship are put to the ultimate test. Liv, a successful lawyer who is used to getting what she wants, including the perfect job and the perfect man, won't settle for anything less than the perfect wedding she has dreamed of for years. Emma, a schoolteacher who has always been good at taking care of others, but not so much in looking after herself, discovers her inner Bridezilla and comes out swinging when her own dream wedding is imperiled. Now, the two best friends who'd do anything for each other, find themselves in a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners struggle that threatens to erupt into all-out war.
    • thmtsang
      thmtsang: Two bestfriends have planned their weddings their whole lives for June at the Plaza. They both get engaged at the same time and the wed
      Reviewed 15 months days ago
    • lilliancurtin
      lilliancurtin: I want to see it even more now that I have a wedding 5 days away from a good friend!
      Reviewed 20 months days ago
    • fb789194600
      fb789194600: Really good comedy about 2 best friends who get double booked for the same day wedding, then they become enemies and they do everything to spoil each others wedding, really funny
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
  • Bridesmaids

    Bridesmaids (R, 2011)

    Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Wendi McLendon-Covey
    This spring, Universal Pictures and producer Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old Virgin) invite... read more you to experience Bridesmaids. Kristen Wiig leads the cast as Annie, a maid of honor whose life unravels as she leads her best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), and a group of colorful bridesmaids (Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Wendi McLendon-Covey and Ellie Kemper) on a wild ride down the road to matrimony. Annie's life is a mess. But when she finds out her lifetime best friend is engaged, she simply must serve as Lillian's maid of honor. Though lovelorn and broke, Annie bluffs her way through the expensive and bizarre rituals. With one chance to get it perfect, she'll show Lillian and her bridesmaids just how far you'll go for someone you love. -- (C) Universal
    • fb590635421
      fb590635421: . Down on her luck with her best friends wedding looming, she finds her maid of honour position under threat by her best friends richer, more
      Reviewed 6 months days ago
    • lhfmd1
      lhfmd1: . This tale of changing relationships (yes, really) set against the backdrop of a wedding is not breaking new ground and the characters are caricatures, but it has giggle-inducing mo
      Reviewed 18 months days ago
    • fb824699742
      fb824699742: .

      A single girl in her thirties is about to attend to her best friend wedding. A bunch of unusual, funny but extremely true situations/events will occur til the wedding w
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
  • Our Family Wedding

    Our Family Wedding (PG-13, 2010)

    Forest Whitaker, America Ferrera, Carlos Mencia, Regina King, Lance Gross
    Lucia and Marcus learn the hard way that the path to saying "I do" can be rife with familial strife.... read more When they return from college and suddenly announce their marriage plans, they discover that their competitive and egotistical fathers can wreak serious havoc on their special day. With insults flying and tempers running high, it's anyone's guess if the alpha dads will survive to make it down the aisle. Lucia's mother is planning "her" dream wedding and the only levelheaded one in the bunch is Angela, the groom's father's best friend and lawyer. With only weeks to plan their wedding, Lucia and Marcus soon discover the true meaning of love and find there is truth to the saying - that when you marry someone, you marry their entire family.
    • fb709632189
      fb709632189: Just watchable movie about the parents of a black Hispanic wedding and the complications in between
      Reviewed 18 months days ago
    • gmmlls
      gmmlls: Number 2 on our wedding day countdown. I went in with low expectations because of it's imdb rating. But there was a
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb559960109
      fb559960109: This would be my wedding if everyone didn't get along! Very, very funny movie. Loved it!
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
  • Made of Honor

    Made of Honor (PG-13, 2008)

    Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan, Kevin Mckidd, Kathleen Quinlan, Sydney Pollack
    A man's in love with a woman, only the woman is engaged to someone else and asks the male friend to ... read morebe her Maid of Honor. He agrees, with the intent of winning her heart for himself.
    • fb564332173
      fb564332173: ...), "wedding season" makes my stomach turn knowing they will crank out another steamy pile of crap dubbin
      Reviewed 18 months days ago
    • fb590430238
      fb590430238: ... If you wanna see the version of my best friend's wedding, but with a happy ending watch it... Honestly don't waste your time
      Reviewed 17 months days ago
    • TemporarilyNameless
      TemporarilyNameless: . poor scotsman guy. they prepared the whole wedding and they all traveled so far and all.
      Reviewed 5 years days ago