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  • District 9

    District 9 (R, 2009)

    Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, David James, Vanessa Haywood, Mandla Gaduka
    Director Neill Blomkamp teams with producer Peter Jackson for this tale of extraterrestrial refugees... read more stuck in contemporary South Africa. It's been 28 years since the aliens made first contact, but there was never any attack from the skies, nor any profound technological revelation capable of advancing our society. Instead, the aliens were treated as refugees. They were the last of their kind, and in order to accommodate them, the government of South Africa set up a makeshift home in District 9 as politicians and world leaders debated how to handle the situation. As the humans begin to grow wary of the unwelcome intruders, a private company called Multi-National United (MNU) is assigned the task of controlling the aliens. But MNU is less interested in the aliens' welfare than attempting to understand how their weaponry works. Should they manage to make that breakthrough, they will receive tremendous profits to fund their research. Unfortunately, the highly advanced weaponry requires alien DNA in order to be activated. When MNU field operative Wikus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley) is exposed to biotechnology that causes his DNA to mutate, the tensions between the aliens and the humans intensifies. Wikus is the key to unlocking the alien's technology, and he quickly becomes the most wanted man on the planet. Ostracized and isolated, Wikus retreats to District 9 in a desperate bid to shake his dogged pursuers. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • dalsim
      dalsim: . The acting in this film is awesome and wonderfully realistic in a documentary style.

      It starts off quite quirky and comedic but goes through the spectrum of emotions and Sharlto
      Reviewed 5 months days ago
    • fb1163145047
      fb1163145047: . The first 45 minutes blew my mind, specifically the documentary style filmmaking and of course the message of the film speaks loud and proud
      Reviewed 3 months days ago
    • fb100000434596561
      fb100000434596561: . Starting out as a documentary style film, it mixes all is ideas and concepts to near perfection
      Reviewed 6 months days ago
  • Sin City

    Sin City (R, 2005)

    Jessica Alba, Devon Aoki, Alexis Bledel, Powers Boothe, Rosario Dawson
    The Eisner Award-winning comic series Sin City comes to life in this live-action feature adaptation ... read morefrom director Robert Rodriguez and creator Frank Miller. Interweaving multiple storylines from the series' history, this violent crime noir paints the picture of the ultimate town without pity through the eyes of its roughest characters. There's the street thug Marv (Mickey Rourke), whose desperate quest to find the killer of a prostitute named Goldie (Jaime King) will lead him to the foulest edges of town. Inhabiting many of those areas is Dwight (Clive Owen), a photographer in league with the sordid ladies of Sin City, headed by Gail (Rosario Dawson), who opens up a mess of trouble after tangling with a corrupt cop by the name of Jackie Boy (Benicio Del Toro). Finally, there's Hartigan (Bruce Willis), an ex-cop with a heart problem who's hell-bent on protecting a stripper named Nancy (Jessica Alba). Featuring a who's who supporting cast that includes Elijah Wood, Brittany Murphy, Devon Aoki, and Nick Stahl, Sin City promises to be one of the most direct translations from page to screen of a comic series, with shots and dialogue adapted straight from the original comic's panels. Rodriguez quit the Director's Guild when they refused to let Frank Miller co-direct the film, a deal hashed out after the two collaborators developed and shot the opening scene utilizing a green-screen process to harness the stark, black-and-white look of the books as a litmus test for the rest of the production. Quentin Tarantino was brought in and reportedly paid one dollar to direct an extended scene between Del Toro and Owen that amounts to one issue of The Big Fat Kill miniseries. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi
    • eyanfarrukh
      eyanfarrukh: A repetitive, style over substance disaster, containing three "separate" stories which only serve to convey the sa
      Reviewed 24 days days ago
    • fb100001442226418
      fb100001442226418: . The style is what adds the twist, and although it tries very hard to show off its uniqueness, thats what
      Reviewed 10 days days ago
    • carmstro1995gmailcom
      carmstro1995gmailcom: t are incredible as well! With the likes of Bruce Willis and Jessica alba!
      It's set as a comic book style which makes it unique and the storyline is really good as well!
      Reviewed 6 months days ago
  • Diary of the Dead

    Diary of the Dead (R, 2007)

    Michèle Morgan, Joshua Close, Shawn Roberts, Amy Lalonde, Joe Dinicol
    Horror icon George A. Romero effectively hits the "reset" button on his hugely influential Dead seri... read morees with this scaled-back look at the zombie apocalypse as told from the perspective of a student filmmaker who sets out to shoot a low-budget fright film, but instead captures the breakdown of modern society at the decaying hands of flesh-eating ghouls. Jason Creed (Joshua Close) and his crew are shooting a mummy movie in the Pennsylvania woods when media reports begin pouring in about the dead rising from their graves to feast on the flesh of the living. While self-centered star Ridley (Phillip Riccio) beats a hasty retreat to his family's fortified mansion halfway across the state, the remaining cast and crew are forced to fight for their lives despite having no weapons to speak of, and only a wobbly recreational vehicle in which to seek shelter. Immediately recognizing the gravity of the situation and outspokenly skeptical of the media, determined director Creed decides to use his own camera to capture the real story in a documentary entitled "The Death of Death." Now, as the group attempts to fight their way to safety, the skeptics will all watch as their greatest fears become reality, and the realists will attempt to process a nightmare that modern science would pass off as impossible. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • fb590635421
      fb590635421: The Night Of The Living Dead saga gets the documentary style/found footage treatment and it works in places, but not so well in others. Unfortunately it tr
      Reviewed 8 months days ago
    • fb595080674
      fb595080674: Might be the most ineffective use of the found-footage style to date --and that's only the most glaring problem of the movie. A couple fun moments save th
      Reviewed 23 months days ago
    • blacksheepboy
      blacksheepboy: ems virtually incapable of following the language of modern horror films using the fake documentary style. The subjective camera is too steady and aseptic for an amateurish recording, the dialogue is
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
  • Australia

    Australia (PG-13, 2008)

    Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, David Wenham, Bryan Brown, Jack Thompson
    An English aristocrat inherits an Australian ranch the size of Maryland. When English cattle barons ... read moreplot to take her land, she reluctantly joins forces with a rough-hewn cattle driver to drive 2,000-head of cattle across hundreds of miles of the country's most unforgiving land, only to still face the bombing of Darwin by the Japanese forces that had attacked Pearl Harbor only months earlier.
    • fb1305120577
      fb1305120577: . It has the same gay style beginning and it never gets interesting. Many of the scenes look terribly fake. Plus it goes o
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb582152026
      fb582152026: . I'm not a fan of Baz Luhrmann's style so that didn't help. As others have said, the movie is too long and becomes boring at the 90 m
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
    • Loth18
      Loth18: . Director Baz Luhrmann has a dazzling and optically-pleasing visionary style unlike anyone else in the business. A spectacular action/adventure and romantic epic that's j
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
  • The Book of Eli

    The Book of Eli (R, 2010)

    Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson, Jennifer Beals
    In a post-apocalyptic America where the once-picturesque countryside has become a desolate and viole... read morent wasteland, one man (Denzel Washington) fights to protect that sacred tome that could hold the key to the survival of the human race in this futuristic thriller from filmmaking duo Albert and Allen Hughes (From Hell and Dead Presidents). Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, and Ray Stevenson co-star in the Warner Bros. production. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • devinhughes1
      devinhughes1: Great style with great action, great acting. Great everything. One of my favorites
      Reviewed 4 months days ago
    • Deckard42
      Deckard42: The Book of Eli has a glorious, bleak, and unique style. Too bad its characters and story are nowhere near its visual prowess, even though it tries so
      Reviewed 10 months days ago
    • fb698667576
      fb698667576: . Pretty rubbish story made decent by crisp direction and style. It seems that even in post apocalyptic America, the religious nuts still reign supreme and br
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
  • The Good German

    The Good German (R, 2007)

    George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Tobey Maguire, Beau Bridges, Tony Curran
    "The Good German" takes place in the ruins of post-WWII Berlin, where U.S. Army war correspondent Ja... read moreke Geismar becomes embroiled with Lena Brandt, a former lover who is trying to escape her past in the aftermath of the war. Intrigue mounts as Jake tries to uncover the secrets Lena may be hiding in her desperation to get out of Berlin. Tully, a soldier in the American army motor pool assigned to drive Jake around the city, has black market connections that may be Lena's way out--or lead them all into even darker territory.
    • hp706
      hp706: Started well, engaging story, stylish filming a homage to an old style. I was really enjoying it but there just comes a point where what's going becomes rather slow
      Reviewed 11 months days ago
    • fb711748384
      fb711748384: . I enjoyed the homage to films like Casablanca and the overall style. It just wasn't up to that caliber.
      Reviewed 22 months days ago
    • fb651350376
      fb651350376: . The Good German is no exception, except in the quality of the story. The style of the film was trying to copy that of 1950?s lore such as Casablanca and war films of that na
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
  • Quarantine

    Quarantine (R, 2008)

    Jennifer Carpenter, Steve Harris, Jay Hernandez, Johnathon Schaech, Columbus Short
    Television reporter Angela Vidal and her cameraman are assigned to spend the night shift with a Los ... read moreAngeles Fire Station. After a routine 911 call takes them to a small apartment building, they find police officers already on the scene in response to blood curdling screams coming from one of the apartment units. They soon learn that a woman living in the building has been infected by something unknown. After a few of the residents are viciously attacked, they try to escape with the news crew in tow, only to find that the CDC has quarantined the building. Phones, internet, televisions and cell phone access have been cut-off, and officials are not relaying information to those locked inside. When the quarantine is finally lifted, the only evidence of what took place is the news crew's videotape.
    • fb1077523731
      fb1077523731: . Most of the tension is created in classic horror film style by having lots of strange eerie things happening with very little actual pay-off in them, and
      Reviewed 4 months days ago
    • fb788260220
      fb788260220: ss? Check
      Screaming out loud? Yes I did :p

      Be warned, it's one of those handy cam type home made style type videos.
      Reviewed 4 years days ago
    • andrewdamovieman
      andrewdamovieman: . The plot is nothing new and the technique is nothing new but the death feel fresh and the style of the feel makes you feel uncomfortable and it makes for an eerie walk home in the night. The
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
  • From Paris with Love

    From Paris with Love (R, 2010)

    John Travolta, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Kasia Smutniak, Richard Durden, Bing Yin
    This action film, directed by Pierre Morel (Taken), concerns young CIA agent James Reece (Jonathan R... read morehys-Meyers) who has a cushy day job but dreams of an exciting life in the field. When the agency offers him his first big-time assignment, James must team with crazed lone wolf Charlie Wax (John Travolta) to stop a terrorist bombing plot. Although James is initially in way over his head, he soon realizes that he needs to trust Charlie if he wants to live his dream and save his own life, because the bad guys not only want to cause damage to the city, but want James killed. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi
  • The Crazies

    The Crazies (R, 2010)

    Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell, Danielle Panabaker, Joe Anderson, Christie Lynn Smith
    David Dutten is sheriff of Ogden Marsh, a picture-perfect American. But one night, one of them comes... read more to a school baseball game with a loaded shotgun, ready to kill. Another man burns down his own house, after locking his wife and young son in a closet inside. Something is infecting the citizens of Ogden Marsh -- with insanity. In an effort to keep the madness contained, the government uses deadly force to close off all access and won't let anyone in or out -- even those uninfected. The few still sane find themselves trapped: Forced to band together, an ordinary night becomes a horrifying struggle for survival as they do their best to get out of town alive.
    • acoustifie
      acoustifie: . Not great but a fun zombie style movie
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb532751971
      fb532751971: Formulaic zombie/contamination style thriller that is polished and well played out but lacks originality or surprises.
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
    • fb1044501088
      fb1044501088: . Story- Everyone's going crazy, seriel killer style, not psycho zombie style. Character Arc- Who do you love enough to risk getting killed for?
      Reviewed 4 years days ago
  • Chronicle

    Chronicle (PG-13, 2012)

    Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan, Michael Kelly, Ashley Hinshaw
    Three high school students make an incredible discovery, leading to their developing uncanny powers ... read morebeyond their understanding. As they learn to control their abilities and use them to their advantage, their lives start to spin out of control, and their darker sides begin to take over. -- (C) Official Site
    • fb100000512520293
      fb100000512520293: ter high school character types and problems, handled slugglishly by a director more concerned with style than substance (or even subtlety) and you get another teen movie, but with a bipolar tone, sel
      Reviewed 3 months days ago
    • fb681297680
      fb681297680: .
      Found footage style to me works here as it has not really been used in this genre.
      Reviewed 12 months days ago
    • fb689776374
      fb689776374: . Only irritation is the first person/found footage style camera. It could have done without that gimmick, as it does not add any value to the movie.
      Reviewed 16 months days ago