Best Spooky Movies

  • Signs

    Signs (PG-13, 2002)

    Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, Cherry Jones, Rory Culkin, Abigail Breslin
    A thriller set in Bucks County, Pennsylvania focusing on the mysterious appearance of a five-hundred... read more-foot design of circles and lines carved into the crops of the family farm. Graham Hess is the family patriarch who is tested in his journey to find the truth behind the unfolding mystery.
    • fb100000262923189
      fb100000262923189: Watching it now. Hadn't seen it since it 1st came out. Great movie! Spooky. 8-)
      Reviewed 10 months days ago
    • fb821880446
      fb821880446: .this is a very spooky movie.
      Reviewed 22 months days ago
    • mariefrancelemire
      mariefrancelemire: It was creepy and spooky and great, until they showed us the aliens, bad costumes! Overa;; good.
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
  • The Haunting in Connecticut

    The Haunting in Connecticut (PG-13, 2009)

    Virginia Madsen, Martin Donovan, Kyle Gallner, Elias Koteas, Amanda Crew
    Inspired by the frightening true-life tale of a family that moved into a converted funeral home and ... read moresubsequently fell under supernatural attack, director Peter Cornwell's The Haunting in Connecticut follows the quest of a desperate mother to free her family from the grip of an evil beyond human comprehension. Sara (Virginia Madsen) and Peter Campbell (Martin Donovan) have just moved to Connecticut with their young son, Matt, when the young boy experiences a series of disturbing events that lead him to believe a malevolent force is attempting to take control of his family. Back when the home was still a funeral parlor, the original owner's clairvoyant assistant, Jonah, served as a gateway for restless spirits seeking to cross over into the physical realm. When Jonah returns to unleash a new kind of horror on the innocent family, Sara enlists the aid of enigmatic priest Popescu (Elias Koteas) in driving the evil out before it consumes her son's body and soul. At first it appears that Popescu has been successful in driving the spirits away, but then the terror becomes more intense than ever before. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi