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Best Soldier Movies

  • Dog Soldiers

    Dog Soldiers (R, 2002)

    Sean Pertwee, Kevin Mckidd, Emma Cleasby, Liam Cunningham, Darren Morfitt
    British director Neil Marshall's directorial debut Dog Soldiers resurrects and embraces the low-budg... read moreet horror-comedy. Sergeant Harry Wells (Sean Pertwee) leads a team of British soldiers on a routine expedition to the Scottish Highlands. The six men would rather be at home watching the game, but they are even more dismayed when a carcass lands on their campfire. The next morning, they happen upon a severely injured Captain Richard Ryan (Liam Cunningham) and the bloody remains of his squadron. Soon they are attacked by giant werewolf beasts and chased through the woods, only to be saved by zoologist Megan (Emma Cleasby), who explains some of the truth about the creatures. They all take refuge in an old farmhouse while the threat of the monsters looms increasingly heavy. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi
    • fb505164605
      fb505164605: . A soldier film with werewolves not the other way around. Some very good actors on show and the second
      Reviewed 21 months days ago
    • TheDudeLebowski65
      TheDudeLebowski65: Dog Soldiers is one of the original werewolf films in recent memory. Directed by Neil Marshall who
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb730886258
      fb730886258: rough scenes with the greatest of authority, and he's very well followed through by the rest of the soldier cast who all just seem so natural in their roles. Which is because they casted actors who ar
      Reviewed 2 years days ago