Best Small Movies

  • The Lookout

    The Lookout (R, 2007)

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jeff Daniels, Matthew Goode, Isla Fisher, Carla Gugino
    "The Lookout" marks Academy Award (R)-nominated screenwriter Scott Frank's ("Out of Sight"), directo... read morerial debut. The intelligent crime drama is centered around Chris, a once promising high school athlete whose life is turned upside down following a tragic accident. As he tries to maintain a normal life, he takes a job as a janitor at a bank where he ultimately finds himself caught up in a planned heist.
    • fb82501890
      fb82501890: liver great performances, with Levitt playing the lead role as a mentally-damaged night worker at a small town bank.
      Reviewed 10 months days ago
    • HeathcliffMalachy
      HeathcliffMalachy: . He works the night shift as a janitor at a small bank in town, where he is visited nightly by a young, cheerful policeman who brings by a dough
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
    • InfamousHugo
      InfamousHugo: the Guy Pearce character in Memento, but thats where the comparaison stops - and works in a small bank as a janitor. A few criminals will try to take advantage of him to rob the bank he works
      Reviewed 6 years days ago
  • The Visitor

    The Visitor (PG-13, 2008)

    Richard Jenkins, Hiam Abbass, Haaz Sleiman, Danai Jekesai Gurira, Marian Seldes
    A lonesome widower and college economics professor finds his mundane existence suddenly shaken up wh... read moreen he befriends a pair of illegal immigrants, one of whom has recently been threatened with deportation by U.S. immigration authorities, in the sophomore feature from The Station Agent director Tom McCarthy. Years after losing his wife, 62-year-old Walter Vale (Richard Jenkins) has also lost his passion for writing and teaching. In an effort to fill the empty void that his life has become, Walter makes a half-hearted attempt to learn to play classical piano. Later, when Walter's college sends him to a conference in Manhattan, he is surprised to discover that a young couple has moved into his seldom-used apartment in the city. Tarek (Haaz Sleiman) and his Senegalese girlfriend Zainab (Danai Gurira) have fallen victims to an elaborate real-estate scam, and as a result they no longer have a place to call home. When Walter reluctantly allows the couple to remain in his apartment, talented musician Tarek insists on repaying his host's kindness by teaching him to play the African drum. Over the course of Walter's lessons, the ageing academic finds his spirits revitalized while gaining a newfound appreciation for New York jazz clubs and Central Park drum circles. Later, Tarek is arrested in the subway and threatened with deportation after police learn that he is an undocumented citizen. Suddenly, in his attempt to help his new friend, Walter's passion for life is unexpectedly awakened. When Tarek's radiant mother Mouna (Hiam Abbass) arrives in the city in search of her son, that passion turns to romance -- something that Walter had previously thought he would never experience again. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • lindaluau
      lindaluau: Small movie great rental- drama. I loved Richard Jenkins subtle performance. He reminds me of my Da
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
  • For Your Consideration

    For Your Consideration (PG-13, 2006)

    Bob Balaban, Jennifer Coolidge, Christopher Guest, John Michael Higgins, Eugene Levy
    Debut feature director Jay Berman steers cast and crew through a typically tumultuous independent fi... read morelm "Home for Purim," an intimate period drama about a Jewish family's turbulent reunion on the occasion of the dying matriarch's favorite holiday. When Internet-generated rumors begin circulating that three of the film's stars--faded luminary Marilyn Hack, journeyman actor and former hot dog pitchman Victor Allan Miller, and ingénue Callie Webb--may be perpetrating Award-worthy performances, a rumble of excitement rattles the cast. Once "Hollywood Now" anchors Chuck Porter and Cindy Martin pick up the buzz, Award fever infects the entire production. Unit publicist Corey Taft, talent agent Morley Orfkin, and producer Whitney Taylor Brown all smell the sudden potential for a sleeper hit. As does Sunfish Classics President Martin Gibb, who suggests some last-minute changes that he feels will broaden the film's appeal. Meanwhile, "Purim's" screenwriters, Lane Iverson and Philip Koontz, grow steadily more horrified as they watch the first film adaptation of their work diverge from their original story. As the hopeful "Purim" team careens toward the end of production and the upcoming Award season, tenuous relationships and brittle dreams play out in unexpected ways.
    • lewiskendell
      lewiskendell: . It is really quite clever in places, and it's probably not that much of a stretch that a small movie and those involved could be swept up in the rumors of possible Academy Awards in such an
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
    • alxscott
      alxscott: If you like all the rest, you'll get a small kick out of this. If your don't know anything about "all the rest", you'll hate it.
      Reviewed 6 years days ago