Best Marvel Movies

  • Hulk

    Hulk (PG-13, 2003)

    Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, Sam Elliott, Josh Lucas, Nick Nolte
    Ang Lee directs the live-action feature film The Hulk, based on the Marvel comic book created by Sta... read moren Lee and illustrated by Jack Kirby. Emotionally stunted Dr. Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) is part of a research team at the University of California at Berkeley. Corporate hustler Glenn Talbot (Josh Lucas) takes notice of the lab and makes plans to take it over. Then Bruce accidentally gets hit by an experimental ray and grows into a huge beast, destroying the lab in the process. A creepy janitor who claims to be his real father, Dr. David Banner (Nick Nolte), starts to secretly use the experimental ray on himself. He creates some mutant dogs and sends them after Bruce's lab mate and ex-girlfriend Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly). After Bruce saves her life in the form of the Hulk, she lets her distant father, General Ross (Sam Elliott), take him to an abandoned army base in the desert. However, Glenn Talbot takes over the operation and wants to patent the creature's superpowers for his own profit, so he holds Bruce unconscious in an isolation tank. When provoked, Bruce turns into the Hulk and makes a break for San Francisco, leading to a desert chase sequence involving military aircraft, tanks, and bombs. Only the sight of Betty can make him turn back to his human form. When he is eventually captured, Dr. David Banner shows up for a final confrontation with his son and his old adversary, General Ross. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi
    • fb1209937298
      fb1209937298: The problem with this movie is that it is a character study. Most good Marvel movies focus on actio
      Reviewed 15 months days ago
    • gonzalezjake99gmailc
      gonzalezjake99gmailc: HULK is the biggest superhero movie I ever seen. MARVEL last movie was X2 . A lot of people say thi
      Reviewed 3 months days ago
    • fb1674100523
      fb1674100523: Not the best marvel comics movie, the story didn't make sense, the actors were not that famous at the time, the w
      Reviewed 2 years days ago