Best Gorgeous Movies

  • Atonement

    Atonement (R, 2007)

    James McAvoy, Keira Knightley, Romola Garai, Saoirse Ronan, Vanessa Redgrave
    A mischievous girl accuses her older sister's lover of a crime he did not commit, only to find that ... read moreher words have irrevocably and permanently changed the lives of all involved in a film that re-teams the filmmakers behind Pride & Prejudice to adapt the best-selling 2002 novel by author Ian McEwan. The year is 1935, and as the summer heat takes hold, 13-year-old fledgling writer Briony Tallis watches her older sister, Cecilia (Keira Knightley), get undressed and go frolicking in the garden fountain on her family's country estate. The housekeeper's son, Robbie (James McAvoy), a childhood friend and recent Cambridge graduate, also witnesses the innocent act. When Robbie and Cecilia subsequently cross a particularly sensitive boundary and the scheming Briony accuses Robbie of an unspeakable transgression for which the boy is wholly innocent, the repercussions of her unfounded claim threaten to affect all three for decades to come. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • fb1008742212
      fb1008742212: .
      In an equally passionate performance, the gorgeous Keira Knightly presents a good level of heart to her character, as well as charm and sophis
      Reviewed 14 months days ago
    • svenskfiolspel
      svenskfiolspel: n, it's very easy for people to think it is one because "Hey, it's Keira Knigtley, and she looks so gorgeous in that green dress, and it's like this really tragic love story and James McAvoy's blue ey
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
    • karioga23
      karioga23: . it's beautifully made just gorgeous especially the settings and music and characters everybody did such a great job. Then there
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
  • The Fountain

    The Fountain (PG-13, 2006)

    Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz, Ellen Burstyn, Mark Margolis, Stephen McHattie
    Requiem for a Dream director Darren Aronofsky switches gears from drug-induced urban malaise to abst... read moreract science fiction with this time-tripping symbolic tale of a man's thousand-year quest to save the woman he loves. Moving between representational stories and images, this meditation on life and death focuses on the concept of the mythical Tree of Life that is said to bestow immortality to all who drink of its sap. In one of the film's allegorical timelines, a 16th century Spanish conquistador played by Hugh Jackman sets out to find the tree in order to save his queen (Rachel Weisz) from the Inquisition. Another conceptual story finds Jackman centuries later, struggling with mortality as a modern-day scientist desperately searching for the medical breakthrough that will save the life of his cancer-stricken wife, Izzi. The third and most abstract concept finds Jackman as a different incarnation of the same character-idea, this time questing for eternal life within the confines of a floating sphere transporting the aged Tree of Life through the depths of space. Even more avant-garde than his breakthrough film Pi, The Fountain finds Aronofsky almost completely abandoning conventional story structure in favor of something more cinematically abstract. Though the film was originally slapped with an R by the MPAA, Aronofsky and co. re-edited it to conform to a PG-13 rating. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
  • Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette (PG-13, 2006)

    Kirsten Dunst, Jason Schwartzman, Judy Davis, Rip Torn, Rose Byrne
    Writer and director Sofia Coppola puts a new spin on the life and times of one of Europe's most infa... read moremous monarchs in this lavish historical drama which fuses a contemporary sensibility with painstaking recreations of the look of the 18th century. Born to Austrian nobility, Marie Antoinette (Kirsten Dunst) is only 14 years old when she's pledged to marry Louis XVI (Jason Schwartzman), the 15-year-old king of France, in an alliance that has everything to do with politics and nothing to do with love. Sent to France and literally stripped of her former life, Marie weds Louis, but to the consternation of the royal court, he seems either unwilling or unable to consummate the marriage while their advisors clamor for an heir to the throne. Young and more than a bit out of step with the new life that's been thrust upon her, Marie gives herself over to the pleasures of life in Versailles, knowing and caring little of the political intrigue that surrounds her. In time, Marie's trusted older brother, Joseph (Danny Huston), is brought in to coach Louis on the finer points of marital relations, and before long the couple is finally blessed with a child. However, as Marie tends to her children in the gilded cage of her palace and enjoys an affair with a Swedish nobleman, political power plays are throwing France into chaos, and the growing ranks of the poor rebel against the royals and their life of privilege. Also starring Rip Torn, Judy Davis, Steve Coogan, and Asia Argento, Marie Antoinette was given a controversial reception when it premiered at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
    • fb68600877
      fb68600877: Absolutely gorgeous, but still kind of vacuous in the way that all of Sofia Coppola's movies are. There's parts
      Reviewed 20 months days ago
    • fb688767753
      fb688767753: The modern music bugs me but the costuming, props and settings are as gorgeous and yummy as a pink coconut bon bon. ;p
      Reviewed 20 months days ago
    • fb732258519
      fb732258519: . Clashing pulsing, modern rock music with gorgeous period set pieces and costumes, Coppola's film makes Marie Antoinette (Kirsten Dunst) a tro
      Reviewed 22 months days ago
  • Hero

    Hero (PG-13, 2004)

    Prithviraj, Yami Gautam, Srikanth, Jet Li, Maggie Cheung
    Hero is two-time Academy Award nominee Zhang Yimou's directorial attempt at exploring the concept of... read more a Chinese hero. During the peak of their Warring States period, China was divided into seven kingdoms all fighting for supremacy. Most determined to dominate China was the kingdom of Qin, whose king (Chen Daoming) was wholly obsessed with becoming the first emperor of China. Though he was an assassination target for many, none of his would-be killers inspired as much fear as the legendary assassins Broken Sword (Tony Leung), Flying Snow (Maggie Cheung), and Sky (Donnie Yen). In hopes of thwarting his death, the king has promised endless wealth and power to anyone who defeats his would-be murderers. No results come until ten years later, when a man called Nameless (Jet Li) brings the weapons of the three assassins to the Qin king's palace. Nameless claims to be an expert swordsman who had defeated Sky and destroyed the famed duo of Flying Snow and Broken Sword by using their love for one another against them. Once Nameless comes face to face with the king, however, it looks as if the situation is more complicated than he had thought. Also featured in Hero is actress Zhang Ziyi (The Road Home, Crouching Tiger, Hiden Dragon) as Broken Sword's devoted servant, Moon. ~ Tracie Cooper, Rovi
    • SunilJawahir
      SunilJawahir: Gorgeous. I saw this in theatres twice and it's just wonderful.
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
    • StewartMc
      StewartMc: Gorgeous to look at and some awesome action sequences.
      Reviewed 4 years days ago
    • FRUiTSpunch15
      FRUiTSpunch15: Gorgeous epic, laced with Zhang Yimou's signature lush color cinematography.
      Reviewed 4 years days ago
  • House of Flying Daggers

    House of Flying Daggers (PG-13, 2004)

    Takeshi Kaneshiro, Ziyi Zhang, Andy Lau, Song Dandan, Anita Mui
    Chinese director Zhang Yimou fuses a martial arts action-drama with a tragic romance in this elegant... read more period piece. In the year 859 A.D., as the Tang dynasty is beset by rebellion, Leo (Andy Lau) and Jin (Takeshi Kaneshiro) are a pair of lawmen who have been given the task of ferreting out the leaders of a revolutionary faction known as the Flying Daggers. Working on a tip that members of the group are working out of a brothel called the Peony Pavilion, Jin arrives there in disguise and is introduced to a beautiful blind dancer named Mei (Zhang Ziyi). After watching Mei's performance following several drinks, Jin drunkenly attempts to have his way with her, and Leo is forced to intervene. After gaining Mei's trust in a game of skill, Leo arrests her and informs her that she'll be tortured if she doesn't tell all she knows about the Flying Daggers. Jin responds by helping Mei break out of prison, but he has an ulterior motive -- by following her, Leo and Jin are certain she'll lead them to the Flying Daggers. However, as he helps the blind girl find her way back home, Jin finds himself falling in love with Mei, and isn't certain if he's willing to betray her again. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
    • lewiskendell
      lewiskendell: . It's not quite as stunningly gorgeous and technically impressive as Hero (though it's still a visual treat to watch), and neither
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • nedpayne
      nedpayne: . The story is only reasonable, but the gorgeous visuals more than make up for it.
      Reviewed 4 years days ago
    • fb1373682279
      fb1373682279: A visual cinamatic journey! beautiful sound and costumes. Gorgeous choreography in the dance and fi
      Reviewed 4 years days ago
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (PG-13, 2001)

    Yun-Fat Chow, Michelle Yeoh, Ziyi Zhang, Chen Chang, Sihung Lung
    Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee took a break from making Western period dramas to fashion this wild and ... read morewoolly martial arts spectacular featuring special effects and action sequences courtesy of the choreographer of The Matrix (1999), Yuen Woo Ping. In the early 19th century, martial arts master Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun-Fat) is about to retire and enter a life of meditation, though he quietly longs to avenge the death of his master, who was killed by Jade Fox (Cheng Pei-pei). He gives his sword, a fabled 400-year-old weapon known as Green Destiny, to his friend, fellow martial arts wizard and secret love Yu Shu Lien (Michelle Yeoh), so that she may deliver it to Sir Te (Sihung Lung). Upon arrival in Peking, Yu happens upon Jen (Zhang Ziyi), a vivacious, willful politician's daughter. That night, a mysterious masked thief swipes Green Destiny, with Yu in hot pursuit -- resulting in the first of several martial arts action set pieces during the film. Li arrives in Beijing and eventually discovers that Jen is not only the masked thief but is also in cahoots with the evil Jade. In spite of this, Li sees great talent in Jen as a fighter and offers to school her in the finer points of martial arts and selflessness, an offer that Jen promptly rebukes. This film was first screened to much acclaim at the 2000 Cannes, Toronto, and New York film festivals and became a favorite when Academy Awards nominations were announced in 2001: Tiger snagged ten nods and later secured four wins for Best Cinematography, Score, Art Direction, and Foreign Language Film. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi
    • fb678329126
      fb678329126: . It's so gorgeous and the acting is remarkable.
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • kariann1971
      kariann1971: Gorgeous film making and incredible aerial fight scenes. Breathtaking. A must-see movie.
      Reviewed 4 years days ago
    • quoththeravennevermore
      quoththeravennevermore: Gorgeous film. The music by Tan Dun is breathtaking. Everything-the wardrobe, the architecture, the
      Reviewed 4 years days ago