Best Ghost Movies

  • El Orfanato (The Orphanage)

    El Orfanato (The Orphanage) (R, 2007)

    Geraldine Chaplin, Belén Rueda, Fernando Cayo, Roger Príncep, Mabel Rivera
    Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro produces director Juan Antonio Bayona's gothic frightene... read morer about a long-abandoned orphanage with a particularly troubling past. As a child, young orphan Laura spent her formative years being cared for by the staff of a large orphanage located by the Spanish seaside. Those were some of the happiest years of Laura's life, and now, 30 years later, the former charge returns to the dilapidated institution with her husband, Carlos, and their seven-year-old son, Simon, to reopen the orphanage as a facility for disabled children. However, something ominous haunts the darkened hallways of this silent, stately manor. When Simon's behavior begins to grow increasingly bizarre and malicious, Laura and Carlos start to suspect that the mysterious surroundings have awoken something ominous in the young boy's imagination. It's not long before Laura, too, is drawn into this disturbing web and the repressed memories of the past come flooding back in a terrifying torrent of tension and deeply disturbing revelations. With opening day drawing near and their situation growing increasingly grim by the hour, Carlos attempts to write off Simon's bizarre behavior as a desperate bid to get more attention from his distracted parents. Laura isn't so easily convinced of this theory, though, and soon embarks on a desperate quest to unearth the terrible secret that lurks in the old house, waiting for just the right moment to inflict devastating damage on both her and her family. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • fb633295168
      fb633295168: A really creepy and suspenseful old style ghost story--like some of my favourite films in the genre: The Haunting & The Innocents. BelĂ (C)n R
      Reviewed 15 months days ago
    • kategrannell
      kategrannell: . Great acting - was much better than I thought/hoped and was just a good old fashioned ghost story.
      Reviewed 13 months days ago
    • fb100002969626594
      fb100002969626594: . I call it a peter pan of a ghost story.
      Reviewed 23 months days ago
  • 1408

    1408 (PG-13, 2007)

    John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, Mary McCormack, Jasmine Jessica Anthony, Tony Shalhoub
    A writer renowned for debunking infamous paranormal events is confronted by a force that he cannot e... read morexplain upon checking into room 1408 of the notoriously haunted Dolphin Hotel. Mike Enslin (John Cusack) is an author who specializes in horror, but who only believes in what he can see with his eyes and touch with his hands. Having constructed an entire career on his ability to dispel superstitious "haunted house" rumors, Mike is convinced that the afterlife is a manmade construct designed to offer false comfort to the weak minded. Mike's latest project is a book entitled "Ten Nights in Haunted Hotel Rooms," and it seems that in room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel, this skeptical scribe may finally find proof of the supernatural. Implored by the hotel manager (Samuel L. Jackson) not to enter room 1408, Mike defiantly procures the key and prepares to dispel yet another spectral sham. Now, as is the case with many of life's most profound epiphanies, the writer who thought he knew it all is caught entirely off guard at the precise moment he least expected it. Subsequently faced with undeniable proof of an afterlife, Mike may have a best-seller on his hands if he can simply survive until sunrise. Mary McCormack and Jasmine Jessica Anthony co-star in director Mikael Hĺfström's (Derailed) adaptation of an original short story by horror icon Stephen King. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • fb100000047820365
      fb100000047820365: . John Cusack plays Mike Enslin, a paranormal writer who visits local so called ghost spottings and then writes about them in books

      Mike Enslin soon gets a postcard from the Dolph
      Reviewed 12 months days ago
    • fb508430766
      fb508430766: . A lot of freaky stuff in the movie and good ghost in it.
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb737070363
      fb737070363: Not what i expected, not really a ghost film. More of a film about pergatory and the room 1408 finding the main characters own hell an
      Reviewed 23 months days ago
  • Thirteen Ghosts (13 Ghosts)

    Thirteen Ghosts (13 Ghosts) (R, 2001)

    Tony Shalhoub, Embeth Davidtz, Matthew Lillard, Alec Roberts, Shannon Elizabeth
    This haunted house chiller is the second feature from Dark Castle Entertainment, the mid-budget outf... read moreit put together in 1999 to remake the cheesy horror genre pictures of William Castle by his daughter, Terry Castle, and producers Gilbert Adler, Robert Zemeckis, and Joel Silver. Financially ravaged and widowed by a fire that is consuming him with guilt, Arthur Kriticos (Tony Shalhoub) is left to raise two kids on his own: beautiful teenager Kathy (Shannon Elizabeth) and grade school student Bobby (Alec Roberts). Good news suddenly drops into their lives when a lawyer visits and reveals that they have inherited a lavish home from a late uncle, Cyrus (F. Murray Abraham), an eccentric ghost hunter. The Kriticos family moves into the remote house only to discover its odd secret: the dwelling contains a state-of-the-art, elaborate system of moving glass walls that trap spirits inside. Soon the ghosts, which can only be seen through the use of special high-tech spectacles, are loose in the elaborate contraption and are none too thrilled about their predicament. With the exits sealed, the family members try to learn the secret of Uncle Cyrus' bizarre mansion and survive supernatural assaults with the help of sassy housekeeper Maggie (Rah Digga), neurotic psychic Rafkin (Matthew Lillard), and Kalina (Embeth Davidtz), an activist championing the civil rights of ghosts. The eyeglasses through which the spirits can be viewed in Thirteen Ghosts (2001) were part of a ballyhoo gimmick involving pairs of spectacles handed out to audiences for screenings of the 1960 original, which was presented in "Illusion-O." ~ Karl Williams, Rovi
    • fb720740446
      fb720740446: Without a doubt one of the more creepy gruesome ghost stories out there and with some of the most imaginative ghosts I've ever seen. This one even s
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb610041010
      fb610041010: One of the better more recent ghost flicks, it was very creepy and scary.
      Reviewed 17 months days ago
    • woodup
      woodup: Not a bad idea for a film but the ghosts aren't very scary, just scary looking. They over do the whole ghost thing, not enough suspens
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
  • The Others

    The Others (PG-13, 2001)

    Nicole Kidman, Christopher Eccleston, Fionnula Flanagan, Elaine Cassidy, Eric Sykes
    Spanish filmmaker Alejandro Amenabar's first English-language production is a creepy period ghost st... read moreory that continues in the vein of his earlier art house hit Open Your Eyes (1997). Nicole Kidman stars as Grace, a devoutly religious mother of two ailing children who has moved with her family to a mansion on the English coast while awaiting her husband's return from World War II, though he has been declared missing. Their children, Anne (Alakina Mann) and Nicholas (James Bentley), both suffer from a rare photosensitivity disease that renders them extremely vulnerable to sunlight, prompting Grace's rule of having only one door open in the house at a time. When Anne begins claiming to see ghosts, Grace at first believes her newly arrived family of eccentric servants to be responsible, but chilling events and visions soon lead her to believe that something supernatural is indeed going on. The Others was released only a few months prior to Vanilla Sky (2001), the American remake of Alejandro's Open Your Eyes (1997), ironically starring Kidman's then-estranged husband Tom Cruise. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi
  • The Haunting in Connecticut

    The Haunting in Connecticut (PG-13, 2009)

    Virginia Madsen, Martin Donovan, Kyle Gallner, Elias Koteas, Amanda Crew
    Inspired by the frightening true-life tale of a family that moved into a converted funeral home and ... read moresubsequently fell under supernatural attack, director Peter Cornwell's The Haunting in Connecticut follows the quest of a desperate mother to free her family from the grip of an evil beyond human comprehension. Sara (Virginia Madsen) and Peter Campbell (Martin Donovan) have just moved to Connecticut with their young son, Matt, when the young boy experiences a series of disturbing events that lead him to believe a malevolent force is attempting to take control of his family. Back when the home was still a funeral parlor, the original owner's clairvoyant assistant, Jonah, served as a gateway for restless spirits seeking to cross over into the physical realm. When Jonah returns to unleash a new kind of horror on the innocent family, Sara enlists the aid of enigmatic priest Popescu (Elias Koteas) in driving the evil out before it consumes her son's body and soul. At first it appears that Popescu has been successful in driving the spirits away, but then the terror becomes more intense than ever before. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
  • The Messengers

    The Messengers (PG-13, 2007)

    Kristen Stewart, Dylan McDermott, Penelope Ann Miller, John Corbett, Evan Turner
    Hong Kong horror specialists Danny and Oxide Pang (The Eye, Bangkok Haunted) ponder the paranormal s... read moreensitivities of young innocents in this tale of an unsuspecting family who falls prey to a malevolent entity after moving to into a haunted sunflower farm. Roy (Dylan McDermott) and Denise Solomon (Penelope Ann Miller) have decided to give up life in Chicago and relocate their family to secluded North Dakota sunflower farm. While the tranquil sway of the lush yellow fields at first offers a welcomed reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the big city, the family soon begins to suspect that they are not alone on the farm when teenage daughter Jess (Kristen Stewart) and her three-year-old brother, Ben (Evan Turner), begin to see a series of menacing apparitions that are apparently invisible to adult eyes. As Jess and Ben's encounters with the malevolent spirits grow increasingly violent, the parents of the tormented teen soon begin to question their daughter's sanity. Soon, the dark history of the family that once lived in the remote farm and the troubled past of the frightened Jess begin to merge as she struggles to warn her parents about the terrifying confrontation with the supernatural that is about to unfold. John Corbett, Jodelle Ferland, and Brent Briscoe co-star in a rural tale of terror from Ghosthouse Pictures and producer Sam Raimi. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • ADVee
      ADVee: Take all the cliche's from all the ghost films of late, throw in every conceivable "boo" scare, roll them all into one and there ya go.
      Reviewed 19 months days ago
    • WrenchLT
      WrenchLT: Chinese directors Oxide and Danny Pang have proven they can handle a good supernatural ghost movie with films like "The Eye" trilogy and "Bangkok Haunted" under their belt back in Asia, a
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
    • xtremeandy
      xtremeandy: g not seen the majority of the Japanese horror movies that have give rise to the over-abundance of 'ghosts-in-my-house' wave (and, likewise, to their American counterparts), there isn't too much with
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
  • The Uninvited

    The Uninvited (PG-13, 2009)

    Emily Browning, Elizabeth Banks, Arielle Kebbel, David Strathairn, Maya Massar
    Filmmaking duo Thomas and Charles Guard make their feature directorial debuts as the co-directors of... read more this remake of Kim Jee-woon's 2003 Korean film A Tale of Two Sisters. Produced by Asian horror remake king Roy Lee, The Uninvited tells the story of a young girl named Anna (Emily Browning), who was admitted into a mental hospital following the death of her biological mother. Returning home some time later, Anna is shocked to discover that her father (David Strathairn) has recently gotten engaged to Rachel (Elizabeth Banks), her mother's former nurse. Anna's suspicions about Rachel are soon confirmed when her mother reaches out from the beyond to deliver a stark warning, prompting the young girl and her sister (Arielle Kebbel) to try and convince their father that Rachel is not who she appears to be. As the situation in the once-peaceful household rapidly begins to deteriorate, Rachel's true colors finally begin boiling to the surface. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • fb564440005
      fb564440005: ers went to a mental hospital, the woman isn't the stepmother - just a girlfriend and there isn't a ghost in the home. Other than the innacuracy on the part of Flixter the movie was actually very ent
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • mazydazy
      mazydazy: WHAT??? Another mental+ghost= WHY did I watch this?
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
    • johnnytangster
      johnnytangster: scary movies featured pretty good actors, a plot that holds together and a couple of creepy-looking ghost kids. Don't be too quick to turn down The Uninvited. A stylish horror thriller in the vein of
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
  • Paranormal Activity

    Paranormal Activity (R, 2009)

    Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat, Mark Fredrichs, Amber Armstrong, Ashley Palmer
    A haunted house makes no secret of the fact it's not pleased with its new tenants in this independen... read moret tale of supernatural horror. Katie (Katie Featherson) and Micah (Micah Sloat) are a twentysomething couple who've just moved into a new home in San Diego, CA. Katie has an interest in the paranormal and believes that malevolent spirits have been following her since childhood, though Micah is not so easily convinced. However, after several nights of loud noises and strange happenings, Micah starts to agree with Katie that some sort of ghost may have followed them to the new home. After a paranormal researcher tells the couple he can't help them, Micah decides to take control of the situation and sets up a battery of video cameras so that if a spirit manifests itself, he can capture its behavior on tape. Once the surveillance cameras are in place, Katie and Micah bring in a Ouija board in an effort to talk to the spirits, a move that deeply offends the ghosts. Paranormal Activity was the first feature film from writer and director Oren Peli. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
    • shawn1428
      shawn1428: . The movie will be a different experience for everyone! I personally scare easily when it comes to ghosts, UFO's, and anything paranormal, so basically what i don't see but hear scares me more than w
      Reviewed 6 months days ago
    • fb590635421
      fb590635421: y about as scary as one of those YouTube videos where it shows a room and you have to "look for the ghost" only for an image of Regan to flash onto the screen accompanied by a loud scream. The differe
      Reviewed 7 months days ago
    • fb516970224
      fb516970224: . i didnt even feel like i was watching a movie. the movie plays with u as a ghost as you get a little taste of a sound or a noise coming from down the hall then things begin to
      Reviewed 20 months days ago
  • Stir of Echoes

    Stir of Echoes (R, 1999)

    Kevin Bacon, Kathryn Erbe, Illeana Douglas, Liza Weil, Kevin Dunn
    In this supernatural thriller, Tom Witzky (Kevin Bacon) is a fairly typical working-class guy living... read more in Chicago with his wife Maggie (Kathryn Erbe) and his son Jake (Zachary David Cope). One night at a party, Tom gets into a lively discussion with his sister-in-law, Lisa (Illeana Douglas), who believes in psychic communication and the power of hypnosis. He challenges Lisa to hypnotize him, and she plants in him a post-hypnotic suggestion to be more open-minded. But the results aren't quite what Lisa or Tom expected; Tom now senses an air of terrible dread throughout his house and is convinced that evil lurks just around the corner. He also sees the spirit of a girl from the neighborhood who disappeared months ago -- and Jake sees the spirit as well. Stir of Echoes was based on a novel by Richard Matheson, whose work inspired such disparate films as Somewhere in Time and The Incredible Shrinking Man; it was written and directed by David Koepp, who wrote the screenplays for Jurassic Park and Mission: Impossible. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
  • Insidious

    Insidious (PG-13, 2011)

    Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Lin Shaye, Ty Simpkins, Angus Sampson
    Saw franchise veterans James Wan and Leigh Whannell team with Paranormal Activity writer/director Or... read moreen Peli to give the familiar haunted house story an exciting new twist with this tale of a family that moves into an old house and begins to suspect they are under siege from otherworldly forces when their young son inexplicably falls into a deep coma. As devoted parents Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renai (Rose Byrne) struggle in vain to uncover the root cause of their son's condition, the stress of the situation gradually begins to take its toll on their once-strong relationship. Later, when darkness falls and specters appear to reach out for them from the shadows, the frightened parents realize they're dealing with powers beyond human comprehension. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • fb100004133854903
      fb100004133854903: . Watch it again and your just like "Oh, look, there's a creepy ghost thing, I didn't see that coming". Overall I think it's a good movie but not scary enough to sc
      Reviewed 2 months days ago
    • shawn1428
      shawn1428: erall was ok for what it was, the film has an interesting look and feel that pays homage to classic ghost stories. It started out good right up through to the middle. Lin Shaye was great as always! I
      Reviewed 6 months days ago
    • fb503051724
      fb503051724: . It delivers some scares but there could have been more to it. Its a different type of ghost/demon/possession movie but it doesn't put itself far apart enough from films we've already see
      Reviewed 13 months days ago