Best Effective Movies

  • Sicko

    Sicko (PG-13, 2007)

    Michael Moore
    Acclaimed filmmaker Michael Moore sets out to investigate the American healthcare system. Sticking t... read moreo his tried-and-true one-man approach, Moore sheds light on the complicated medical affairs of individuals and local communities.
    • jollygoodfeller
      jollygoodfeller: r inability to pay for it, but why bother to state the facts when depicting human suffering is such effective propaganda? Furthermore, if these catastrophic events are really occurring and bodies are
      Reviewed 23 months days ago
    • knappster1111
      knappster1111: .

      If the audience reaction is any indicator of how effective a film is, then "Sicko" has definately acheived it's goal; although, I'm pretty sure I hea
      Reviewed 7 years days ago
    • mmadiscussions
      mmadiscussions: ... for a Michael Moore film... I liked it. I also found it effective cos' I ended up wanting to move to Canada, France, England or taking a trip to Cuba.
      Reviewed 7 years days ago