Best Crocodile Movies

  • Lake Placid

    Lake Placid (R, 1999)

    Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda, Brendan Gleeson, Oliver Platt, Betty White
    So what's under the water in that lake deep in the Maine woods? No one is sure what it could be, but... read more a dead and severely mutilated body was found near the shore, and the only clue is a large tooth which appears to be from a prehistoric animal resembling a huge crocodile. Jack Wells (Bill Pullman), the local fish and game warden, is investigating the case when he's assigned a helper, paleontologist Kelly Scott (Bridget Fonda). Kelly generally does office work since she hates the outdoors (a drawback in her line of work) and is recovering from a breakup with one of her co-workers. Jack would just as soon handle this matter without Kelly's help, but with time, the two get used to each other and something beyond a working relationship begins to develop. Meanwhile, Jack and Kelly also have to deal with Sheriff Hank Keogh (Brendan Gleeson), who would like to find the mystery creature and kill it; Hector Cyr (Oliver Platt), a quirky mythology expert who wants to capture and study the beast; and Mrs. Bickerman (Betty White), an eccentric older woman with dubious stories about her missing cattle -- and missing husband. Blending suspense, humor, and romance, Lake Placid was written by David E. Kelley, creator of the popular TV shows Ally McBeal and The Practice, and directed by Steve Miner, whose credits range from TV's The Wonder Years to the films Forever Young and Halloween: H20. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
    • fb1298590283
      fb1298590283: . Personally knowing crocodile anatomy a bit, there were several different model heads and bodies used during close-ups.
      Reviewed 19 months days ago
    • M9z8759483
      M9z8759483: t hilarious no matter what she does I kinda hoped that bridget fonda was going to get eaten by the crocodile but nope but it's a shame she quit doing acting too but the crocodile looked cool though c
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • tracibanville
      tracibanville: . My mother loves it too. The special effects, especially the crocodile from the late,great,sadly missed Stan Winston are AMAZING! The acting is subtle but on the
      Reviewed 3 years days ago