Best Confusing Movies

  • Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko (R, 2001)

    Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Mary McDonnell, Holmes Osborne, Maggie Gyllenhaal
    Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a bright and charming high-school student who also has a dark and willfu... read morelly eccentric side; he does little to mask his contempt for many of his peers and enjoys challenging the authority of the adults around him. Donnie is also visited on occasion by Frank, a monstrous six-foot rabbit that only Donnie can see who often urges him to perform dangerous and destructive pranks. Late one night, Frank leads Donnie out of his home to inform him that the world will come to an end in less than a month; moments later, the engine of a jet aircraft comes crashing through the ceiling of Donnie's room, making him think there might be something to Frank's prophesies after all. The rest of Donnie's world is only marginally less bizarre, as he finds himself dealing with his confused parents (Mary McDonnell and Holmes Osborne), his college-age sister (Maggie Gyllenhaal), his perplexed analyst (Katherine Ross), a rebellious English teacher (Drew Barrymore), a sleazy self-help expert (Patrick Swayze), and the new girl at school who is attracted by Donnie's quirks (Jena Malone). Donnie Darko was the first feature film from writer and director Richard Kelly; Drew Barrymore, who plays teacher Karen Pomeroy, also lent her support to the project as executive producer. A director's cut played in select theaters on a limited basis in the summer of 2004, featuring original music cues and trimmed scenes originally in Kelly's first cut of the film. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
    • fb1397526338
      fb1397526338: Weird. Dark. Confusing. Then very good. I'd like to see the directors cut to clear up the confusion
      Reviewed 3 months days ago
    • fb100001275943717
      fb100001275943717: retchen is also Manipulated Dead but she doesn't appear to Donnie in the same way as it might be to confusing for him.

      Manipulated Living

      All the people connected to the Living Receiver are the Mani
      Reviewed 2 months days ago
    • fb100003956938189
      fb100003956938189: Donnie Darko is my second favorite film of all time, the acting, the confusing plot is just amazing and tricky, I like the theatrical version more than the director's cu
      Reviewed 3 months days ago
  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive (R, 2001)

    Justin Theroux, Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, Ann Miller, Dan Hedaya
    David Lynch wrote and directed this look at two women who find themselves walking a fine line betwee... read moren truth and deception in the beautiful but dangerous netherworld of Hollywood. A beautiful woman (Laura Elena Harring) riding in a limousine along Los Angeles' Mulholland Drive is targeted by a would-be shooter, but before he can pull the trigger, she is injured when her limo is hit by another car. The woman stumbles from the wreck with a head wound, and in time makes her way into an apartment with no idea of where or who she is. As it turns out, the apartment is home to an elderly woman who is out of town, and is allowing her niece Betty (Naomi Watts) to stay there; Betty is a small-town girl from Canada who wants to be an actress, and her aunt was able to arrange an audition with a film director for her. Betty befriends the injured woman, who begins calling herself "Rita" after seeing a poster of Rita Hayworth. While Betty's audition impresses a casting agent, and she catches the eye of hotshot director Adam Kesher (Justin Theroux), Kesher's producers and moneymen insist with no small vehemence that he instead cast a woman named Camilla Rhodes. As Rita attempts to put the pieces of her life back together, she pulls the name Diane Selwyn from her memory; Rita thinks it could be her real name, but when she and Betty find a listing for Diane Selwyn and visit her apartment, they discover the latest victim of a mysterious killer who is eluding police detective Harry McKnight (Robert Forster). Rita's emotional identity soon takes a left turn, and it turns out that neither woman is quite who she once appeared to be. David Lynch originally conceived Mulholland Drive as the pilot film for a television series; after the ABC television network rejected the pilot and declined to air it, the French production film StudioCanal took over the project, and Lynch reshot and re-edited the material into a theatrical feature. The resulting version of Mulholland Drive premiered at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival, where David Lynch shared Best Director honors with Joel Coen. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
    • akafrankdrake
      akafrankdrake: Plenty of interesting visuals, but a confusing narrative, some cheesy plot twists and a very sloooooooooow pace make this almost impossib
      Reviewed 8 months days ago
    • Skedder03
      Skedder03: Pro: Confusing

      Con: Director says he doesn't even know what it's about.
      Reviewed 13 months days ago
    • fb796320410
      fb796320410: . artistic and cynical at the same time perhaps?? confusing yet intriguing to be watched??
      Reviewed 12 months days ago
  • Memento

    Memento (R, 2000)

    Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano, Stephen Tobolowsky, Mark Boone Jr.
    A man is determined to find justice after the loss of a loved one, even though he is incapable of fu... read morelly remembering the crime, in this offbeat thriller. Leonard (Guy Pearce) is a man who is struggling to put his life back together after the brutal rape and murder of his wife. But Leonard's problems are different from those of most people in his situation; he was beaten severely by the same man who killed his wife. The most significant manifestation of Leonard's injuries is that his short-term memory has been destroyed; he is incapable of retaining any new information, and must resort to copious note-taking and Polaroid photographs in order to keep track of what happens to him over the course of a day (he's even tattooed himself with a few crucial bits of information he can't get along without). Leonard retains awareness that his wife was brutally murdered, however, and he's convinced that the culprit still walks the streets. Leonard is obsessed with the notion of taking revenge against the man who has ruined his life, and he sets out to find him, getting help from Natalie (Carrie-Anne Moss), who appears to be a sympathetic barmaid, and Teddy (Joe Pantoliano), who claims to be Leonard's friend, even though Leonard senses that he cannot be trusted. Writer/director Christopher Nolan adapted Memento from a short story by his brother Jonathan Nolan. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
    • fb707793728
      fb707793728: That was the most confusing mind blowing film I've ever watched , it was totally a puzzle right from beginning to its
      Reviewed 10 months days ago
    • fb1494334665
      fb1494334665: Pros: a thinker that isn't too confusing; great acting; keeps shocking you; fantastic storyline; has a "reverse" button on DVD; kee
      Reviewed 19 months days ago
    • fb1405006320
      fb1405006320: This movie is so fucking confusing. Never have I watched a movie like this, it's comparable to having a dream, then forgettin
      Reviewed 19 months days ago
  • The Fountain

    The Fountain (PG-13, 2006)

    Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz, Ellen Burstyn, Mark Margolis, Stephen McHattie
    Requiem for a Dream director Darren Aronofsky switches gears from drug-induced urban malaise to abst... read moreract science fiction with this time-tripping symbolic tale of a man's thousand-year quest to save the woman he loves. Moving between representational stories and images, this meditation on life and death focuses on the concept of the mythical Tree of Life that is said to bestow immortality to all who drink of its sap. In one of the film's allegorical timelines, a 16th century Spanish conquistador played by Hugh Jackman sets out to find the tree in order to save his queen (Rachel Weisz) from the Inquisition. Another conceptual story finds Jackman centuries later, struggling with mortality as a modern-day scientist desperately searching for the medical breakthrough that will save the life of his cancer-stricken wife, Izzi. The third and most abstract concept finds Jackman as a different incarnation of the same character-idea, this time questing for eternal life within the confines of a floating sphere transporting the aged Tree of Life through the depths of space. Even more avant-garde than his breakthrough film Pi, The Fountain finds Aronofsky almost completely abandoning conventional story structure in favor of something more cinematically abstract. Though the film was originally slapped with an R by the MPAA, Aronofsky and co. re-edited it to conform to a PG-13 rating. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
  • Southland Tales

    Southland Tales (R, 2007)

    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Seann William Scott, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Curtis Armstrong, Joe Campana
    California is at the epicenter of a political and environmental disaster that threatens to destroy t... read morehe world in this ambitious fusion of comedy, drama, dystopian science fiction, and music from writer and director Richard Kelly, his first film after gaining a cult following with Donnie Darko. In the year 2005, a nuclear attack wipes out part of the state of Texas, and three years later America is a virtual police state, with the government taking control of nearly every part of people's lives, supposedly for their own good. A German firm has found a way to generate energy using seawater, but both public and private concerns are desperate to prevent the new technology from being introduced in the gasoline-starved United States. A Marxist underground based on the West Coast is determined to bring down the federal government through violent revolution.In this midst of this chaos, we follow a number of stories that continually return to three principle characters. Boxer Santaros (Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock) is an actor famous for his role in action films; he's trying to secure financing for a new project, but reality keeps mirroring the events in his script and he struggles to hold on to his identity following a bout with amnesia. Krysta Now (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is a porn star who is reinventing herself as a television pundit offering her views on politics, contemporary culture, and teenage sex. And Roland Taverner (Seann William Scott) is an L.A. police officer whose identity has mysteriously split in two, and he struggles to track down his other half. Featuring a massive supporting cast which includes Mandy Moore, Miranda Richardson, Wallace Shawn, Jon Lovitz, Kevin Smith, Amy Poehler, and Justin Timberlake, Southland Tales received its world premiere at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival; director Kelly also created an accompanying series of three graphic novels that chart these events and characters prior to this story. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
    • ironclad1609
      ironclad1609: . In awe of the amount of wasted talent combined in this pretentious, confusing and unfunny dystopian tale. Director Kelly delivered a surprise cult hit with Donny Darko
      Reviewed 14 months days ago
    • fb550977450
      fb550977450: f this "futuristic present", it is interesting and visually attractive however the story if way too confusing, with too many twists and turns, the typical film you have to watch two or three times to
      Reviewed 14 months days ago
    • fb806199641
      fb806199641: .

      This is the most confusing, pretentious, convoluted plot for a movie I've ever seen. For the beginning of this film,
      Reviewed 22 months days ago
  • The Nines

    The Nines (R, 2007)

    Ryan Reynolds, Hope Davis, Melissa McCarthy, Elle Fanning, Dahlia Salem
    Writer/director John August ponders the metaphysical aspects of life and art in an episodic allegory... read more that follows three artists as they embark on a soul searching journey of fate versus free will. When a troubled actor is placed under house arrest in "The Prisoner," his imagination begins to run wild due to the fact that his spirited publicist and cynical neighbor provide his only link to the outside world. Later, after the planes of reality fold in on themselves during the production of a Project Greenlight-style show which documents the filming of a popular sitcom in "Reality Television," "Knowing" follows a successful video game designer and his family as they become stranded in the middle of nowhere due to automotive issues. Ryan Reynolds, Hope Davis, and Melissa McCarthy star in a drama that peels back the layers of reality to ask whether or not mankind really has any control over his ultimate fate. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • fb100002501969168
      fb100002501969168: ...what? Nice try, but ends up being too confusing.
      Reviewed 7 months days ago
    • fb675281345
      fb675281345: Creepy and confusing. Weird ending. Melissa McCarthy was perfect though!
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb100000011594768
      fb100000011594768: Confusing as crap. Espceially if you start watching it 45 minutes in like me.
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
  • Stay

    Stay (R, 2005)

    Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts, Ryan Gosling, Janeane Garofalo, B.D. Wong
    A man struggling to save the life of another finds himself drawn into a strange netherworld he didn'... read moret know existed in this stylish thriller. Sam Foster (Ewan McGregor) is a psychiatrist living in New York City with his girlfriend, Lila Culpepper (Naomi Watts), who was once one of his patients. However, it's another one of his patients who becomes the focus of his obsessions when Henry Letham (Ryan Gosling), a disturbed young man whom Foster took over from a colleague, announces during a session that he intends to commit suicide in three days, on his 21st birthday. Sam takes the threat quite seriously and tries to track down Henry, who seems to have disappeared. Sam speaks to a number of Henry's friends and acquaintances -- his mother (Kate Burton), the man he claimed was his father, Dr. Leon Patterson (Bob Hoskins), a waitress who regularly served Henry at the coffee shop where she works (Elizabeth Reaser), and his former therapist Dr. Beth Levy (Janeane Garofalo). As Sam talks to people in Henry's circle, he finds he's learning more about himself than the man he's supposed to save, and he begins to drift into an emotional netherworld where the supposedly dead and the living cross paths. Stay was directed by Marc Forster, who had previously enjoyed breakthrough hits with two very different films, Monster's Ball and Finding Neverland. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
    • fb100002501969168
      fb100002501969168: or me to really try to figure it out, but after the 1st time I can say that this movie is a fun yet confusing psychological thriller with lots of twists and turns. It will keep you guessing till the v
      Reviewed 7 months days ago
    • fb773674596
      fb773674596: a little bit confusing - but that's why i liked it :)
      Reviewed 23 months days ago
    • fb786944418
      fb786944418: it was a little confusing... but at the end the entire thing made sense... and one thing, what was up with Ewan McGr
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
  • Syriana

    Syriana (R, 2005)

    George Clooney, Matt Damon, Jeffrey Wright, Chris Cooper, William Hurt
    Oil drives greed in Oscar-winning Traffic screenwriter Stephen Gaghan's labyrinthine sophomore direc... read moretorial effort that traces the corruption of the global oil industry from the backrooms of Washington, D.C., to the petroleum-rich fields of the Middle East. Based in part on the writings of former CIA case officer Robert Baer, Syriana combines multiple storylines to explore the complexities that befall a proposed merger between two U.S. oil giants. Reform-minded Gulf country prince Nasir (Alexander Siddig) is in favor of making his nation more self-sufficient rather than U.S.-reliant, and his money-minded Western connections couldn't be less pleased. Before settling into a cushy desk job for the remainder of his career, CIA agent Bob Barnes (George Clooney) is sent on one last assignment -- to assassinate Prince Nasir and reinstate U.S. ties in the oil-rich region. Though his loyalty dictates that Barnes carry out his current mission despite lingering doubts of a previous blunder, his mission goes horribly awry when his field contact goes turncoat and Barnes becomes a CIA scapegoat. Meanwhile, up-and-coming Washington attorney Bennett Holiday (Jeffrey Wright) attempts to walk a fine line in overseeing a tenuous merger between two oil giants that's plagued with shady business dealings. Hotshot energy analyst Bryan Woodman (Matt Damon) is in talks to form a lucrative partnership with Prince Nasir, though the death of his son during a party at the prince's estate makes him question his loyalty to business over family. Back in Washington, D.C., Bennet's boss Dean Whiting attempts to undermine Prince Nasir's attempts to make his country less reliant on the U.S. dollar by planting the seeds of dissonance between the progressive prince and his money-minded younger brother Prince Meshal (Akbar Kurtha). ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • stephfraser
      stephfraser: ... quite confusing and TOO political for my tastes... was more frustrating than anything.
      Reviewed 4 years days ago
    • wielandr
      wielandr: . I thought this film was a bit all over the place and thus confusing.
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
    • TheWorldofCinema
      TheWorldofCinema: . There are parts that go nowhere and parts that do overlap. It's just as confusing and chaotic and poetic as real life. Amazing soundtrack too!
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
  • Premonition

    Premonition (PG-13, 2007)

    Sandra Bullock, Julian McMahon, Nia Long, Kate Nelligan, Amber Valletta
    Devastated upon receiving the news that her husband has been killed in a tragic car accident, a woma... read moren wakes up to find him still very much alive as she begins to slip into a confusing world where the past and the future become increasingly difficult to distinguish. Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock) was an average housewife with a loving family, but when a policeman comes knocking on her door with news that her husband, Jim (Julian McMahon), was involved in a fatal car accident, Linda's world slowly begins to unravel. While her grief is at first overwhelming, Linda assumes that the whole thing was nothing more than a vivid dream when she wakes to find her family still very much intact. With each passing day, however, Linda's reality shifts and her circumstances grow increasingly surreal; one day Jim is dead and the next he is right there by her side. As her investigation leaves her convinced that her husband's death wasn't a dream and that her picture-perfect life may not have been quite as flawless as she thought, Linda embarks on a mind-bending journey to prevent her grim premonition from becoming a reality. Now, in order to save the man she loves, Linda will have to piece together a perplexing mystery that seems to span two separate planes of reality. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
    • fb502484067
      fb502484067: Heard this is a very confusing movie and another 1 of many confusing life choices for Sandra Bullock
      Reviewed 12 months days ago
    • fb658497200
      fb658497200: Pretty good movie, sometimes confusing but good none the less
      Reviewed 11 months days ago
    • fb1651590095
      fb1651590095: great concept, confusing as hell, dis satisfying ending
      Reviewed 15 months days ago
  • The Good Shepherd

    The Good Shepherd (R, 2006)

    Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Alec Baldwin, Tammy Blanchard, Billy Crudup
    One man bears witness to the secret history of America during the Cold War in this drama directed by... read more celebrated actor Robert De Niro. In 1939, Edward Wilson (Matt Damon) is a young man with a bright future ahead of him -- he's a top student at Yale and the protégé of one of the school's leading English professors, Dr. Fredericks (Michael Gambon). But Wilson's life changes dramatically when he's invited to join Yale's powerful secret society, Skull and Bones. Through his Skull and Bones connections, Wilson meets Sam Murach (Alec Baldwin), an mysterious FBI agent who asks Wilson to investigate charges that Fredericks is a Nazi sympathizer working with the German government. Later, at a Skull and Bones party, Wilson is introduced to Clover Russell (Angelina Jolie), the sister of one of his classmates and the daughter of a powerful politician; their one-night stand leaves Clover pregnant, and Wilson must leave the woman he loves, Laura (Tammy Blanchard), to wed Clover and give their child a name. Shortly after their wedding, thanks to his work with Murach, Wilson is invited to join the Office of Strategic Services, a military intelligence organization organized by Bill Sullivan (Robert De Niro), and Wilson accepts. Through World War II, Wilson serves with the OSS, and learns he can trust no one in the game of international espionage, which helps make him little more than a stranger to his wife, his son, and his few friends. As the OSS evolves into the Central Intelligence Agency after the war, Wilson becomes party to America's darkest and most dangerous secrets, and in the wake of the futile Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, Wilson is forced to make a terrible choice between the security of his nation and the safety of his family. Inspired by the true-life story of CIA founder James J. Angleton, The Good Shepherd boasts an impressive supporting cast, including William Hurt, John Turturro, Billy Crudup, Joe Pesci, and Timothy Hutton. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
    • DreamExtractor
      DreamExtractor: . There were intense moments, characters, and secrets. True it was too confusing and not a reall spy movie, and really long. But its a small price to pay to watch this cl
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb1526363679
      fb1526363679: . There were intense moments, characters, and secrets. True it was too confusing and not a reall spy movie, and really long. But its a small price to pay to watch this cl
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb1484384491
      fb1484384491: . Infact, save your money and go buy that and a copy of Pacino's 'Recruit' instead.

      Too many confusing flashbacks (and forwards) make things even more drawn out and confusing. A film for a Sund
      Reviewed 4 years days ago