Best Cheesy Movies

  • 2 Fast 2 Furious

    2 Fast 2 Furious (PG-13, 2003)

    Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson, Eva Mendes, Cole Hauser, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges
    Vin Diesel opted to not appear in the sequel to the film the shot him to stardom in the first place,... read more The Fast and the Furious. With the character of Dominic Toretto out of the picture, 2 Fast 2 Furious concentrates exclusively on the latest exploits of undercover agent Brian O'Connor, played by Paul Walker. In addition, with director Rob Cohen passing, producers have added a dash of credibility to the sequel by hiring John Singleton to helm. What does completely remain from the first film is the presence of fast-living underground street-racing gangs. Moving from Los Angeles to Miami, O'Connor is looking to redeem himself after the events of the first movie, so he again goes undercover to infiltrate another group of thuggish car enthusiasts. This time around he's enlisted the help of ex-con Roman Pierce (Tyrese) and fellow agent Monica Celemente (Eva Mendes) to bring down Carter Verone (Cole Hauser), an importer/exporter who heads up a massive drug trafficking operation. Heading up the supporting cast are hip-hop stars Ludacris and Fabolous. ~ Matthew Tobey, Rovi
    • fb726539487
      fb726539487: it was kind of cheesy but otherwise the cars were really kool
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb529131962
      fb529131962: . I like it when movies do that. WITHOUT being cheesy.
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb100000988401736
      fb100000988401736: . This is yes a cheesy movie, but the amount of excitement I had brought me around to like this one.
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
  • Big Trouble in Little China

    Big Trouble in Little China (PG-13, )

    Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, Dennis Dun, James Hong, Victor Wong
    Playing in a manner that can be conservatively described as larger than life, Kurt Russell plays a m... read moreacho truck driver who agrees to go to the San Francisco airport and pick up his friend's (Dennis Dun) fiancee (Suzee Pai, freshly arrived from China. Suddenly, a gang of Chinatown toughs kidnap the girl right before Russell's eyes. After a wild chase sequence, Russell discovers that the girl has been abducted by a genuine, bonafide sorceror (James Hong), the ghost of a 3000 year old warlord. And that's just for starters. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi
    • fb772810556
      fb772810556: Tongue firmly in cheek, this movie is so perfectly cheesy with so many odd quotable lines. Full of exposition and bad writing. It's so good partly beca
      Reviewed 4 years days ago
    • HereComeDaAmish
      HereComeDaAmish: ...he'd say something that was simultaneously classic 80's tough-guy bad ass, profoundly witty AND cheesy as hell, guaranteed to get your ass laughed right out of the bar -after having the crap kicke
      Reviewed 5 years days ago
    • jhunts5
      jhunts5: i remember this one from ages ago - though the graphics are now considered cheesy - it was fun in its time
      Reviewed 6 years days ago