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Best Cartoon Movies

  • The Transformers - The Movie

    The Transformers - The Movie (PG, 1986)

    Eric Idle, Gregg Berger, Jack Angel, Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy
    90 minute animated toy commercial in which the Autobots battle the evil Decepticons. Notable only fo... read morer great cast of voices!
    • fb693520962
      fb693520962: hey is ths the one where a robot died the first time in a transformer cartoon. i got that at home, very funny moments. and one liners especially when Unicron bit it lol.
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb100001805415806
      fb100001805415806: ilm in the era of new beginnings! My most favorite movie in my childhood and the most inspirational cartoon EVER!! Great start to a new generation and TV shows to come!
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb100003516575285
      fb100003516575285: A classic 80's cartoon brought to the big screen in a fun way. Loved this back in the day.
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
  • Shrek 2

    Shrek 2 (PG, 2004)

    Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Julie Andrews, Antonio Banderas
    After battling a fire-breathing dragon and the evil Lord Farquaad to win the hand of Princess Fiona,... read more Shrek now faces his greatest challenge: the in-laws. Shrek and Princess Fiona return from their honeymoon to find an invitation to visit Fiona's parents, the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Far, Far Away. With Donkey along for the ride, the newlyweds set off. All of the citizens of Far, Far Away turn out to greet their returning Princess, and her parents happily anticipate the homecoming of their daughter and her new Prince. But no one could have prepared them for the sight of their new son-in-law, not to mention how much their little girl had changed. Little did Shrek and Fiona know that their marriage had foiled all of her father's plans for her future--and his own. Now the King must enlist the help of a powerful Fairy Godmother, the handsome Prince Charming and that famed ogre killer 'Puss In Boots' to put right his version of "happily ever after."
    • fb1309477266
      fb1309477266: I love shrek! its the funniest wholesome cartoon movie ever! Great story too
      Reviewed 18 months days ago
    • fb505360217
      fb505360217: . Its pretty cute..I guess for a cartoon
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb599632529
      fb599632529: My three year old little girl loves this cartoon we watch it every day
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (PG-13, 2009)

    Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Kevin Dunn
    Two years after saving the world with the Autobots, Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) is away at college w... read morehen an ancient Decepticon named "The Fallen" returns to Earth on a mission of vengeance. With the Allspark destroyed, the Autobots lose all hope of returning to their home planet of Cybertron, and begin working with an elite military known as NEST to hunt down any remaining Decepticons. But even as they fight for humanity alongside Major Lennox (Josh Duhamel) and USAF Master Sergeant Epps (Tyrese Gibson), the Autobots are acutely aware that not all humans are thrilled by their presence on planet Earth. When National Security Advisor Theodore Galloway (John Benjamin Hickey) wages a heated campaign aimed at exiling the giant robots back into space, head Autobot Optimus Prime agrees to comply with the voice of the people, while warning them of the potential consequences of leaving the planet unprotected. Meanwhile, Sam contends with an overly cocky college roommate, and attempts to remain faithful to Mikaela (Megan Fox) by fending off advances from pretty -- and persistent -- coed Alice (Isabel Lucas). Just as Sam begins adjusting to the quirks of campus life, a series of inexplicable visions leaves him convinced that the struggle between good and evil is far from over. And he's correct, too, because the Decepticons have just discovered that Sam is the one human who possesses the ability to tip the balance of power to the Autobots' advantage, and they're determined to gain the upper hand by dispensing with him once and for all. Now, as Sam and Mikaela unearth a secret about the Transformers that alters the entire course of human history, the Decepticon known as The Fallen prepares to return -- and reclaim the plant once and for all. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
  • Ratatouille

    Ratatouille (G, 2007)

    Patton Oswalt, Ian Holm, Lou Romano, Brian Dennehy, Peter Sohn
    In the hilarious new animated-adventure, Ratatouille, a rat named Remy dreams of becoming a great ch... read moreef despite his family's wishes and the obvious problem of being a rat in a decidedly rodent-phobic profession. When fate places Remy in the city of Paris, he finds himself ideally situated beneath a restaurant made famous by his culinary hero, Auguste Gusteau. Despite the apparent dangers of being an unwanted visitor in the kitchen at one of Paris' most exclusive restaurants, Remy forms an unlikely partnership with Linguini, the garbage boy, who inadvertently discovers Remy's amazing talents. They strike a deal, ultimately setting into motion a hilarious and exciting chain of extraordinary events that turns the culinary world of Paris upside down. Remy finds himself torn between following his dreams or returning forever to his previous existence as a rat. He learns the truth about friendship, family and having no choice but to be who he really is, a rat who wants to be a chef.
  • Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo (G, 2003)

    Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould, Willem Dafoe, Brad Garrett
    In this stunning underwater adventure, with memorable characters, humor and heartfelt emotion, Findi... read moreng Nemo follows the comedic and momentous journey of an overly protective clownfish named Marlin (voice by Albert Brooks) and his son Nemo (voice by Alexander Gould) -- who become separated in the Great Barrier Reef when Nemo is unexpectedly taken far from his ocean home and dumped into a fish tank in a dentist's office. Buoyed by the companionship of Dory (voice by Ellen DeGeneres), a friendly-but-forgetful Pacific regal blue tang, Marlin embarks on a dangerous trek and finds himself the unlikely hero of an epic effort to rescue his son -- who hatches a few daring plans of his own to return safely home. -- (C) Official Site
    • AceoftheElevens
      AceoftheElevens: I thought it would be packed with kids and audience, I guess no one likes re-runs of old cartoon movies.
      Reviewed 23 months days ago
    • sexymanbardin
      sexymanbardin: A cartoon worth recognition for its diverse cast and playful dialogue.
      Reviewed 24 months days ago
    • fb1043111389
      fb1043111389: . Put to a cartoon and it delivers.
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
  • The Simpsons Movie

    The Simpsons Movie (PG-13, 2007)

    Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Yeardley Smith, Nancy Cartwright, Harry Shearer
    Homer must save the world from a catastrophe he himself created. It all begins with Homer, his new p... read moreet pig and a leaky silo full of droppings--a combination that triggers a disaster the likes of which Springfield has never experienced. As Marge is outraged by Homer's monumental blunder, a vengeful mob descends on the Simpson household. The family makes a narrow escape but is soon divided by both location and conflict. The Springfield citizenry has every reason to be out for Simpson blood. The calamity triggered by Homer has drawn the attention of U.S. President Arnold Schwarzenegger and Environmental Protection Agency head Russ Cargill. "You know sir," Cargill tells the president, "when you made me head of the EPA, you were applauded for appointing one of the most successful men in America to the least successful agency in government. And, why did I take the job? Because I'm a rich man who wanted to give something back. Not the money, but something." That "something" is a devil's plan to contain the disaster. As the fates of Springfield and the world hang in the balance, Homer embarks on a personal odyssey of redemption--seeking forgiveness from Marge, the reunion of his splintered family and the salvation of his hometown.
    • fb1382028818
      fb1382028818: pretty good, but it's just like a long episode of the cartoon but funny.
      Reviewed 19 months days ago
    • fb100001858880728
      fb100001858880728: The funny cartoon becomes a movie with hilarious jokes
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • bonilladerick
      bonilladerick: The funny cartoon becomes a movie with hilarious jokes
      Reviewed 3 years days ago
  • The Lion King

    The Lion King (G, 2011)

    Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones, Moira Kelly, Nathan Lane
    One of the most popular Disney animated musicals, The Lion King presents the story of a lion cub's j... read moreourney to adulthood and acceptance of his royal destiny. Simba (voiced first by Jonathan Taylor Thomas, then by Matthew Broderick) begins life as an honored prince, the son of the powerful King Mufasa (voiced by James Earl Jones). The cub's happy childhood turns tragic when his evil uncle, Scar (voiced by Jeremy Irons), murders Mufasa and drives Simba away from the kingdom. In exile, the young lion befriends the comically bumbling pair of Pumbaa the warthog (voiced by Ernie Sabella) and Timon the meerkat (voiced by Nathan Lane), he and lives a carefree jungle life. As he approaches adulthood, however, he is visited by the spirit of his father, who instructs him to defeat the nefarious Scar and reclaim his rightful throne. Borrowing elements from Hamlet, classical mythology, and African folk tales, The Lion King tells its mythic coming-of-age tale with a combination of spectacular visuals and lively music, featuring light, rhythmic songs by Elton John and Tim Rice, and a score by Hans Zimmer. Embraced by children and adults alike, the film also spawned hit songs ("Can You Feel the Love Tonight," "The Circle of Life") and a hit Broadway musical. In late 2002, The Lion King was re-released in the large-screen IMAX format. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi
    • fb1629447334
      fb1629447334: Cartoon lions acting out a story based on Hamlet. Sounded crazy, but its a real good movie.
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb615765271
      fb615765271: . Still my fave disney cartoon. I laughed n cried more than i did my first viewing at 17. I missed the music. I can't remem
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
    • fb574941114
      fb574941114: Classic cartoon that pulls at the strings of your heart
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
  • The Incredibles

    The Incredibles (PG, 2004)

    Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Lee, Wallace Shawn
    Once one of the world's top masked crime fighters, Bob Parr--known to all as "Mr. Incredible"--fough... read moret evil and saved lives on a daily basis. But now fifteen years later, Bob and his wife--a famous superhero in her own right--have adopted civilian identities and retreated to the suburbs to live normal lives with their three kids. Now he's a clock-punching insurance claims adjuster fighting boredom and a bulging waistline. Itching to get back into action, Bob gets his chance when a mysterious communication summons him to a remote island for a top-secret assignment.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

    The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (PG, 2005)

    Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, William Moseley, Anna Popplewell, Tilda Swinton
    Four siblings -- Edmund (Skandar Keynes), Lucy (Georgie Henley), Peter (William Moseley), and Susan ... read more(Anna Popplewell) -- are sent from their London home to the country estate of an eccentric professor in order to ensure their safety during World War II. The house is very dull, except for a large, ornate wardrobe discovered by young Lucy during a game of hide-and-seek. Venturing inside of it in the hopes of finding a hiding place, Lucy is transported to a snowy alternate universe: a magical world called Narnia. The land is populated by talking animals and ruled over by the benevolent lion god Aslan (voiced by Liam Neeson), but sadly, the world is also in a state of perpetual winter. The white witch Jadis (Tilda Swinton), lustful for power and governed by narcissism, has cursed Narnia with a tyrannical decree that it will always be winter but never Christmas. Now, the children must fight alongside Aslan for the salvation of Narnia, but one of them, seduced by the charisma of the white witch, may choose to fight on the wrong side. ~ Cammila Collar, Rovi
    • fb794800152
      fb794800152: liked it, and i donno i liked the cartoon, but maybe i enjoyed it more because of who i saw it with. but still liked it
      Reviewed 19 months days ago
    • IronManUtd
      IronManUtd: liked it, and i donno i liked the cartoon, but maybe i enjoyed it more because of who i saw it with. but still liked it
      Reviewed 19 months days ago
    • fb547483783
      fb547483783: i seen the cartoon when i was little in school and this one was good to. was sad at the end though.
      Reviewed 2 years days ago
  • Speed Racer

    Speed Racer (PG, 2008)

    Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci, Susan Sarandon, John Goodman, Matthew Fox
    In the world of violent, high-speed racing, brothers Rex and Speed Racer become rivals as powerful r... read moreacer Mondragan manipulates their careers in order to kill them both during the world championships, but the brothers learn its all just an act of vengeance against Pops Racer, who caused the death of Mondragan's father in a race long ago.
    • fb504765694
      fb504765694: ... its like a live action was very very well made....To all SPEED RACER fans i do recommend this film
      Reviewed 14 months days ago
    • fb503078809
      fb503078809: It's fun! But it's to long and flashy! This was better as a cartoon !
      Reviewed 16 months days ago
    • fb100000625794833
      fb100000625794833: Acting a bit ott, humour very childish, action sequences like our of a cartoon but all great fun and the visuals are immense on Blu Ray
      Reviewed 18 months days ago